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Friday, October 29, 2010

Courier Journal PANICS About A Mayor Hal Heiner, Dives Into The Sewer For A "LATE Hit". Read More Below.

Hal Heiner did not tell C-J of first marriage, divorce during interviews
He said it might be painful to ex-wife's family

By Dan Klepal

Republican mayoral candidate Hal Heiner acknowledged Thursday that he neglected to inform The Courier-Journal during interviews about his private life that he married and divorced in the 1970s before marrying his current wife of 33 years.

The Courier-Journal conducted multiple interviews with Heiner in preparation for a profile story that was published on the front page of Sunday's newspaper. He told The Courier-Journal that he married his high school sweetheart, but he didn't mention his previous marriage because he said it might be “painful” to his ex-wife's family, including her second husband and children.

Heiner married Beth Napier in 1971, at age 19.

The couple divorced in 1975. Napier is now deceased.

“One of the reasons was whether it would be somehow painful to a widower and their children,” Heiner said Thursday. “Second, items that are three or four decades old, and are of no real consequence, don't seem relevant to anything that's happening today.”

An acquaintance of Heiner contacted The Courier-Journal Thursday, expressing disappointment that the story did not mention Napier.

Heiner said he and his wife, Sheila, met during religious studies while he attended Atherton High School, dated and broke up before graduation. He began dating Napier after high school and they married while he was attending Purdue University.

Heiner said he began dating Sheila shortly after the divorce and they married in July 1977.

The Courier-Journal was unable to obtain a copy of Heiner's divorce file Thursday.

Reporter Dan Klepal can be reached at (502) 582-4475

Editor's comment: I guess the CJ is scared that their boy Greg Fisher is gonna lose to Hal Heiner and panic has set in, forcing them to attempt a "LATE HIT" on Hal. Well, it won't work. Sorry, guys and gals.

Hal is going to be your Mayor, so get over it.




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