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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Poll results are in, endorsements and predictions will follow later.

The results of the UNSCIENTIFIC poll conducted here which asked voters which parties' candidate for Governor they would vote for are in. The poll shows that 75% plan on voting for a Republican candidate, 18% for Democrat and 5% plan on staying home. Like I said the poll is UNSCIENTIFIC, which may explain the high Republican response, though the end result may be accurate anyway. I shall post another poll matching the candidates, and then another one later matching up the top candidates (winners) for each party. So continue to check back for updated polls.

On another related subject, I have been asked if I will make endorsements in the state races and I am sure I will. I also plan on making predictions about the winners (maybe for the May primaries), but certainly for the General Elections. Last year, when I was writing for Bryan Mill's KYRepublicanvoice, I ACCURATELY predicted Republican victories for 3 offices and identified which ones they would be. I wrote the article entitled "Tick, Tick, Tick" predicting ACCURATELY Fletcher's win. I will hear the clock ticking again in the fall and will call it -- again!

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Brandon Smith issues challenge to opponents.

In keeping with my promise to post releases for candidates, here is one from Rep. Brandon Smith, Republican candidate for Treasurer:

State Representative Brandon Smith Launches Treasurer Campaign
Challenges Opponents to a debate in every Congressional district

[Hazard, KY] Republican State Representative Brandon Smith (H-84), Republican candidate for State Treasurer, today challenged his opponents in the Republican primary to a debate in every Congressional District across the Commonwealth of Kentucky. "The voters have a great deal of choices in this year's race for State Treasurer and it's important that they have the chance to meet us, listen to us, and get to know us," stated Republican State Representative Brandon Smith. "I hope my opponents take the time to travel the state and accept my challenge to a debate on the issues in each Congressional District." "The job of State Treasurer is about protecting the pocketbook of the taxpayer. I have laid out a vision that includes a Kentucky Military Relief Fund, a financial management program, and a continuing education program for military personnel." "I will be traveling the state over the next 100 days telling the voters about myself and my vision. I am hopeful that the other opponents will talk about the issues and join me by debating in every Congressional district around the state."
Mr. Smith stated that "a Letter has been sent to all Republican candidates for Treasurer requesting a debate in each Congressional district [and giving them until February 1st, to respond]".

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Biden's Bone-headed Babble.

Senator Joe Biden today joined the list of Democratic hopefuls for President by filing papers to form an exploratory committee. He also removed all doubts and hopes about what kind of President he'll make by calling Senator Barack Obama "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean ... ." Wow, an African American who can speak well and shower too? Either Biden has never met many African Americans in his entire life or he must be as stupid (and bone-headed) as he looks.

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Crowded field, but no "ball jugglers or elephant trainers".

The field of candidates for Kentucky Governor is crowded with 3 Republican slates and 7 Democratic slates. They are:
• Steven L. Beshear, former lieutenant governor and attorney general, and Daniel Mongiardo, state senator from Hazard
• Gatewood Galbraith, Lexington lawyer, and Mark Wireman, former Transportation Cabinet engineer
• Stephen L. Henry, former lieutenant governor, and Renee True, Fayette County property valuation administrator
• Otis "Bullman" Hensley, Harlan County demolition contractor, and Richard Robbins, Evarts coal miner
• Bruce Lunsford, Louisville businessman and horse owner, and Greg Stumbo, attorney general
• Jonathan Miller, state treasurer, and Irv Maze, Jefferson County attorney
• Jody Richards, speaker of the House, and John Y. Brown III, former secretary of state
• Ernie Fletcher, Governor, and Robbie Rudolph, secretary of the governor's executive cabinet
• Billy Harper, Paducah construction company owner, and Dick Wilson, Paducah businessman
• Anne Northup, former Congresswoman, and Jeff Hoover, state House Republican leader

Lt. Governor, Steve Pence, must have uttered the quote of the week, as he described the Democratic field as including "... everyone ... except a ball juggler and an elephant trainer." Former Governor and now State Senator Julian Carroll concludes that in the end, the candidate that shows himself to be "somewhat independent of both political parties" will be most successful "because that's where the great majority of voters are these days." Meanwhile, Billy Harper launches the first post-filing date t. v. job killer ad, his 7th so far, and Anne Northup and Jeff Hoover take their campaign to the 5th Congressional District.

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Great news on the Kentucky economy, etc ..

There's great news on the Kentucky economy as jobless rates are down in 114 counties from December 2005 to December 2006. Here's the news release:
FRANKFORT, Ky. (Jan. 31, 2007) — Unemployment rates fell in 114 Kentucky counties between December 2005 and December 2006, rose in three counties and stayed the same in three counties, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training in the Education Cabinet. To read more, click here.

Also the Governor's office has launched the "SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING" campaign, which urges the public to report suspicious activity to 1-866-EYE-ON-KY or other local Law Enforcement tip lines -- like Louisville’s (502) 574-LMPD and Bowling Green/Warren County’s (270) 781-CLUE. Citizens may also issue a tip on-line by visiting “Suspicious activity” can include:
Persons asking unusual questions about building security;
Persons taking pictures or video of buildings, bridges or other locations;
Persons asking detailed questions about the schedules of public transportation;
Persons seen timing the arrival/departure of public transportation;
Persons seen loitering around non-public areas around reservoirs, water treatment plants, dams or power plants;
Persons watching a building for extended periods of time;
Suspicious vehicles parked in unusual places or at unusual times.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Candidates email me your releases for posting.

Now that the filing deadline has come and gone and all of the suspects (usual and otherwise) have been identified, the real shocker for me has been the absence of Lt. Governor Steve Pence, who was expected to file for Attorney General. I was able to confirm that the desire to spend time with his family (including his very young children) played a very significant part in his decision to hang up his political "spurs and saddle". I would not count him out in some future race. Meanwhile, I am advising ALL campaigns (both Republican and Democratic) to email what they need posted here to: or I shall endeavor to post them (nondiscriminatorily), however, I reserve the right to edit for BREVITY and to remove any deemed derogatory to any person, party or group. So fire away and GOOD LUCK to ALL the candidates. May the BEST Man or Woman win and serve Kentucky HONORABLY.

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Fletcher answers call for our military.

The Governor has taken a lot of worthwhile and commendable steps to ensure that our men and women in uniform get the kind of financial and other support they deserve. Here is the release from his office explaining some of these steps announced today:

