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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Call To God Fearing Patriots.

to those of you who are God fearing patriots, who believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL, not just some, hear me out with this request:

video record EVERY encounter you witness between police and ordinary citizens and turn it into the press, or publish it on news media. your video may be the ONLY evidence we have against murdering cops, who will doctor their police incident reports to accuse the dead person FALSELY of making them fear for their lives, and be supported by the rogue or fearful fellow officers.

do this, whether or not the race of the accused is white or black, or the victim is black or white!

and, do this particularly if the encounter is in one of the Confederate states, or a state which was allowed into the union as a slave trading state, or a state, like kentucky, which joined the Confederacy AFTER the civil war was over.

i beg you, for Jesus Christ' sake.

otherwise NO one should pretend to be safe from these murderers, simply because they do not belong to the race that is been snuffed out!!

watch the graphic video:

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