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Saturday, December 22, 2007

SURVEYUSA poll proves me right: It's the economy, stupid, as Mitch McConnell's approval rating surges.

Last week in my posting, I warned Democrats "salivating" over Andrew Horne's announcement that he'll "feel the BOULDER" -- I would NOT want to be him -- that Iraq will NOT be the issue come next year's election. I suggested they take a cue from former President Bill Clinton and understand that: it's the economy, stupid!

Well, the EXTREMELY reliable SURVEYUSA poll has come out revealing that I am right on target -- it's the economy stupid!!

Also, SIGNIFICANTLY noteworthy is the fact that Senator Mitch McConnell's approval rating has surged. I will post the poll results here later, but for now, read Mark Hebert's analysis:

Poll Shows Big Turnaround for McConnell

The latest Survey USA/WHAS 11 poll shows a huge turnaround in the approval ratings for U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell.

Last month, for the first time since the polling of McConnell's job approval rating began, a bigger percentage of Kentuckians disapproved of the job he was doing in Washington. Not so anymore. This month's poll shows 51% Approve, 42% Disapprove with 7% undecided. A slew of TV ads, better news from Iraq and decisions by Crit Luallen and Greg Stumbo not to challenge McConnell have probably helped his standing. But perhaps the more interesting numbers were found in the crosstabs/breakouts. When those polled were asked what's the top issue facing the next president, 23% said the economy, 22% said health care, 13% Iraq and 12% immigration. To me, the most stunning numbers are the last two. Many Republicans are hoping to base their entire campaigns on a promise to crack down on illegal immigrants while many democrats are hoping to base their entire campaigns on getting out of Iraq. But it looks like voters are looking for leadership on two issues closer to their pocketbooks.

BETTER Stick with Mitch.



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