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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Is Hillary "BILLARY" Clinton Dishonest? Funny you should ask.

Read about the dishonesty of "BILLARY".

Here are excerpts:


The White House Travel Office:

After Clinton's husband took office, his administration fired all the employees of the White House Travel Office, replacing them with friends.

Clinton later told investigators she had "no role in the decision" to fire them and didn't know the "origin of the decision."

In a memo that was discovered later, however, former White House aide David Watkins said Clinton had said, "We need those people out and we need our people in." The Office of Independent Counsel said there was overwhelming evidence that she'd played a role in the firings and called her denials "factually false."

Vince Foster:

After her friend, former Arkansas law partner and White House lawyer Vince Foster killed himself, Clinton said she had no idea why her White House Chief of Staff, Maggie Williams, who's now her campaign manager, had removed documents from Foster's White House safe. "I don't know that she did remove any documents," Clinton said.

It was later revealed, however, that White House lawyer Bernard Nussbaum, a close ally of Clinton, had removed files and handed one labeled "Whitewater" to Williams, who took it to the Clintons' White House residence. It also was revealed that Williams had acted at Clinton's direction.

The Family and Medical Leave Act:

Her campaign Web site boasts that her record includes "helping to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act."

But the bill was pushed in Congress for years and passed twice, only to be vetoed by former President George H.W. Bush. Congress passed it a third time as Bill Clinton took office. He signed it into law on Feb. 5, 1993, barely two weeks after he became president.

Hillary Clinton's own White House schedules, recently released, make no mention of any meetings on the bill.

The North American Free Trade Agreement:

Clinton claims that she privately opposed the North American Free Trade Agreement when her husband pushed it through Congress.

But her recently released appointment schedule from her years as first lady reveal instead that she made private pitches for the trade agreement.

The State Children's Health Insurance Program:

Clinton claims that she played a key role in pushing through the State Children's Health Insurance Program, boasting in a campaign ad that she "got health insurance for 6 million kids."

Some news organizations, as well as the Obama campaign, call that claim false.

But an independent review by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania took a second look and found her account credible. Said the center's Brooks Jackson: "Clinton is right on this one."


Speaking in Pennsylvania two weeks ago, Clinton introduced former U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson. "He and I did travel together to Africa and, sort of, paved the way for the president's trip the following year, which was historic," Clinton said.

But Wilson didn't accompany Clinton on her March 1997 trip to Africa. Wilson did accompany both Clintons on the president's 1998 Africa visit.

"She made a mistake on that," Wilson said. "She misspoke on that. I worked closely with her and her staff on the president's trip, which she went on."

The Clinton administration official who accompanied Clinton on her 1997 trip was Susan Rice, who's now a senior foreign policy adviser to the Obama campaign.

Chelsea Clinton and Sept. 11:

Clinton nemesis Dick Morris accuses her of fabricating a story about daughter Chelsea Clinton being close to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

"She invented the entire story on national television," Morris said. "And didn't blink an eye."

Here's what really happened:

Clinton said Chelsea had gone on "what she thought was going to be a great jog. She was going to go down to Battery Park, she was going to go around the towers. She went to get a cup of coffee and, and, that's when the plane hit."

Responding to a question about whether her daughter heard the "rumble," Clinton said, "She did hear it."

Weeks later, Chelsea Clinton told a magazine that she was in an apartment 12 blocks away when the first plane hit. A UPI article said she was outdoors closer to the site when "she heard the rumble of the second tower collapsing."

All this well before she started dodging Sniper fire in Bosnia -- yea, the Tuzler Tale, remember?

Now follow the Trail for the latest about the woman who didn't have $100 for a hospital admission.

Watch the tall tale:

Now you see why I said funny you should ask.




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