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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ethical "But For" Dilemma For The George Zimmerman Trial Jury, As I See It, As A Criminal Defense Lawyer, Who Is A Former Prosecutor.

Surprised at the extent of the physical fight between #TrayvonMartin and #GeorgeZimmerman, while I still can't believe the smaller TM got the better of GZ who was training in #MixedMartialArts unless GZ staged it all along so he can say he was defending himself under Floriduh's #StandYourGround law. 

But one thing is very, very CLEAR to me : it is the #butfor scenario. 

The but for question asks: but for George Zimmerman's decision to ignore the directive of the police dispatcher and instead play #BarneyFife in real life, with tragic consequences, would any of this bs resulting in death have happened?

I answer in the negative. 

Therein lies the dilemma for the jury: whether George Zimmerman deserves to pay for the but for, or ride home on a white horse!

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