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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Barren County Sheriff, Chris Eaton, Files Motion To Acquit Or Grant Him New Trial.

Eaton attorney files motion to acquit or grant new trial

The attorney for Barren County Sheriff Chris Eaton filed a motion today requesting that the federal judge who presided over the sheriff's trial for civil rights violations either overturn Eaton's convictions on two counts of witness tampering and grant an acquittal or vacate the convictions and hold a new trial.

A jury found Eaton guilty earlier this month on the witness tampering charges but acquitted him and two others of all other charges stemming from a federal investigation into the 2010 arrest of Billy Stinnett in Barren County.

Guthrie True, the attorney representing Eaton, argues in his motion that the guilty verdicts on witness tampering are not consistent with the jury's conclusion that no criminal conduct occurred to give rise to a suggestion of witness tampering and that Eaton did not prevent the FBI from receiving information in the course of its investigation into Stinnett's arrest.

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