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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

House Bill 406 Introduced In Kentucky General Assembly To Institute Term Limits. Another Great Move.

Michael Goins
Director of Communications
House Republican Leadership
(502) 564-4334


Term Limits for State Legislators Subject of Bill Filed by Representative Mike Nemes
House Bill 406 would limit General Assembly members to serving three consecutive terms

FRANKFORT, Ky. (February 15, 2012) – Representative Mike Nemes, R-Louisville (38th District) announced today he is filing House Bill 406 which if passed would place term limits on members of the Kentucky House of Representatives and Kentucky Senate to serving no more than three consecutive terms.

“Some people have become disenfranchised with their government in part because they view a few legislators as nothing more than career politicians who have lost touch with their constituents,” said Rep. Nemes. “We must rebuild trust among those who have a cynical opinion of the Kentucky General Assembly, and one way to do that is eliminate the concept, whether real or perceived, of career legislators.”

Because of the concept of limiting state legislators to three consecutive terms, Rep. Nemes’ bill would extend the terms served for those in the House of Representatives to four years between elections starting in 2014, and six years between elections for members of the Kentucky Senate beginning in 2016.

“While we join other states in placing term limits on members, we also understand the need to have experienced leadership representing the people of the Commonwealth,” added Rep. Nemes. “Extending the number of years for both House and Senate members will allow for the building of experience, and also allow for more members to have the opportunity to serve in leadership positions in both chambers.”

House Bill 406 was introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives on February 15th.

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