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Friday, August 29, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: It's Unofficially Official; John McCain Chooses Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin, As VP Running Mate. She Appears As An EXCELLENT Choice.

The following is from the New York Times:

Ms. Palin ran as a change agent when she was elected as governor of Alaska in 2006, and in a move that might have appealed to Mr. McCain, she took political heat from members of her own party for turning the spotlight on the failures of Alaska Republicans, some of whom had been beset by corruption scandals.

She opposes abortion rights, which could help pacify social conservatives who were wary as rumors swirled that Mr. McCain might pick a running mate who supports them. But she differs with Mr. McCain on a controversial environment issue that centers on her home state: she supports drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Mr. McCain’s opposition to drilling — even after he changed positions and began advocating for off-shore oil drilling — has upset many Republicans.

Check out more here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks just like the setup he has with his wife.

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