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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Larry Forgy goes on "rampage" on WVLK's Sue Wylie show, verbally assaults Mitch McConnell, Mike Duncan, Larry Cox and others. What gives?

I recieved a phone call from a STAUNCH Republican -- who serves on the RPK Executive Committee -- and who complained to me about Larry Forgy going on a "rampage" on WVLK's Sue Wylie show and verbally assaulting Senator Mitch McConnell, Mike Duncan (the RNC Chairman), Larry Cox and others.

From what the caller told me, it sounded to me like the Confederate soldiers, who burned Richmond when the Union soldiers came knocking, must have sounded prior to my hero, Abraham Lincoln's, TRIUMPHANT parade through the streets of that "capital" as the "confederate cabinet" fled.

The caller was so IRATE at this spectacle that he has NOW vowed to SKIP his earlier decision to stay home on election day and NOT vote and has decided instead to go and vote for Steve Beshear and most of the Democratic ticket.

This "scorched earth" policy adopted by some in the Republican Party who support Ernie Fletcher, will only go to further alienate those, like my caller and others like him, who might not have voted for Fletcher but would not have voted for Beshear either, to now do the later, thereby dooming any chances Fletcher has at getting re-elected.

Such "bullying" tactics are NOT working for Fletcher -- as evidenced by the continuing FALLING of his poll numbers -- just as they did NOT work for the confederates in "scorching" Richmond; but then again, maybe, therein lies the similarity.

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