Governor also announces plans for enhanced veterans’ benefits

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher visited Hopkinsville today to announce his support for the complete exemption of active duty and reserve military pay from Kentucky income tax. The income tax exemption, for both federal and state military pay, would result in an average tax savings of $954 for each of the state’s 10,684 active duty military members. Kentucky’s 12,725 reservists and Kentucky National Guard personnel called to active duty would also benefit from the exemption with an average tax savings of $458 for each member of a reserve military component. "These proposals are our way to remember our debt to all who currently wear and those who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces and the Kentucky National Guard," said Governor Fletcher. "As a veteran and as Commander in Chief of the Kentucky National Guard, it is my duty to do everything I can to help you — the Commonwealth’s new veterans." The exemption would be effective on January 1, 2008. The exemption would have no fiscal impact in FY07 and would result in a tax expenditure of $8.6 million in FY08.
Governor Fletcher also announced his support for several veterans’ initiatives. They are: Bonding the $6 million expansion of the Western Kentucky Veterans Center in Hopkins County. In 2006, the Kentucky General Assembly authorized construction of a 40-bed wing to the West Kentucky Veterans Center. The budget appropriated state bond funds of $1,757,000 to be used to match federal funds which may be delayed. Governor Fletcher’s proposal would provide $4,249,000 in additional bond funding so that the facility can be constructed immediately, with the understanding that the federal funds will be received after the construction is concluded. The facility will accommodate the region’s existing waiting list for veterans.
$2.5 million for individual loans to Kentucky veterans up to $10,000. During the last legislative session, the Kentucky General Assembly enacted HB 314 to establish a veterans’ personal loan program trust fund within the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA). The bill authorized KDVA to lend up to $10,000 to qualified veterans, a deceased veterans’ unremarried spouse or the qualified child of a veteran. The legislature, however, appropriated no funds to this program. Governor Fletcher proposes funding this program with $2.5 million.
Establishment of a veteran’s advocate within the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to assist veterans through the state government application and interview process. Governor Fletcher’s proposal includes $61,100 to fund a staff position to assist the Personnel Cabinet in assuring and facilitating compliance with the state merit system’s veterans’ preference requirements.
Establish a conservator program within the Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs to help disabled Kentucky veterans who receive benefits but are not able to manage their financial affairs. "The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with the departures of our troops, as well as the news coverage of the sacrifices made on the battlefield and at home, have made the point ever so poignantly that our soldiers and their families deserve our respect, our support and our commitment," said Sen. Elizabeth Tori (R-Radcliff). "These initiatives help show our faith and belief in the men and women of the Armed Forces." "The proposed initiatives dealing with veterans issues are just a small token of appreciation for the brave men and women who serve our country and protect our freedom," said Rep. Charles Siler (R-Williamsburg). "As a former member of the United States Armed Forces I am proud to see our Commonwealth honor the sacrifices they make." "When the call was made to step forward and serve our country, these men and women answered unselfishly, and I'm so pleased to see initiatives to improve services for our veterans," said Rep. Eddie Ballard (D-Madisonville). "A Department of Veterans’ Affairs representative in the Personnel Cabinet and passage of meaningful veterans preference legislation will insure that Kentucky’s military service members get the deserved consideration for merit system employment," said Rep. Mike Cherry (D-Princeton). "These actions are another method of Kentucky saying thanks to its service men and women and recognizing their sacrifice for our country."

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John D. Dyche: Democrats' "Animal House".

The latest piece from John David Dyche makes for an interesting reading. In it, Mr. Dyche aptly compares "the circular firing squad seeking the Democratic gubernatorial nomination" to the movie "Animal House" and notes that "[p]olicy differences are minimal among those running, so personalities, pocketbooks and political connections will probably decide the primary." Click "piece" above to read the rest of the column, where Dyche goes on to conclude: Given this crowded field, a candidate desperate to distinguish himself could conclude, like Otter in Animal House, that "This situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part." To which Bluto, the future Senator Blutarsky, replies, "We're just the guys to do it." Indeed, these Democrats are.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Senator McConnell agrees with me on a timetable for Bush's "surge".

I am glad to see our Senior Senator, Mitch McConnell, agree with me on the timetable for Bush's "surge". I urged here in an earlier post that the "surge" needed to be given until end of summer to bring about the desired result of a more stable Iraq, before we unquestionably have to heed Kenny Rogers' sage advise to "know when to fold 'em". The Senator says essentially the EXACT same thing. Nice going there, Senator. Now the ball is in President Bush's court, so to speak.

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KY universities hike tuition, offer aids as UK hikes Coach's salary & ticket prices.

Kentucky Universities are hiking tuition rates and offering financial help to those constantly being prized out of the education market. Meanwhile, over at UK, the Footbal Coach just scored a $1 million salary, as ticket prices (surprise, surprise!) are announced to go up. (Here are the new prices). Someone figure this out yet?

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"Politics makes for STRANGE bed fellows", as Stumbo joins Lunsford to spend "what it takes to win."

It is often said that politics makes for STRANGE bedfellows to the point that the saying has become a cliche'. But nothing can be STRANGER than the political marriage between Bruce Lunsford, who broke ranks with his fellow Democrats and endorsed the campaign of Gov. Fletcher in 2003, and Greg Stumbo, the Attorney General, who tormented the Governor through the merit system investigations and indictments. "Big spender" Bruce Lunsford has vowed to spend "what it takes to win" and has given his campaign an initial down payment of $2 million, while calling the Fletcher endorsement a mistake. His decision to now run and "want [to be Governor] because ... it’s been neglected for several years," does nothing to improve his chances with fellow Democrats, and Stumbo's denials that the merit system investigations were politically motivated, as "he has no plans to run for Governor" (oh yes, I forgot, he's running for Lt. Governor!) equally adds nothing to their political union, except, perhaps, headaches from Stumbo's hair splittings, reminiscent of President Clinton's "it depends on what the definition of is, is" defense. STRANGE bedfellows, indeed.

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Billy Harper announces "Race for Kentucky" bus tour.

The office of gubernatorial candidate for Governor, Billy Harper, has announced a bus tour. Here is the campaign's release:
Republican Billy Harper will officially kick off his gubernatorial campaign’s statewide bus tour, the Race for Kentucky, at 11 a.m. (CST) Wed., Jan. 31, with a rally at 960 N. HC Mathis Dr. in Paducah. The event will be streamed live via satellite for media affiliates across the state. "I will focus intently over the next few months on meeting my fellow Kentuckians and listening to their views on ways to move this state forward," Harper said. "Along the way, I will build the statewide grassroots network necessary to win this election by speaking in positive terms and offering positive solutions to the challenges we face."
Harper, president of Harper Industries, a family-owned and operated engineering and construction firm based in Paducah, will outline his vision for building a better Kentucky at the morning rally as he and running mate Dick Wilson turn their full attention to the campaign. They will end their day in Lexington with a public town hall meeting and grand opening ceremony for the campaign’s new state headquarters, located at 901 Richmond Rd. The town hall meeting, set for 5:30 p.m. (EST), signals the campaign’s official move for a statewide presence and will feature comments by Harper and Alois Moore, the campaign’s Political Director and official chairwoman. Video of the event will be uploaded to the bus tour’s official Web site, to be announced later this week, and will be available for viewing at

Also, the Harper campaign wants you to go here to sign a petition to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Billy Harper names senior campaign staff.

Republican Governor candidate, Billy Harper, has named his senior campaign staff. Here is the release accompanying the announcement:
LEXINGTON, KY. – Republican Billy Harper, Kentucky businessman and candidate for Governor, announced today members of his senior campaign staff and the opening of his new campaign headquarters in Lexington. "I am excited to have my campaign team in place and look forward to focusing my time and energy on discussing ways to improve education and Kentucky’s business climate," said Harper, president of Harper Industries, a family-owned and operated construction and engineering firm based in Paducah. "This campaign staff is experienced and dedicated and, like me, recognizes the importance of this race for our state’s future," Harper said. "With their help, I will take my positive message to voters in every part of this great Commonwealth and lay out my vision for building a better future for Kentucky." The new senior team is in addition to Harper Campaign Manager Stan Pulliam, who has been serving in that capacity for nearly two months now. "I’m excited and fortunate to have a talented staff with Kentucky roots to guide Billy to victory in May and November," Pulliam said. (Harper’s new campaign headquarters, located in Lexington at 901 Richmond Road, will officially open Wednesday, January 31st).

The staff:
Stan Pulliam – Campaign Manager
(270) 519-7663
Oregon native Stan Pulliam will serve as Campaign Manager and will be based out of the Lexington headquarters. Pulliam has significant state and national political experience and recently served as finance director for Conrad Burns’ U.S. Senate campaign in Montana. The Burns campaign raised a record $9 million during the 2006 election cycle.

MacKensey Thompson – Assistant Campaign Manager
(270) 564-5918
Idaho native MacKensey Thompson will serve as Assistant Campaign Manager and will be based out of the Lexington headquarters. A veteran of several congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative races, Thompson has front-line experience on multiple levels of campaign planning and development. Thompson will oversee the campaign’s administrative operations and scheduling.

Sam Edelen – Press Secretary
(270) 564-5940
Kentucky native Sam Edelen will serve as Press Secretary and will be based out of the Lexington headquarters. Edelen has government experience at the state and national level and has worked as a reporter and editor for print and broadcast operations in Kentucky and Washington, D.C.

