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Friday, March 16, 2007

Jack conway shines, Steve Henry dulls.

Democratic candidate for Attorney General has reportedly garnered some impressive endorsements for his race. If he continues at this pace, he may well the presumptive Democratic nominee -- presumptive because endorsements do not necessarily make a winner. You don't believe me? Remember Jack Wood? Nobody in the Republican Party knew or even met him until AFTER he WON the Republican nomination for Attorney General!
Meanwhile, Leslie Holland, a former aide to Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Steve Henry who complained that "Mr. Henry has a problem with the truth", has filed a complaint against Henry with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. She is alleging that Henry inappropriately used a "testing the waters" campaign fund to lay the groundwork for a run for governor in violation of state election laws. This complaint comes on the heels of a federal investigation over whether Henry accepted corporate campaign contributions in violation of federal election laws.
So while Conway shines, Henry dulls.

UPDATE: This is the best I can do with the Henry Complaint.

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