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Monday, November 05, 2012



My contention is that Chris Christie took over the Republican Party last week. He owns it now. He took it right out from under Mitt Romney's nose. I'm not saying that was his plan, and I don’t even think it’s something he did consciously. I'm just saying that he is a natural politician, like Bill Clinton, and he senses an opportunity and acts on it almost without thinking.

By being so effusive in his praise for President Obama's work with him in Hurricane Sandy recovery, being next to Obama viewing the damage, slapping down Steve Doocey on F&F when Doocey asked him if Gov. Romney was going to tour damage sites with him--Christie has practically given the election to Obama.

I realize, of course, that Christie and Obama both understand the depth of the human suffering the storm is causing. They also know that their asses are on the line, that they'd both better do well with the Sandy recovery if either one of them is going to survive politically. Again, I don't think this is something politicians discuss; it's just something that the good ones understand without saying anything.

Christie knows his party is in trouble, even if Romney were to win. Romney, with his wishy-washiness, would be a poor leader of the Republican Party. Christie is not wishy-washy, and he's a born politician, a born leader. Republicans know that, and if he had wanted to run for President in 2012 he would have won the nomination with relative ease.

Christie will run against Hillary, probably, in 2016. Obama apparently has made a deal with the Clintons that he will campaign hard for her--even in the primary--as long as Bill does everything as he can to get Obama reelected. If it works out that way, don't look for Obama to say anything negative about Christie in 2016. He may disagree with his philosophy, his policies as governor; but he won't attack him. He will owe Chris Christie, big time. Assuming Obama wins next Tuesday, he has Christie to thank as much as Bill Clinton.

By the way, where was Romney during the immediate storm aftermath? Not in New Jersey, certainly. He was manufacturing photo ops in Florida. All Christie had to do was call, and Romney would have come running. But I don't think that call was ever made, and won’t be.

So, what do you think?

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