Alois Moore – Political Director
(606) 438-9139
Kentucky native Alois Moore will serve as Political Director as well as the official Campaign Chairwoman and will be based out of the campaign’s East Regional office in Hazard. Moore has been active in state government issues for years and has volunteered on many local legislative, congressional and statewide campaigns in Kentucky. Moore currently serves as a member of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.

Tres Watson – Deputy Political Director
(270) 564-6011
Kentucky native Tres Watson will serve as Deputy Political Director and will be based out of the Lexington headquarters. Watson is a veteran of hard-fought grass roots campaigns in Virginia and Kentucky and recently worked for the Kentucky State Legislature.

Joe Edwards – Road Manager
(270) 519-7823
Kentucky native Joe Edwards will serve as Road Manager and will lead Billy Harper’s travel across the state. Edwards has been intimately involved in a variety of local legislative races and has served Harper as a personal confidant in both business and personal affairs. Edwards will serve as a vital link between the Lexington headquarters and the road campaign.

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Huckabee "explores", too. Will Hope spring eternal?

Former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee wants us to "hope" on another man from Hope, Arkansas. Huckabee, from Hope Arkansas is, unlike the other man (Bill Clinton) who ran and won the White House race from Hope, Arkansas, is a Conservative Republican. Huckabee announced today on Meet The Press, that he will "explore" the Presidential race. In this Presidential Republican race, that has now the 17th candidate so far and where most of the front running Republican candidates do not necessarily excite real Conservatives, Governor Huckabee could be another Cinderella candidate like Bill Clinton from his hometown. The bigger question is: will Hope spring eternal?

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Poll to close on Wednesday, January 31st.

Please remember the poll here will be closing on Wednesday, January 31st. So VOTE -- if you want your vote to count.

Update: Poll is on your right hand side!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Can you spell r-u-n-o-f-f: Lunsford/Stumbo and Owen/Hatchet tickets set to join field.

The ever crowding Democratic gubernatorial ticket is about to get even more crowded with the expected announcements next week that "Checkbook" Charlie Owen will form a ticket with former Auditor, Ed hatchet and "Big Spender" Bruce Lunsford will team up with Attorney General Greg Stumbo. Can you spell r-u-n-o-f-f?

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Well ... the secret is now out in the open!

I guess the secret is now out in the open!

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Great news on the forecast of new revenue.

I just recievd this information from the Gov.'s office on Consensus Forecasting Group's predicted new revenue for the Commonwealth. Rather than comment on it, I'll post it in its entirety here for all to read:

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Governor Ernie Fletcher’s Communications Office
For Immediate Release January 26, 2007
Contact: Jodi Whitaker


FRANKFORT, Ky. – State Budget Director Brad Cowgill today announced that the Consensus Forecasting Group (CFG) has revised its official revenue estimate for the current biennium, predicting that General Fund revenues will exceed the previous forecast by some $401 million.
"This is exceptionally good news for every Kentuckian," said Governor Fletcher. "It means that, without raising taxes, our state government is on an even stronger financial footing than before, and will have the resources to address our urgent objectives." Cowgill said the new estimate confirmed the budget office’s expectations that revenues for FY07 will significantly exceed the CFG’s December 2005 estimate.
"At the end of Fiscal Year 2006, we observed that revenues were strong," Cowgill said. "Then, at the end of the first quarter, we recognized that we were likely to have a revenue surplus this year," referring to the budget office’s Quarterly Economic and Revenue Forecast, released in October, 2006. The additional $401 million is expected to be received within the state’s current biennium. It represents the difference between the CFG’s new forecast for General Fund revenue and the prior "adjusted official forecast. Before today’s revision, the adjusted official forecast was based on revenue predictions adopted by the CFG in December, 2005, as adjusted to account for recent legislative changes, including the business tax cuts adopted in the Special Session of June, 2006. The CFG’s revised estimate follows Cowgill’s recent announcement that General Fund receipts in December, 2006 reached $900.3 million, the highest one-month receipts in the history of the Commonwealth. The CFG forecast, however, provided additional information, showing that the revenue improvement is largely recurring. Based on the CFG estimate, General Fund revenues for the current fiscal year will be $8.609 billion, which is $232 million more than the estimate rendered by the group in December 2005, as modified by actions of the 2006 Regular and Special Sessions of the Kentucky General Assembly. The estimate for FY08 is now $169.3 million above the previous estimate. "We requested a new revenue forecast from the CFG in order to have a firm financial picture as we enter the next phase of this legislative session," said Governor Fletcher. The CFG also revised its outlook for the Road Fund, and as a result the official revised Road Fund estimate for the current fiscal year is $1.215 billion, and for FY08 the estimate is $1.289 billion. This represents a decrease of $23.6 million in FY07, but an increase of $26.9 million in FY08 when compared to the December 2005 estimate.

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Person for the week: General David Petraeus.

President Bush with Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus.

The blog's person of the week is Army Lt. Gen. (promoted today to General) David Petraeus, who the Senate unanimously confirmed as Commander of U.S. troops in Iraq to bring on Bush's "surge". Believe it or not, President Bush's presidency (and political survival for the remainder of his term) will depend to a very large extent on this one man's "surging" success(es) or failure(s).

Honorable mention as Person for the week goes to Thomas Moore of Mississippi. Mr. Moore refused to let the horrible and gutless killing of his brother, Charles Moore (and a friend Henry Dee), in 1964 by the KKK's James Earle and Charles Edwards to go unpunished. His perseverence paid off this week as James Earle, a coward who was a Deputy Sheriff and who feigned his own death in order to avoid responsibility for the killings, was indicted and brought to justice. Lady Justice must be smilling! For his tenacity of purpose and his relunctance to let evil go unrestrained, this blog "honorably mentions" and recognizes Thomas Moore as the Person for the week.


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "The President was badly served by the Vice-President, but mostly of all by the [former] Secretary of Defense [Don Rumsfeld]."
- Situation Room news Anchor, Wolf Blitzer, interviewing Vice President Dick Cheney and trying to get him to react to the above statement by Sen. John McCain.

2) "Whatever you voted for, you did not vote for failure. Our country is pursuing a new strategy in Iraq and I ask you to give it a chance to work."
- President George W. Bush, appealing for a chance for his Iraqi "surge" to work, in his State of the Union address.

3) "I know my mom would take me to see it. You have to prepare your children for things that happen in the world. Everything isn't rosy."
- Dakota Fanning, 12, in a controversial rape sequence in her new movie Hounddog, showing Hollywierd at its best!

4) "Anne is a true conservative who is able to appeal to voters, even in the most liberal part of state."
- Senator Jim Bunning, on Anne Northup, whose campaign for Governor he endorsed last week.

5) "Billy Harper represents the only candidate for change. He wants to shake up the politics as usual in Frankfort and Washington, D.C. A lot of these endorsements seem to be examples of that."
Stan Pulliam, Harper campaign manager, reacting to Bunning's statement.

6) "We will be making some recommendations to the General Assembly this year, and we hope that sends a strong message to Ford Motor Company that we're ready to help them turn the company around and become profitable again."
- Gov. Fletcher, on news of Ford Motor Co.'s financial woes, out of concern that Kentucky's economic future may be severely damaged if the auto manufacturer closes its Louisville plant.

7) "You can put them all in a bag and shake them up and they'll all come out looking like Pringles potato chips. They've all been part of the problem."
- Gubernatorial candidate, Gatewood Galbraith, on his rivals in his Democratic party.


Fletcher and Harper react to Ford's shocking financial woes.

