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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Republican U. S. Senator, Chuck Hagel, is out -- won't run for ANYTHING!

Republican U. S. Senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel, will end speculations on Monday regarding his Political future. He will announce that he will NOT run for ANYTHING -- yep, you heard it right, not for the Presidency on his own or with New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as speculated and not for his Senate seat.

Senator Hagel has been widely viewed as a thorn in President Bush's side, especially on the Iraq war. Before this development, Nebraska Attorney General, John Bruning, Visit his site or his friends site, Jon Bruning, had filed to run against the Senator and is now the only declared candidate.

Speculation is rampart that former Governor, U. S. Senator, Member of the 9/11 commission, former Navy Seal ad now President of the New School in N.Y, Senator Bob Kerry is being HEAVILY recruited by Democrats to run for the Senate seat.

Senator Chuck Hagel now joins a slowly growing list of Republican members of Congress shunning re-election.

I voted for Chuck Hagel in his first Senate run, and I am a BIG fan of Bob Kerry (who was partly my boss as Governor), and who is very much revered in Nebraska, in spite of his Liberal record.

Should Bob Kerry decide to come back and run for his old seat, it could complicate Jon Bruning's plans and make this Senate seat another pick up for Democrats.

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