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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog postings and other information.

As a reminder, brought about by a question from a blog reader, please look at the bottom of the blog postings to discover which of the five Contributors posted an article. All blog postings are NOT done by me!

Also, please remember that, unless otherwise indicated, blog postings and comments are NOT necessarily the opinions of this blog but are usually the opinions of the Contributor who posted them. And, please remember that this blog strives to tell NOTHING but the truth, and are not pro- or anti- anyone or group. Other than the fact that the blog is Conservative in its view of the world, our postings will occasionally both annoy (and please, as the case may be) members of the different political parties.

And, please remember to sign up to receive blog updates by adding your email address to the email block on your right side entitled "Subscribe below for updates".

Thanks for reading.



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