The Ford Motor Company has reported a staggering loss of $12.7 billion (yes, billion) last year. Analysts have calculated the losses as $24,000 a day and $4000 per vehicle. This is the equivalent to the amounts that Toyota Motor Company made in the same period -- in essence, Ford's losses were Toyota's gains! I stated here on this blog, why the Japanese are eating our lunch, that Ford needed to copy the Camry and paste them in Ford showrooms -- in order words, building cars that appeal to consumers. It is not yet late for Ford to do so, I might add. Ford's bad news has understandably caused concerns in the auto industry and here in Kentucky (Louisville) where Ford has a plant. Gov. Fletcher is concerned enough to be quoted as saying: "We will be making some recommendations to the General Assembly this year, and we hope that sends a strong message to Ford Motor Company that we're ready to help them turn the company around and become profitable again." Fletcher's opponent, Billy Harper, responded to the Governor's comments, at a press conference in front of Kentucky Ford Truck Plant in Louisville, by stating that "[t]he Governor’s [incentive] proposal begs the question of why he won't repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax, [which Harper says brought in $100 million last year] which is driving the jobs out of Kentucky in the first place", while urging instead for tax cuts. No word yet from the other candidates.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Obama is slowly "eating Clinton's lunch"

Not only is Obama becoming Hollywood's darling, as I reported below, but news accounts have Sen. John Kerry's financial supporters backing Obama now that Kerry has decided not to run (presumably after he decided to run). And you thought Clinton had it all sown up already? Stay tuned.

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Is CNN's Wolf Blitzer out of line in this report?

Remember Wolf Blitzer was the news anchor on the Osama Bin Laden's story where Senator Barack Obama's name was affixed on Bin Laden's picture with the caption of "where's Osama". This time he gets into a "scene" in this video of an interview with Veep Dick Cheney concerning Cheney's pregnant lesbian daughter, begging the question of whether "the Wolf" is reporting the news or gunning for ratings.

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Democratic candidates for Governor seek to limit pardon power.

Three Democratic candidates for Governor, Jody Richards, Steve Beshear and Johnathan Miller, are signaling that the limitation of the Governor's pardon power will be an issue in their campaigns. I suspect the others will jump on that bandwagon, too. As the saying goes, "the proof will be in the pudding". For more info. on this story, check out PolWatchers.

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Obama calls for universal health care ...

... by the end of his first term, but can he succeed where Hillary (and Bill) failed?

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How not to be a straw person ...

... and fall for the real estate scam.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is Obama the new Hollywood darling?

I recieved this tidbit from Marcus Carey of Erlanger, KY, and I thought I'd share it. From the look of things, it appears Hollywood may be abandoning Hillary Clinton in favor of Barak Obama. Couple this fact with Dick Morris' observation that "Hillary's in trouble", as the latest Rasmussen Poll shows her plummeting down to 22 percent (with Obama at 21 percent and Edwards at 15 percent), you begin to understand why Mrs. Clinton decided to immediately "explore" her campaign rather than wait until this fall as she had previously planned.

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Will Senators sell shoes or buy the surge?

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a 12-9 vote today, passed a non-binding resolution against President Bush's troop "surge" finding it "not in the country's best interests". Republican U. S. Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a man who I voted for (for the Senate seat he now holds), because of his independent streak -- though I disagree with him on this very issue -- chastised his coleagues for declining to make the tough decisions urging them to "go sell shoes" if they want easier jobs. The Senate is expected to vote on the measure before the end of next week. So the question is: will the Senators sell shoes or buy the "surge"?

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We must NEVER forget that justice MUST be served ...

... so let's bring them ALL to lady Justice, with her one hand holding the scales of justice while the other hand gets ready to slice with the sword.

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Richards follows Henry and Galbraith into race.

Lexington Lawyer, Gatewood Galbraith, is one not to be overlooked in this Democratic race for Governor. Yesterday he joined the swelling ranks of Democrats in the Governor's race to "offer the state vision, hope and new blood". Out of concern for kids who "can't make change for a $10 bill", Galbraith wants to create a program to give $5,000 to each high school student for higher education purposes at a cost of $250 million derived from eliminating government waste. On gambling, Galbraith echoed the Republican candidates' wise idea to let voters decide it and favored doctors prescribing marijuana for medical reasons. Equally strong for the Democrats is Speaker Jody Richards (teaming up with John Y. Brown, 111) who today announced their "honesty and integrity" campaign for Governor. Richards vowed that government ethics will be a priority and promised to have "gender equity" in his administration. Richards also hopes to reduce class sizes, increase technology and boost state funding, a new prescription drug benefits for Kentucky seniors and, like Steve Henry, elevate the Dept. of Veterans Affairs to cabinet level status. PolWatchers tell us we can catch any of the Democratic candidates for Governor (and the Governor himself) in Frankfort on Thursday and at these times:
9 a.m.: Democrat Steve Beshear and running mate Daniel Mongiardo will hold a press conference at the Capitol Plaza Hotel to discuss their "plan for restoring public trust by reforming the Governor's power to pardon."
10 a.m.: Democrat Jonathan Miller and running mate Irv Maze will file their candidacy paperwork with the Secretary of State's office in the Capitol, then hold a press conference 15 minutes later in the Capitol Annex to announce a "major policy proposal."
11 a.m.: Democrat Jody Richards and running mate John Y. Brown III will file their candidacy paperwork with the Secretary of State's office and hold a rally in the Capitol Rotunda.
12 p.m.: Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher will speak during the Kentucky Transportation Conference Governor's Luncheon at the Capitol Plaza Hotel.
1 p.m.: Democrat Steve Henry and running mate Renee True will file their candidacy paperwork with the Secretary of State's office in the Capitol.

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John Kerry votes to not run for President ...

... just after he voted to run for it, I guess. Read it here. I'm really going to miss his mind numbing flip-flops.

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CBC: Whites need not apply.

As a white liberal running in a majority African American district, Tennessee Democrat Stephen I. Cohen made a novel pledge on the campaign trail last year: If elected, he would seek to become the first white member of the Congressional Black Caucus. Now that he's a freshman in Congress, Cohen has changed his plans. He said he has dropped his bid after several current and former caucus members made it clear to him that whites need not apply.
I do not know about you, but it seems to me rather silly, counter-intuitive, and counterproductive (and racist?) for the CBC to tell Rep. Cohen that he need not apply. Afterall, during the Civil Rights Movement it took Blacks and Whites to work together to accomplish all the great things that some of us take for granted today. Even the NAACP has many White members and in Warren County, for instance, the Past President of the local chapter is White!

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Nifong in trouble for "Nifong"ing Duke lacrosse case.

Unless you have been hiding with Osama Bin Laden (remember him?), you should have heard of the Duke Lacrosse case by now. I was one of the early skeptics about the case and in fact urged the DA to drop the rape cases for lack of credible evidence. We now learn that the DA, Mike Nifong, may have withheld evidence of the innocence of the accused -- a grave constitutional (and moral) error -- that has had the Attorney General take over the case and charges filed against Nifong by the State Bar for "systematic abuse of prosecutorial discretion ... prejudicial to the administration of justice". Read it here. I guess that is what happens when over zealous and career minded politicians, who moonlight as prosectors serving the "public interest", are eager to "Nifong" their case(s).

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

President Bush speaks to the nation ...

... but I was unable to watch it as I was away from the tube. Read the text of the speech here. Anyone care to give us their thoughts and/or analyze it for us?

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Bunning: Northup's a "true Conservative" ...

... "with a potentially broad base of support [and] who can appeal to minorities, women, independents and even Democrats ... in the most liberal part of state." In reaching the conclusion, Bunning observed that Northup was elected in Jefferson County five times and was defeated in November by a margin of only 6,000 votes, which he contrasted with his own 2004 re-election when he lost Jefferson County by 62,000 votes. Gov. Fletcher reacted to the news of Bunning's endorsement by stating that he respects the right of each individual to decide whom to support in this year's governor's race and he does not consider Bunning's endorsement of Northup a snub.

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Henry announces run, makes bold promises ...

... but can he deliver on these promises, if elected? Meanwhile, Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith, is expected to make his announcement tommorrow and the Jody Richards/John Y. Brown, 111, ticket is set to follow the next day. Anyone else left?

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Is it just me, or ...

... does it sound funny that this guy is hiding in a cave while taunting President Bush?

