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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mitch McConnell Sets Tone & Agenda For 2008 Senate

In an op-ed printed in Human Events today, Senator Mitch McConnell laid the groundwork for the work to be done in the Senate this year.

He commented briefly on last year's events, the Democrats' inability to do what they wanted to do last year, and how they tried to exclude Republicans from the legislative process. Then he said:

"As we move into 2008, the problems we face are big, they're real, and they're urgent. And Americans expect competence, cooperation, and results. It's in our power to deliver. And it's in everyone's interests that we do."

He wrote about military goals, FISA, empowering individuals, "promoting research into new treatments and cures," "investing in new information technology," "letting small businesses pool resources to get the same deals from insurers that big businesses do," confirming circuit court judge nominees, and a couple of other things.


These goals have a common theme: protecting and strengthening America. It's a theme that can and should guide us this year in everything we do.

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