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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bowling Green, Kentucky Woman, Kathy Coy, NOT "Coy" About Pleading Guilty (But Mentally Ill) In Disemboweling Pregnant Stacie Stice In Order To Steal Her Unborn Baby, Will Receive Life Imprisonment WITHOUT Parole. Good Riddance!

Ky. woman pleads guilty in pregnant woman's death

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. — An emotional south-central Kentucky woman on Friday pleaded guilty but mentally ill to killing an expectant mother and taking her baby last year.

Kathy Coy of Morgantown

cried as she stood before the judge and entered the plea in Warren Circuit Court.

Family and friends of the victim, 21-year-old Jamie Stice

, looked on, all wearing pink ribbons. Afterward, they hugged each other, then quickly left the courthouse.

Coy pleaded to three counts - murder, capital kidnapping and kidnapping. She is set to be sentenced March 1. As part of the plea deal, she is to receive life in prison without parole.

The body of 21-year-old Jamie Stice was found off a dirt road in southern Kentucky on April 14, a day after she had been seen leaving her home with Coy. The baby boy had been cut from her body, and investigators said Coy showed up at a local hospital with the infant but showed no signs of having given birth.

The boy, named Isaiah Allen Stice Reynolds, survived and Stice's mother told The Associated Press on Friday he is healthy and thriving. She says he's crawling, trying to walk, and says "mama" and "dada."

"He looks a whole lot like Jamie when she was a baby," Jeannie Stice said.

The child lives with his father, she said, but Stice's family takes him every other weekend, she said. In a recent photography, the chubby, smiling child was seen riding on his father's shoulders.

Stice's remains were found off a dirt road in Warren County near Bowling Green less than a day after she was seen leaving her house with Coy.

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