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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tucked Away In Kentucky's New Pension Law Is A Law That Makes People Lose Their Professional Licenses If They Owe State Income Tax!

Delinquent taxpayers could lose licenses in Ky.

People who fall behind on their income taxes in Kentucky are subject to losing state licenses to drive, practice law, even cut hair.

The consequences came as a surprise to some state legislators who were unaware of the provision that was tucked into a law they passed on the final day of this year's legislative session.

Democratic state Rep. Hubert Collins of Wittensville, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said the measure slipped through in a complex pension reform bill.

Republican Sen. Ernie Harris of Crestwood, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, said the measure makes little sense because it takes away people's ability to work, leaving them unable to pay taxes. Harris said the provision never would have passed if it had come through his committee.



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