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Friday, November 09, 2007

Ditch Mitch on Bestiality (No, I'm Not Making This Up)

Matt Gunterman speculates on… well… uh… not sure how to say this… bestiality and acts like touching one's self. Where's Joe Gerth when you need him? Surely, this is more newsworthy than some of the stories he ran this year on conservative blogs.

Remember, Gunterman is the head of the anti-McConnell web movement in KY and he’s talking about subjects like bestiality. Can it get any weirder for the vulgar vanguard?

Will Crit spend any time with these guys? Here's betting she won't get near this bunch of wierdos.

BTW, speaking of Crit, here’s a must see video of her best imitation of Scotty Baesler in 98. All that’s missing is ol’ Wendell Ford’s shoes.

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