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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some make a big deal out of Steve Beshear standing on stage with "BILLARY" Clinton, but what should we have expected Beshear to do -- snub her?

Some who predicted that Governor Steve Beshear will endorse "BILLARY" Clinton on Saturday were disappointed when he made it clear that he won't. Now the same folks are making a great deal out of the fact that Governor Steve Beshear went on stage with "BILLARY" on her visit to Madisonville (NOTE: that Governor Steve Beshear had NO choice. He had to be there for the Democratic event for Ruby Buffoon day. Guess where the Governor's Chief of Staff was? Yep, you guessed it. Jim Cauley was at the opening of Barack Obama's headquarters in Louisville).

But we expected the Governor to do what he did -- that is, not snub the former first lady on her visit to Madisonville, Kentucky, where the Governor was already appearing anyway.

And of course we expect Beshear to extend the same courtesies to Obama when he comes to Kentucky that he extended to "BILLARY".

But I guess some do NOT want to believe Steve Beshear when he says he's not going to endorse anyone, and want to fan the flames of disunity amongst Kentucky Democrats.

I can't say that's a bad strategy, if your SOLE interest is in spreading disunity amongst your political enemies, rather than presenting the facts as they are.



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