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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ron Paul continues to surprise folks, as he reports another $4 million fundraising day.

Follow the ticker, and donate, if you wish.

Nearly ALL of Ron Paul's contribution came from his web traffic. If you are intrested in how ALL the candidates are doing in web traffic visits, click here.

Ron Paul is a fellow TRUE STRICT Constitutionalist, so I surmise he is someone our country TRULY needs. He has a lot of supporters out there, and he has true connections to Kentucky (his son is my eye doctor), but I wonder about his chances of winning, since the MSM seems to be so STRONGLY biased against him, because he doesn't have the campaign money that they CRAVE.

Maybe, his supporters can get him the kind of support he needs to be a serious contender for a Veep spot, in case his Presidential aspirations come up short, and show the MSM that they are NOT King Makers, if they ever imagined themselves as such.

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