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Another African American to coach another NFL team.

A day after two African Americans (Blacks) coached their respective teams, the "galloping" Colts and the "shuffling" Bears, to the XLI Superbowl, the Pittsburg Steelers introduced an African American, Mike Tomlin, as their new Head Coach. Congratulations go out to Mike Tomlin and to the Pittsburg Steelers organization. No more, I hope, will we be exposed to the toxic talk about the ability of African Americans to have what it takes to quarterback a sport team, coach a sport team, or be anything or anyone we want to be -- governments and corporate American included -- so help us God.

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Gov. Fletcher's General Counsel to leave for KBA post.

I just received an email from Gov. Fletcher's office that Jim Deckard, his General Counsel, is leaving his post to become Executive Director for the Kentucky Bar Association. His new position is effective March 1st. Prior to serving as the Fletcher's General Counsel, Jim served as the Chief of Staff for Supreme Court Chief Justice, Joseph Lambert. I wish Jim the very best in his new position.

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Senator Bunning bucks trend, Endorses Northup/Hoover ticket.

Kentucky's Junior Senator, Jim Bunning, has endorsed The Anne Northup/Jeff Hoover gubernatorial ticket bucking the trend of elected leaders not openly endorsing anyone in the Republican primary election. Bunning, like Mitch McConnell before him who stated that the Northup/Hoover ticket is "formidable", predicted election victories for the Northup/Hoover ticket both in the Primary and the General. Bunning reportedly said in a speech to the National Right to Life organization, that "lately I have put a lot of thought into how important it is for Kentucky to have a strong Republican that shares our values leading our commonwealth, ... and today I would like to announce that I think Anne Northup would be the best Republican pro-life candidate to lead Kentucky forward", before concluding: "I want to make sure that we nominate someone who can win in November ... [t]hat’s basic." U. S. Rep., Ron Lewis, said he preffered to stay neutral in the race while observing that "if you look at Ernie’s accomplishments, other than the problems that he’s had - then he probably has a good chance of keeping that seat".

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Sunday, January 21, 2007


History was made today as two National Football League (NFL) African Americans (Blacks) coach their respective teams to the XLI Superbowl game on February 4th, in Miami. The coaches are Lovie Smith, who is now being loved by the NFC champion Chicago Bears (and their fans) who "shuffled" past the "Saints" from new Orleans, and Tony Dungy, who galloped his AFC champion Indianapolis Colts (and their fans) past the Patriotic New Englanders, for a spot at the historic game. This is very important to African Americans and every equality loving American reading this post because I can still remember all the talk about people of color not having what it takes (whatever that means) to be Head Coaches -- just the same kind of talk we still hear about African American (Black) Quarterbacks (quieted now since Doug Williams led his Washington Redskins to a Superbowl win), and just the same kind of talk one hears about African Americans (Blacks) everywhere else outside of sports and even in State Governments and Corporate America. So equality at last, you ask? Maybe not, but it is with GREAT elation that I will party on February 4th, like it's 1999. Talking about 1999, guess who will be singing at Superbowl half time? Yep, Prince, of course. He is one of my favorite singers (though he can be naughty at times) who wrote the music to -- and sang the lyrics for -- the chart bursting song "1999".

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"Brownback"ing the Presidential race.

Today I received an email (mass produced, I can tell) from Senator Sam BrownBack, Republican of Kansas, telling me that "if you want YOUR pro-life and YOUR pro-marriage views to be represented in the Republican primary, then it's absolutely crucial that you act today to make sure your voice is heard." Of course, ya'll know what comes next, right? Yep, send money. On the Democratic side, Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, starts his "exploration" today, as I reported here. His race gives us a break from the constant stream of Senators who have either formed, or are in the process of forming, "exploratory" committees. It must be something in the water at the Senate, I guess. But what gives with all of these "explorings" anyway? Why don't they just go ahead and do what we know they'll do -- which is run -- rather than tease with the exploration committees?

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Humor: Definitely NOT a done duck.

Definitely NOT a done duck. Sorry, no pictures.


"Looney Tooning" the Governor candidates.

The C-J's David Hawpe has a take on the Kentucky Governor's race, where he assigns "Looney Toon" characteristics to the candidates, makes for an interesting and funny read.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

"Reality" spins our society into a cesspool.

Bob Hill is one of those reporters that doesn't make many waves (and should), but often gets it right. So it is with his latest writing about reality television. I have been one to decry this genre' that is slowing morphing our society into ... well a cesspool, as Bob describes it and I have written letters to newspaper Editors about it. The GREAT Philosopher, Socrates, once said that "fame is the perfume of heroic deeds". If Socrates were alive today in present day America, he will not want to smell what our society deposits in the outhouse we call fame where heroism has nothing to do with it, but very, very bad social misbehavior does!

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As expected, Sen. Hillary Clinton "explores" Prez bid, Gov. Bill Richardson to follow.

As expected, Senator Hilary Clinton follows on the hills of Senator Barack Obama, and she too has announced the formation of her Presidential Exploratory Committee. Read it here. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama are both considered by many to be top contenders, with former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, in third place. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who would be the first Hispanic president if elected, intends to join the increasingly diverse and crowded presidential field tommorrow. The question remains: Can Clinton win or will Obama and/or Edwards spoil her anticipated Democratic coronation?

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Bowling for Bowling Green (and SOKY).

Two candidates running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in May came Bowling for Bowling Green this week. On Wednesday I attended Gov. Fletcher's town hall meeting here in Bowling Green. The event was attended by various elected officials and interest groups who wanted a say on how the "surplus" is to be spent. Many, who wanted to have the money returned to those who paid the taxes in the first place, were "out voted" by local special interest groups clamouring for a piece of the "surplus" pie. While it is unknown if the expenditure of the money is at the Gov.'s discretion or is subject to legislative approval, what is suspected, however, is that most of the money will have to be used to pay for the projects the Gov. previously vetoed out of the last budget, which he now wants the Legislature to restore. The Gov. also mentioned that he will use some of the money to act to protect social workers from danger and reminded the audience that his administration has spent $500 million on projects in Warren County!

Today, I saw the team of Anne Northup and Jeff Hoover make a campaign stop at the Bowling Green airport. The two reiterated their calls for a new direction in Frankfort "to bring real consrvative ideas and principles" and renewed their statement that their team can win in the fall while Fletcher's cannot, because the Democrats will focus on Fletcher Administration's "scandals, indictments and pardons" without having a need to even discuss issues that matter most to Kentuckians, like health care, education, etc. . Mrs. Northup also stated, as reasons for her conclusion that Fletcher cannot win in November, the results of various polls (see latest USASurvey) which highlight Fletcher's high disapproval ratings and the fact that many voters complained about Fletcher (and her association with him) during her campaign last fall.

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Persons for the week: Kentuckians.

With so many people (and their Uncles, and Aunts, and ... well you get the picture) filing, and/or announcing their intentions to file, for various state offices, the people of our Commonwealth cannot help but feel like prospective brides drawing the attention of many suitors. So I choose for the person(s) of the week, Kentuckians of various stripes and political persuasions.


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "I've been struck by how hungry we all are for a different kind of politics. So I've spent some time thinking about how I could best advance the cause of change and progress."
- Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), making a statement that should warm the hearts of many disillusioned about politics, while announcing the formation his presidential exploratory committee.

2) "It looked like kind of a revenge killing."
- President Bush, on the hanging of Saddam (and his two top officials), saying that the hanging(s) had eroded the American public's faith in the Iraqi government.

3) "The NSA was operating illegally and this eleventh-hour ploy is clearly an effort to avoid judicial and congressional scrutiny."
- ACLU Executive Director, Anthony D. Romero, on the Bush Admn. about face regarding its wiretapping program and the FISA Court.

4) " We will bring the openness and honesty to state government that Kentuckians were promised four years ago."
- Congresswoman Anne Northup, announcing her filing to challenge Gov. Fletcher in the Primary Election.

