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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brett Guthrie's Congressional Challenger Visits Bowling Green VFW.

Congressional Candidate Ron Leach Visits Bowling Green

In an informal style discussion congressional candidate, Ron Leach spoke with voters at the VFW Post in Bowling Green today.
The visit was part of his campaign as Leach recently announced he would be running for Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District seat against Republican Congressman, Brett Guthrie.
After 29 years in uniform Leach retired last year as an Army Medical Officer and returned to his family farm in Breckenridge County.

He says the priorities of the American public have often been overlooked and now he hopes to earn the privilege of representing Kentucky in Washington.
"Its a matter of we need government that works again. We need leaders not looters up in Washington. We need a functional government that actually works for everyone than just a few folks. Basically, we need to start having a democracy that functions, that moves us forward, that accomplishes things again. We've seen the last several years particularly of just pure partisanship, obstruction, gridlock, we can't afford that as a nation anymore," says Leach.
Leach says its going to be a long difficult race but they plan on running a civil and professional campaign.



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