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Saturday, May 28, 2011

More From Gatewood Gailbraith Campaign, This Time It Has To Do With State Vehicles.


The Use of State Vehicles

Frankfort, Kentucky May 27, 2011 We are not above stealing a good idea when we see one. Gov. Jerry Brown of California has taken major steps to reduce the fleet of state owned cars. Kentucky would benefit from following his example.

In light of recent reports about the abuse of state vehicles, Gatewood Galbraith and Dea Riley promise to make these changes as soon as their administration takes office.
• Eliminate the assignment of Ford Crown Victoria, large SUV’s and other vehicles for the personal use of all elected officials, including the Governor and Lt. Governor, and all agency and department heads.
• A fifty percent reduction in the state owned fleet of automobiles.
• The conversion of all state vehicles to more energy efficient vehicles.
• Elimination of all reserved parking spaces at state owned buildings except for handicap and visitor spaces.

“If you are important enough to have a reserved parking space you should be at work early enough to get the best space in the lot and the state is going to quit pimping the ride you put in that space,” said Gatewood Galbraith.

Ralph Long

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