5) "Former Congresswoman Anne Northup’s entrance into the race for Governor highlights the need for change in 'politics as usual'".
- Gubernatorial candidate, Billy Harper, on announcement that Anne Northup has entered the race.

6) "I’m excited to have the opportunity to work for Governor Fletcher again. We were a winning team once and we’ll do it again."
- Amy Wickliffe, newly named Finance Director (and former Deputy under Billy Harper) for the Fletcher campaign.


I guess some have to be dragged into this century ...

... whether or not they know it's for their own good.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gambling and Kentucky's future.

It appears that this is another election where gambling will, once again, raise its beautiful or ugly -- depending on your stance here -- head. So far, gubernatorial candidates are making their positions known. Read it here. Gov. Fletcher has always said he is personally opposed to the expansion of gambling, but would not stand in the way if it were to become a ballot initiative. Anne Northup voted against establishing a lottery when she was a state representative, and has stated she would leave the issue up to lawmakers [and, presumably, voters]. Billy Harper is said to be morally opposed to the expansion of legalized gambling and believes it is unwise for the future of the state's economy to depend on it. So it appears all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates oppose expanded gambling -- unless the same is approved by the voters. A very wise move on their part, since voters need to decide the controversial issue that will so profoudly affect (and effect) their lives.
Steve Beshear, the Democratic candidate, started the debate when he stated that he wants voters to decide on (though it is clear he supports the idea of) legalizing expanded gambling at racetracks and casinos (but not slot machines at convenience stores, bars and restaurants), which he claims "will generate $500 million a year". It is not known where other prospectic candidates fit in on this issue, including Gatewood Galbraith, who is expected to announce his candidacy as a Democrat for Governor on Tuesday, January 23rd at noon in the Rotunda of the Kentucky Capitol.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Northup & Hoover make ticket official.

The Anne Northup/Jeff Hoover ticket for Governor is official as the pair filed campaign papers to challenge Governor Fletcher in May, to bring what Anne Northup stated on television is a campaign to "bring the openness and honesty to state government that Kentuckians were promised four years ago". This announcement validated my opinion here that I fully expect Jeff Hoover to join the ticket! Billy Harper's campaign, meanwhile, released a statement (also available on his website): "[f]ormer Congresswoman Anne Northup’s entrance into the race for Governor highlights the need for change in "politics as usual", while the Gov. stated (I'm paraphrasing here) that her entrance into the race is what Democracy is all about. Also, it is important to note that the Gov. scheduled (and appeared at) news conferences and public events today both before an after Northup's announcement, including a media availability at the Capitol, a masterful move that took some of the thunder away from the announcement. Stay tuned.

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*** Domestic spy program now subject to court review. ***

The Justice Department, sensing action by the Democratic majority in Congress, has announced an easing of a Bush administration's controversial domestic spying program. This is the same program that has caused consternation to Libertarians because it gave the government unchecked powers to snoop through anyone's mails, phone conversations and other commiunications. The welcomed revised policy now gives an independent body, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) set up by Congress, the authority to approve the monitoring beforehand.

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Ten BRADD County J. E.s endorse Fletcher.

On the day that Anne Northup is expected to announce her candidacy for the Governor's office, ten (10) Judge Executives from the Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) have endorsed Fletcher's re-election bid. This comes also on the heels of the endorsements from 3 Northern Kentucky Judge Executives previously reported here. The Counties and their JEs are: Allen (Bobby Young), Barren (Davie Greer), Butler (David Fields), Edmondson (N. E. Reed), Grayson (Gary Logsdon), Hart (Terry Lewis Martin), Monroe (Wilbur Graves), Simpson (Jim Henderson), Warren (Mike Buchannon) and Casey County (Ronald Wright). The Judge Executives, while noting it was not uncommon to have County J. E. s support their Governor for re-election, nonetheless cited the creation of economic opportunities for the state and the elimination of waste in government as reasons for their support for this Governor.

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Senate at odds with Arab states.

The U. S. Senate is scheduled to pass a resolution stating that Bush's "surge" is an "escalation" that is not in the National interest. This comes as Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, is suggesting that he will urge Bush to "boost" the number of troops in Afganistan to fight a resurgent Al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, Condi Rice is stating that eight Arab Gulf countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Egypt - support the additional troops in Iraq, though she cautioned that "[t]here are concerns about whether the Maliki government [in Iraq] is prepared to take an evenhanded, non-sectarian path [to ending the Iraqi violence].

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Happy 65th birthday to the GREATEST.

Today, Muhammed Ali, aka the GREATEST, celebrates his 65th birthday. Happy birthday, CHAMP.

Labels: founder indicted.

The C-J is reporting that Mark L. Nicholas, the founder of the blogsite has been indicted for failing to file KY income tax returns. Read it here.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Barack Obama "explores" Presidential bid.

Senator Barack Obama has set up an exploratory committee as a first step towards an expected announcement for a STRONG Democratic Presidential bid in 2008. Watch the video to learn more.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

On Martin Luther King, jr., day, resolve to judge character not skin color.

On this the Martin Luther King, jr,. day, I challenge everyone to hereby resolve to judge people by the content of their character and NOT the color of their skin. This IS the way King's dream will ever have a chance at being fulfilled. So while those in Louisville, Portland and other areas (including Indiana) quibble over whether to name a street, highway or bridge after King, with some opposition taking on racist overtones, resolve yourself to live (and if you already do so, then continue to live) his dream -- in both words and deeds. And remember also all others who fought to FORCE our nation to attempt to live up to its creed: "all men are created equal, and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,..."; men like our 16th President Abraham Lincoln, Presidents John F. Kennedy (and his brother Bobby), Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, U. S. Supreme Court Justices John Marshall Harlan, Thurgood Marshall and Earl Warren, and others too numerous to mention.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hal Rogers confirms my prediction that he won't run.

U. S. Rep. Hal Rogers, (R-KY), has just confirmed my earlier post where I stated that he won't run for Governor (and laid to rest my source's later tip that "'Washington talk' is that the person who will run is a man named Hal"). Hal Rogers also makes it clear he is not going to support any of the candidates in the primary. Meanwhile, Billy Harper says Anne Northup told him she will not run for Governor, a statement Mrs. Northup denies. Stay tuned for further developments.

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Dems. crowd field as Richards, Stumbo and Armstrong are expected to file.

Tom Loftus has a story on the expected crowding of the Democratic field for Governor. It appears that we can expect an announcement this week from House Speaker Jody Richards and forrmer Secretary of State John Y. Brown III. Also, it appears that former Louisville mayor and state attorney general, Dave Armstrong may become a contender too, joining a likely field that will most likely include Attorney General Greg Stumbo (and state Rep., Joni Jenkins of shively as running mate?). Stay tuned as the Dems. crowd their field.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Person for the week: President George Bush.

President George Bush explaining his NEW Iraq policy.

With Iraq on everyone's mind, the eyes and ears of the nation (and indeed the world) were on this blog's person for the week, President George Bush.


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "I know there’s more bi-partisanship now — because I’ve been criticized by both parties."
- Gov. Fletcher, quipping to a reporter regarding the merit system investigations and its effect on his chances for re-election.

2) "Anne Northup would be a formidable candidate and could win both in the May primary and the November election."
- Senator Mitch McConnell, in a "non endorsement" of Rep. Anne Northup's expected run for Kentucky Governor.

3) "This war is President Bush's Vietnam."
- Senator Ted Kennedy, Democrat of Mass., reacting to a possible call for a 'surge' of troops in Iraq and announcing he will file a bill to fight it.

4) "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me."
- President Bush in a speach announcing his new Iraq policy and acknowledging the "buck stops" with him.

5) "I think this speech given last night by this president represents the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since Vietnam if it's carried out."
- No, not another Democrat, but Republican Senator, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.

