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Friday, March 30, 2007

What are they REALLY saying?: Protecting the environment from mountain top coal removal.

This week's topic for the gubernatorial candidates concerns what they would do to abate the environmental damage from mountain top coal removal. Here are their answers:


Bruce Lunsford: "We will bring together all interested parties to ensure that our mining industry remains healthy and strong while we protect our environment and quality of life." Bruce will gather "interested parties"!

Jonathan Miller: "We must reform the practice ... begin[ning] with "stream saver" legislation ... to stop dumping mining waste into rivers and streams." Johnathan wants to start by (legislatively) stopping dumping of mountain top run-off into waterways!

Jody Richards: No response.

Steve Beshear: "Our state must be the leader in promoting clean coal technologies and alternative fuels while making sure that our air, land and water are protected. Steve doesn't say what he'll do to make the state a "leader" on this issue!

Gatewood Galbraith: Mountain top removal ... scars the landscape. A balance can and must be reached through environmental safeguards, advanced reclamation techniques and modern mining methods while protecting nearby properties, homes and streams." Gatewood doesn't say what he'll do to reach that balance!

Steve Henry: "... I'll work with businesses, local communities, and families across Kentucky for a solution that will stop burying Kentucky streams." Steve will work with "interested parties", I guess, to find a solution!

Otis Hensley: "Coal mining is heavily regulated by federal and state governments. ... [and] I will monitor this and do whatever is necessary to ensure the health and safety of the people living near a MTR site." It sounds like Otis wants to enforce existing laws to solve the problem, but not sure!


Anne Northup: "Kentucky needs a Governor that understands how to work with our federal partners to bring greater investments into developing new technologies, [like coal-to-liquid fuel processes] while at the same time protecting our miners and keeping our environment safe." Anne wants new technologies that will solve the problem.

Ernie Fletcher: "[I]t is critical that we protect our environment and use Kentucky's natural resources in a responsible way[. by] reduc[ing] our future dependence on fossil fuels, ... repair mine lands, protect our water supply and abate acid mine drainage." Ernie wants to encourage less dependence on fossil fuels and (legislatively) "abate acid mine drainage".

Billy Harper: "We need to reevaluate the whole process of mine reclamation by working with coal companies, the Army Corps of Engineers and environmentalists, ... while allowing the mining process to move forward." Billy wants the mining process to continue, while working with "interested parties" to achieve a balance.

That's it folks, in their own words, deciphered.

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Kentucky Post takes issue with Steve Beshear's response.

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