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Friday, December 21, 2007

Iraq Veteran Deserves Fair Treatment

I don't know the details of this story. I don't think anyone really does yet, if ever. What I do know, however, is that Jason Roach deserves fair treatment in the media and in the courtroom. Here's a sample of an email I got from a friend who knows Roach:

Jason Roach was an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran and a father of three plus a friend of my wife and I. From my understanding Kelly Douglass (deceased) was a friend of both Jason and his wife Misty. Jason was continually getting worse with PTSD symptoms IE: paranoia, flashbacks, nightmares, lack of sleep etc. Kelly did come to the house unannounced and an argument broke out instantly, which is when Jason told him to leave. A scuffle ensued and while they were fighting Kelly fell and hit his head on the corner of some concrete. Kelly went unconscious and Jason started screaming for help. Jason is charged with voluntary manslaughter and at this time he is being held in jail on $500k bond.

The media has made Jason appear as a savage who beat Douglass to a pulp but we are trying to counter that now. Here is one of the few media sources that are semi accurate. Please check out the story here and there is a video on the right hand of the screen as well.



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