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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Senate should show leadership and vote to tighten abortion law.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has shown leadership by passing a Senate Bill (179), which would require pre-abortion counseling by an abortion doctor (or his proxy) about the medical risks of abortion, the approximate gestational age of the fetus and risks associated with carrying the child to term to be done in person (not over the phone). The bill also requires the woman to sign a statement acknowledging the counseling took place (which statement must be kept by the doctor for 20 years), to be informed of available state published abortion materials and alternatives to abortion, as well as medical assistance benefits she could receive if she decided against the abortion and that the father of the fetus must help her support the child if it is born.
These requirements do not unfairly burden a woman's Roe v. Wade right to an abortion and are REASONABLE. The full Senate should act and the House should follow.

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