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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ANYONE Who Believes That Government (CONgress) Can CONSTITUTIONALLY Force Us To Buy A Commodity, Such As Health Insurance, At The Pain Of A Penalty, Belongs In A COMMUNIST Country As A Comrade!

Yes, you heard me: If there is anyone out there who thinks that CONgress has the power to FORCE consumers to buy healthcare, or any other consumer item, at the pain of monetary penalty, that someone needs to IMMEDIATELY move to a COMMUNIST country, and become a COMRADE.

Having said that, permit me to say this: I have a cure for the healthcare debacle>

The cure is: CONgress needs to give each one of us THE EXACT SAME insurance coverage each of their members have; EXACT SAME ONE! NO ifs, ands or buts.

After that, we promise not to bother the CONs anymore.

So, who's with me?!

BY the wa: I can't wait for the U. S. Supreme Court to strike down OBAMACARE's mandate to buy insurance or face the GESTAPO!

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