6) "I would rather see us maintain our current level and get them out of harm's way and put Iraqi security forces in harm's way."
- Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), one of President Bush's staunchest supporters, expressing his 'skeptism' on a U. S. troop 'surge' in Iraq.

7) "I believe the American people, if they feel we are making progress, they will have the patience. I think the frustration is that they think we are not making progress."
- Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, American operational commander in Iraq.


Beckham scores $250 million contract!

American soccer is about to get a real makeover. David Beckham, the well known English soccer player, has just scored a $250 million contract over 5 years. That translates into a pay of $1 million a week, yes, a week. Beckham, who is married to Spice girl (remember the Spice Girl's?), Posh Spice, will play for the LA Galaxy. As a kid who grew up playing soccer, and loving it, I am axious to see if this signing of Beckham spurs the growth of interest in futbal (as it is referred to everywhere else) or soccer, if you choose.


Fletcher recieves endorsements, Republicans start taking sides.

Gov. Fletcher has recieved the endorsement of the three Northern Kentucky Judge Executives -- Gary W. Moore of Boone County, Steven P. Pendery of Campbell County and Ralph A. Drees of Kenton county. All of the three, except Drees, endorsed Fletcher in 2003. Ralph Drees was appointed by Fletcher to replace Dick Murgatroyd, who had joined Moore and Pendery to endorse Fletcher in 2003. These endorsements come on the heels of an impending announcement by Anne Northup that she will file to challenge Fletcher. Meanwhile Pat Crowley of the Northern Kentucky Enquirer is suggesting that Sen. Jim Bunning and U. S. Rep. Geof Davis will support Anne Northup. Other news stories here, here and here. also suggest that Republicans are starting to take sides. Meanwhile, Billy Harper releases another T. V. ad. Stay tuned.

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With so much opposition, can Bush's "surge" succeed?

After Bush's speech on a new Iraqi policy and Democratic response, which shows their resistant to the idea (together with some opposition in the Republican camp), it is clear that Bush can only hope for a miracle inorder to succeed where some see an Albert Einstein insanity.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rumors appear to be true: Anne Northup expected to run for Kentucky Governor.

Over the past several months, there have been rumors about an ANNE Northup campaign for Governor. The rumors escalated after it was reported that Sen. Jim Bunning refused to endorse Gov. Fletcher's re-election bid, but instead hinted of (or invited, if you will) an Anne Northup or Hal Rogers challenge. Now it appears that Anne Northup is going to take the hint (or accept the invitation, if you will -- again) and run. At least that is what his former Chief of Staff and confidante, Terry Cammack, is saying. It is also being reported that Mrs. Northup has approached Rep. Jeff Hoover, the House Minority Leader, to be his running mate and I fully expect Jeff to accept. On my last post here entitled Believe it or not, I stated -- when others suggested otherwise -- that the departure of Mrs. Northup's campaign manager and chief of staff made it more likely that she would run because she would want to start afresh with a new crew and that the the poll that counts is not the one reportedly showing Anne Northup besting the Gov., but it will be the one poll by a man named Mitch. Now it appears that I have been proven correct on both counts and that Mrs. Northup will run and the man named Mitch must have done his "Mitch poll" and has given his "formidable" endorsement to Anne Northup by suggesting that "Anne Northup would be a formidable candidate and could win both in the May primary and the November election."

In another related story, Jack Richardson iv, a vocal critic of the Gov., is reporting to the media that Stan Cave, the Gov.'s Chief of Staff, approached him for advise.

In yet another related story, the Lexington Herald-Leader, is reporting that Franklin Circuit Judge, Reed Rhorer, has ordered that all evidence gathered in the Merit System hiring probe should be turned over to the U. S. Attorney General's office, the state Personnel Board, the Executive Branch Ethics Commission and the Bar Counsel office of the Kentucky Bar Association.
Stay tuned as ALL of this are bound to get VERY interesting VERY QUICKLY.

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Is President Bush "escalating" the war or "surging" to success?

President Bush has just announced his revamped Iraq war strategy. Prominent among the new strategy's direction is the call for sending an additional 21,500 military personnel to that region. Many Democrats (and some "skeptical" Republicans, like Senator Jim Bunning and others) suggest that the move is too little too late and amounts to an "escalation" -- in fact, Senator Ted Kennedy compared the move to President Johnson's reaction to the bad news from Vietnam. Others (who are les "skeptical", like Senator Mitch McConnell) consider the additional troops as a "surge" to success -- or at least a chance to succeed. Regardless of how one chooses to characterize the President's latest move -- whether an excalation or a surge -- I am doubtful that 21,500 troops are enough to do the job. Even if the number is enough to make a difference, it appears it would have been useful earlier in the war campaign, but now may be too little too late. However, President Bush, as Commander-in-Chief, needs to be given his "double or nothing" chance to succeed, with a realistic timetable (end of summer) for achieving success and a definition of what "success" means as guideposts.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pelosi flexes muscle, bans smoking in Speaker's lobby ...

... but will she also ban mirrors -- as in the "smoke and mirrors" show that gave Congress its notoriety? Here is what Speaker Pelosi had to say: "The days of smoke-filled rooms in the United States Capitol are over. Medical science has unquestionably established the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke, including an increased risk of cancer and respiratory diseases. I am a firm believer that Congress should lead by example." Read more here.
Good for her. Maybe, we can expect REAL ethics reform next?

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Did our Chief Justice learn too much from "Tricky Dick"?

After the passing of the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice, William Rehnquist, we learn that not only was he dependent on cetain drugs, but we also learn that he (and the White House) used various measures and tactics to spy on and investigate people who opposed his nomination. Looks like the Chief Justice may have learned a lot from his mentor, Richard Millhouse "Tricky Dick" Nixon.

Meanwhile, President Bush has tapped Fred Fielding, a veteran Washington Lawyer who served in the Nixon White House and as President Ronald Reagan's counsel, as his White House counsel to replace Harriet Miers, who is resigning at the end of this month.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One reason to look forward to June.

The internet ready, all-in-one, i-phone

If you are like me and you've resisted the temptation to get the individual products, like that music i-pod, or the video i-pod, or that cell phone without Wi-fi, or a cell phone without credible digital camera, or that cell phone that plays music, etc., because you wanted to find the PERFECT cell phone that integrates ALL these features into one unit. Well wait no more, Steve Jobs of Apple fame has done it -- again. Read it here. You, and I, will just have to wait until June to get our hands on one. WOW.

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Fletcher plans Commonwealth address on Feb. 6th and hires campaign manager.

Gov. Fletcher plans to give his state of the Commonwealth address on February 6th at 7 p. m. at the Capitol. He also has hired Marty Ryall as his new campaign Manager. Ryall has an impressive list of successes managing other campaigns, according to the prepared statement announcing his hire, although Ryan Alessi at polwatchers dampens this enthusiasm by quoting the New York Times as source for a report that Ryall "resigned as Arkansas Republican Party chairman in 2003 and saw four of his five staff members fired in relation to a Federal Election Commission's investigation."

Meanwhile, the Gov.'s opponent, Billy Harper has taken issue with the poor performance of Kentucky schools in the Quality 2007 study reported here. Harper says they can do better.

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Bunning deflates troop surge idea, Luallen files for re-election.

Louisville Courier-Journal is reporting that Senator Jim Bunning, one of President Bush's staunchest supporters and who was one of two Senators to vote against Robert Gates as Defence Secretary, is "skeptical" about a rumoured troop surge in Iraq (President Bush will reveal his plans for Iraq in a news conference tommorrow) and "would rather see us maintain our current level and get them out of harm's way and put Iraqi security forces in harm's way." Bunning now joins a growing number of dissenters of mostly Democrats, who are threatning to withhold funding for the surging troops. Senator Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, says he intends to support the President and Senator John McCain makes a case for troop surge.
Meanwhile, we also learn that Crit Luallen, who turned down a bid for the Governor's race, has filed papers today for her re-election.

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College play-offs needed, and while were at it, let's better reward these players!

