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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Congrats To Louisville Cardinals, Winners Of The Russell Athletic Bowl Champions, For Spanking Miami Hurricanes. Go Cards.

last night the defense showed up for #louisvillecardinalfootball team and strangled #miamihurricanes. had the arrived for the only game louisville lost, we would be practicing to gear up for the national championship game!

oh well, there is next year, if #teddybridgewater returns, which i believe he will if his mom assures him she will be fine.

next year, not only will he be primed for a #nationalchampionship trophy, but he will not be denied the #heismantrophy, with no real competitor!!

as for the #basketball team, they gotta figure defense includes getting rebounds and storming the boards, and that russ is not the only player on the court!

ok, i've said my peace! go cards!!



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