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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hasty personnel decision brings reversal, and a word of advise.

A hasty personnel decision to fire employees of the Kentucky Public Service Commission has brought a hasty reversal.

Read it here.

The reversal must have come as a result of, at least, one of the dismissals -- that of the executive director -- running afoul of state law, which provide that the Commission appoints the executive director (who works at the pleasure of the Commission). Other additional employees (who are employed by the Commission) presumably serve at the pleasure of the Governor, since there is NO provision for them to serve at the commission's "pleasure".

As a tip for the Beshear Administration: A commission's non merit employees are MORE LIKELY THAN NOT appointed by the respective Commission and, MORE LIKELY THAN NOT, serve at the pleasure of that commission's members.

Hopefully, this would be a lesson learned for the administration so that change can really mean change in Frankfort.



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