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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yesterday In College Football Land: Louisville Cardinals, Nebraska Cornhuskers, And Western Kentucky HillToppers.

Yesterday, #LouivilleCardinals win over #KentuckyWildcats football was not overly impressive, but I attribute that to the team's new desire to introduce and try out a new running game. So it's ok, go cards!

#NebraskaConHuskers never fail to disappoint in football. I have been calling for a new coach to replace #BoPellini, but alas, he's still there! Maybe, it's time for us fans and #UniversityofNebraskaAlumni to start wearing grocery sacks to cover our faces! -- signed, #shamedCornHusker.

#WesternKentuckyUniversityHiltoppers football need ASAP: receivers who don't have jello for hands, runners who won't trip over their own two feet, and a quarterback who doesn't mimic a potted plant!!

What a near disaster it was yesterday for me in #CollegeFootball!!!



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