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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zimmerman Trial "Just A Sign Of The Times" In Our Country.

Zimmerman trial 'just a sign of the times' in our country

It must now be OK for someone to follow an African-American teenager that you think is suspicious because he is walking. You can follow him in a car and then on foot with a loaded gun. You get to call the police and do not do what they say (by getting out of the car), follow and question them anyway, and if you fill threatened you can shoot. And not even have testify in your own defense and still get off.

When the police come to investigate, they won’t even put cuffs on you, and you get to go home to your kids (like Zimmerman). And once the word gets out, anonymous people will give you more than $400,000 to defend yourself – some of which you can use for personal expenses, as he did – and be treated like a weird cult hero by Fox and the local Darly and Ale show.

Mama Ree Gipson always taught me to not talk to strangers and run from troubles (as Treyvon did). I guess we need to be telling our teenage sons that if a creepy guy with a gun is following you to stop and talk to him and stand your ground. Well, I guess we need to get him a gun first in case that creepy guy is threatened, huh?

There are simple ways the teenager’s life could have been saved:
•If the teenager was not walking while black to get Skittles.
•If Zimmerman would have listened to the police and stayed in his car with a loaded gun.
•If Treyvon was armed while feeling threatened, like he did, and instead of running, stood his ground, wonder where he would be now?

Is this the America we want?

God bless America.

Tony Ragland
Bowling Green



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