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Friday, April 27, 2007

On the national scene: Democratic presidential candidates debate.

I watched most of the debate last night of the field of Democratic presidential hopefuls and, though they all held their own and demonstrated their presidential creds., Hillary and Obama out shined the others, with former Sen. Mike Gravel (Alaska) and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) providing some refreshing candor. In all, there were NO fireworks, as the candidates (as expected) were united in their criticism of President Bush. In case if you missed it, here are their answers to various topics --- in their own words:

On Iraq; On confronting negative perceptions; On domestic policy -- abortion & health care; On the confederate flag; ON non-Iraq foreign policy; On impeaching Dick Cheney, gay marriage and other topics; and, the Pundits respond here and here, including memorable quotes.

What do you think -- who won, lost or changed your mind?

Update: SURVEYUSA poll says OBAMA BEAT HILLARY in the debate.

Update #2: Nick Anderson's take on the debate:

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