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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bob Heleringer makes state senate run official.

Former state Rep. (R-Louisville), and former Lt. Governor candidate for Steve Nunn's gubernatorial race, Bob Heleringer, has filed to run for the state Senate. Bob will take on current state Senator, Tim Shaughnessy (D-Louisville).

I do not know much about that particular district in Louisville, but I do know that Bob Heleringer will run a very HARD campaign, and he's extremely smart to boot.

I also know that Tim was the only Senator (if my memory serves me right) who rose to defend Lt. Governor, Steve Pence, when state Senator, Julian Carroll, took the senate floor -- on two separate occasions -- to denounce him for NOT siding with Fletcher.

Are there any thoughts from those of you with "an ear to the ground" in Louisville?

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