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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Steve Henry: it may be time to speak ONLY to your Lawyer.

Ryan Alessi has a story today about Steve Henry's continuing "Testing the Waters" account problems and his continued descent into the liar's den, while appearing to give credence to Leslie Holland's assertion that he "has a problem with telling the truth." Today's Alessi story is excerpted here:
Several donors to Henry's fund told the Herald-Leader last month that they thought they were giving to his gubernatorial exploratory committee. Dennis Null, a Mayfield lawyer who ran for state senate in 2004, said he remembers giving to Henry's "exploratory committee" for the governor's race last spring. "I gave $500. I don't know if it shows up anywhere, but I did," Null said last month. That check did show up among the $175,000 in Henry's Testing the Waters account, according to documents filed with Holland's complaint. Byron Lewis, the founder of Western KY Heavy Hauling Inc. -- one of the four companies included in the donor list to Henry's off-the-books account -- also said he gave to an "exploratory committee for governor." Lewis said in an interview last month that "it was the company that gave." "The company felt that it was in our best interest," Lewis said, because many residents in the White Plains, Ky., area are Henry supporters. Henry told reporters last week the only donation from a company was one that is classified as a sole proprietor, an individual who runs his or her own business alone, such as an artist. When asked about Western KY Heavy Hauling, Henry said "that's a sole proprietorship. That's a legal contribution." But Western KY Heavy Hauling has been filing with the Secretary of State's office as a "Kentucky corporation" since 1996.

In another related story, Steve Henry, in an effort to discredit Ms. Holland, told Ronnie Ellis, of CHNI News Service, that "[s]he has a medical condition that has made her behavior inappropriate and perhaps (makes her) unemployable." This statement prompted Ms. Holland to admit to having "an arteriovenous malformation surgically removed from her brain about 15 years ago" which, according to a statement attributed to her physician, Dr. Charles Oates, has the only effect of "a well controlled seizure disorder ... with no other neurological or psychiatric disorders." "Any medical information is personal and private. As a family friend and physician, Steve Henry certainly crossed a line by making personal medical information not only public but also by framing it in a way intended to discredit me personally and professionally," stated Ms. Holland who then promised further legal action against Steve Henry, presumably -- though she did not make clear -- for Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) violation.
Though I do NOT agree that Steve Henry violated HIPAA by his disclosure, or that Ms. Holland can have a private cause of action against him for that disclosure, I, nonetheless, advise him to QUIT "digging the hole" that he's now in and start speaking EXCLUSIVELY to his Lawyer! And yes, it's that BAD, STEVE!!

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