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Friday, February 09, 2007

Person for the week: The Family Foundation of Kentucky.

The person of the week is no person at all, but a foundation -- unless you count its employees. That foundation is the Family Foundation Of Kentucky. You can visit the foundation's website here. The Foundation is being chosen because it is the only entity or person that I am aware of that testified against the HPV vaccine bill. By making the vaccine MANDATORY, the bill intends to take away our parental rights on this personal issue, while suggesting to to us that "Big Brother knows best". The the human papilloma virus (HPV), which has been linked to cervical cancer, is contracted by sexual contact alone and is not contagious (except between the sexual partners). There are NO public safety concerns that should invite any governmental interest(s) that should give rise to this MANDATORY vaccination. So for standing up for all of our liberty interests, and recognizing that government ISN'T our "Big Brother" who ALWAYS "knows what is best for us", I present to you the Family Foundation of Kentucky as the person of the week.



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