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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Federal Judge, Joseph McKinley, Jr., Has Instructed The Jury In The Beating trial of Barren County Sheriff, Chris Eaton, And His DEputies; Jury Starts Deliberation.

May 8, 2013

Judge gives jury final instructions

BOWLING GREEN — Judge Joseph H. McKinley Jr. read more than 30 pages of instructions to the jury Thursday. Some of the points include:

• Find the facts, and apply the law to the facts,

• Whether you like the law does not matter,

• Your personal likes or prejudices cannot enter your deliberation,

• The defendants are presumed innocent,

• Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not the same as beyond a possible doubt,

• Use only witness testimony, evidence and exhibits and stipulated facts to come to a verdict,

• You decide how much weight you give each piece of evidence, whether direct or circumstantial,

• You may take into consideration the credibility of a witness or a witness’ drug history,

• Opinion evidence is still evidence, but still up to the juror to decide value, and

• The defendants’ choice to testify or not cannot be considered.



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