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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Just as I predicted, Obama wins Iowa caucus, Edwards second, Clinton third; Huckabee wins, Mitt Romney BUYS second place, Thompson third.

As I predicted, for Democrats: Obama wins, Edwards second, Clinton a distant third.

For Republicans: Huckabee wins, Romney BUYS second place and Fred Thompson spent a week in Iowa and comes in third.


Democrats Vote %
Obama 879 37%
Edwards 704 30
Clinton 693 29
Richardson 50 2
Biden 22 1
Dodd 1 0
Others 3 0

Republicans Vote %

Huckabee 30,852 34%
Romney 22,973 25
Thompson 12,289 14
McCain 12,109 13
Paul 8,995 10
Giuliani 3,246 4
Others 394 0
76% reporting

Now let's see if my other predictions about Dodd or Gravel on the Democratic side, or Hunter or Keys will be the next Republican to drop out of the race.

Another thing: how would you want to be an Iowan now? After tonight, everyone in the nation would have abandoned them for New Hampshire, making them feel, after all this national attention, like used. Then again maybe they are used to feeling loved and then soon unloved.

Stay tuned.



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