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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Are Floriduh Authorities Treating Derek Medina Different From George Zimmerman When He "Stood His Ground" In Self Defense?!

i woke up at 5:55 am, and thought about the guy who shot and killed his girlfriend in #floriduh!

i think his name is #derekmedina and his wife's name is #jenniferalfonso.

other than his victim not being black "punk" with a hoodie what is the REAL difference between him and #georgezimmerman, and #trayvonmartin and his wife?

why is he in jail, and gz walked free until the outcry that finally got him arrested?

do they both not live in floriduh? are they both not mexican? did medina not kill in self defense after he was beat up? are they not both neighborhood #clinteastwood make my day cop wanna-bes?

why have the cops not concluded, as they did for george zimmerman, that he did "stand his ground"?

i guess it should be counted on a floriduh jury to find him not guilty and set him free!!

i hear clint eastwood movie songs playing in floriduh. do you?

by the way: like george zimmerman, derek medina made sure only his story will be told: he killed the ONLY WITNESS!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

10-year old daughter was there. why isn't this all over every news channel? over here in california hardly anything was mentioned at all. did someone find out who he voted for?

but personally, i'm more concerned with chicago....

9:10 AM  

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