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Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Glad The Bowling Green Daily News Agrees With Me: Attack On Scott Jennings Is Dirty Politics.

Attack on Jennings is dirty politics
By the Daily News

Scott Jennings has had a very impressive, successful career on the state and federal political levels and it is shameful that some Kentucky Democrats are attempting to destroy his good name and reputation for political gain.

Jennings, who now serves as campaign manager for Senate President David Williams’ campaign for governor, is being accused based on a report that charges the White House Office of Political Affairs during George W. Bush’s administration violated the Hatch Act by giving briefings to political employees. Jennings, former deputy director of the office, was one of the people who provided the briefings, the report says. The report goes on to say that in the three months before the 2006 elections, agency political appointees participated in 197 events.

Jennings has said he fully cooperated with investigators and answered their questions three years ago.

The problem is that Democrats fail to mention in their attacks that Jennings was investigated by the Office of Special Counsel and no criminality was uncovered in the office’s investigation.

It would appear that the state Democratic Party and Gov. Steve Beshear, who hasn’t spoke out against these attacks, are concerned about Williams, whose fundraising efforts have reached $750,000 thus far.

This is dirty politics, plain and simple.

Democratic Party Chairman Dan Logsdon charged that the public’s trust has been violated and Jennings “should be asked some questions that demand answers.”

Mr. Logsdon, those questions have already been answered by the Office of Special Council, which should have laid this matter to rest.

We should remember that Jennings isn’t on the ballot against Beshear - Williams, a Burkesville Republican, is.

Jennings has said he “told the absolute truth and make(s) no apologies for doing the job I was given and for following the guidelines provided.”

The OSC has investigated this matter and that investigation uncovered no criminality. Jennings has been neither charged nor indicted.

The effort to try to trash this man’s solid reputation for political gain is politics at its worst. That is exactly what is happening here and is another reason many are turned off by politics.

We urge the state Democratic Party and Gov. Beshear to renounce these attacks at once and focus on issues important to our state.



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