After watching Florida THUMP Ohio State last night, I am joining the crowd that says we need some kind of playoff system. Boise State (undefeated) deserved to play Ohio State (also undefeated) for the National championship. I know many of you will take about strength of schedules, etc., and I understand that. The better (and fairer) play-off system ought to have the winners of each of the conferences play each other some weekend to determine the top two teams which ought to play for the REAL championship. And while we are at it, let's find a way to better reward these student athletes who bring in the millions of dollars to the schools' athletic depts. The way it is now, the athletic depts. -- the coaches and directors, etc. -- make off like bandits while the those responsible for the loot are left holding the "empty" bags.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

What would "Honest Abe" Lincoln do about Iraq?

As many of you are aware, I am a big fan of Abraham Lincoln, who I consider the very BEST our country has EVER produced (and will produce). As such, I have been of the personal opinion that what ails us as a country today would be solved if God would show his mercy and grant us our wish of another Abraham Lincoln. With Iraq unraveling, I often wonder what Abraham Lincoln would think of the war in Iraq. Here is a good starting place (it is so informative that I decided to publish it here in its entirety). So enjoy:

Lincoln: focus resources on the real foe

By Harold Holzer
Special to the Los Angeles Times

President Bush has often cited Lincolnian resolve to justify staying the course in Iraq. He takes inspiration from the knowledge that Abraham Lincoln too endured failure and dissent, not to mention more American casualties on a single day at Antietam than we've lost in all four years in Iraq. Yet Lincoln still persuaded the North to persevere "until every drop of blood drawn with the lash, shall be paid by another drawn with the sword."
Such comparisons are not all inapt. Just as Bush widened (diluted?) the war against terrorism by invading Iraq, Lincoln broadened American goals mid-conflict. The war to save the Union became a war to end slavery. Both presidents sought increased powers at home. Lincoln not only imposed the military tribunals that Bush dreams about, he once allowed troops to shut down an unfriendly New York newspaper and imprison its editor.
Nor did Lincoln seek pre-emptive war; it sought him. "You can have no conflict," he said at his first inaugural, "without being yourselves the aggressors." But when war "came," as he later put it, Lincoln proved far nimbler than Bush, quickly shifting course when necessary. As soon as the first 75,000 Union volunteers proved inadequate, he called for 300,000 more. When 90-day recruits went home, he ordered three-year service instead. When white soldiers alone could not win, he welcomed "colored" troops into the ranks. And when even this vast volunteer army could not restore the Union, Lincoln imposed the nation's first military draft.
Unlike Bush, who waited six years to remove Donald Rumsfeld, Lincoln jettisoned his first, failed secretary of War in just 10 months. He elevated and dismissed generals rapidly, even ruthlessly, until he found the right one in Ulysses S. Grant.
He even surpassed Bush when it came to finding weapons of mass destruction -- albeit for his own use. He encouraged innovations such as rifled artillery and ironclad warships. The president famous for espousing "malice toward none" argued that the war could not be won with "elder-stalk squirts, charged with rose water." He wanted cities leveled, enemies destroyed.
Most important, Lincoln understood that "public sentiment is everything." He was not only decider in chief but communicator in chief. In his brilliant speeches defining the nature of democracy and sacrifice Lincoln kept Americans informed and inspired.

So what might Lincoln do today?

Focus on the real enemy: terrorists. When advisers suggested he start a war with England merely to woo patriotic Southerners back into the Union, Lincoln replied: "One war at a time." Today Lincoln would fight only the war that needs fighting.
Embrace flexibility. Seek the right generals, strategies, troop levels and weaponry, and be willing to change course and personnel swiftly.
Communicate objectives with frequency, passion and precision. No one can match Lincoln's eloquence, but no president should abandon Lincoln's commitment to engage the public.
Spend more time at the front. Lincoln visited the troops often, absorbing their pain and boosting their morale.
Abandon the notion of divine will to justify war. Even the pious Lincoln came to realize it was fruitless, even sacrilegious, to invoke God as his ally. "In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God," he lamented. "Both may be, and one must be, wrong." As Lincoln understood: "The Almighty has his own purposes."
- Harold Holzer won a Lincoln Prize for his book "Lincoln at Cooper Union."

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Believe it or not: for Kentucky Republican primary, most voters will likely depend on "Mitch's poll".

There have been rampant speculations over who else will announce their candidacy for Kentucky Governor -- particularly on the Republican side. Other than knowing that there's a Sonny day coming, I have heard, without independent confirmation as of yet, from a usually reliable source that a Hal will be in the race. The prospect of a candidate named Anne was previously confirmed, from a reliable source, as a "no go". But that was so close to her being "yarmuthed" (my word!) that her then position was understandable. Now, talk of an Anne run is generating more talk (and I need to re-confirm it from my source), again. Maybe, someone -- you know who -- has been talking to her. (I beg to differ with those who conclude that Anne is still a "no go" because her campaign manager is "KEEP"ing company somewhere else. That move, to me, makes her run even more likely as she would want a different campaign manager to run a statewide campaign than the one who lost a district re-election campaign for her. NOTE: An Anne run means that both of the Gov.'s top 2003 campaign managers, Anne and Billy, are now running against him!!). Al Cross, used most of his weekly column to discuss Anne's race. In the column, Al mentions a Steve (as in Pence) candidacy (in a previous post, I put all my chips on a Steve for AG run. I still bet on that happening, but without all my chips) and a Hal run, but Al mostly discusses the strengths of an Anne candidacy, including the results of a poll which has her beating our Gov.. I say, the ONLY poll that's going to count for a majority of Republicans in the primary races -- and for a win in the November -- is that of a man named Mitch.

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is CNN exploiting American xenophobia about Senator Barack Obama's name?

The REAL Senator Barack Obama

The CNN news image of Osama Bin Laden (with caption: where's Obama?)

As a foreign born citizen of the United States and one with a foreign sounding name like Senator Obama's, and one who has been discriminated against because of these characteristics, I have been concerned about what CNN did to Mr. Obama. This leads me to ask a very simple question: Is CNN exploiting the XENOPHOBIA that grips most Americans, or this a "typographical error", as CNN The Situation Room anchor Wolf Blitzer explained it? You be the Judge.

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Friday, January 05, 2007

The making of a Statesman, Senator Mitch McConnell.

Here is an op-ed piece from the speech made by Senator Mitch McConnell as Minority Leader on the first day of the 110th Congress. It is very impressive and reveals the making of a true statesman in the likes of Henry Clay, Kentucky's first(?) statesman. Here are excerpts, though I suggest you read the piece in its entirety: "And so, as we open this session, I stake my party to a pledge: when faced with an urgent issue, we will act; when faced with a problem, we will seek solutions, not mere political advantage. ... But drawing on the examples of the past, and conscious of this body's historic role, we can again rise out of our party trenches and work together for the good of all. ... the voters recently sent us a message. They told us to solve the problems that face this nation. ... And they expect us to be men and women of principle. ... Henry Clay was a great Kentuckian. He spent the last two years of his life using the tools of the Senate to save his country. His devotion to the cause of national unity was so great that one rival called it "a crowning grace" to Clay's public life. Clay shows us that divided government need not be divisive. ... And so, working together, forgetting past grievances, forging new alliances, we can solve the difficult issues of the day. This is the purpose of the Senate and the privilege of its members. ... If our steps are guided by this simple principle, then this 110th Congress will have met its responsibility on behalf of all Americans, and strengthened this institution for the unseen challenges that will always lie ahead."

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Persons for the week: Nancy Pelosi and Wesley Autrey.

Speaker of the U. S. House, Nancy Pelosi.

Wesley Autrey, REAL life hero.

This blog's persons for the week are Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives, who became the most powerful woman in America after breaking, I'm sure, "glass ceilings" along the way, and Wesley Autrey, a REAL life hero.


Quotes for the week.

Here, below, are this blog's quotes for the week (not in any order).

1) "We're O.K. down here, but I've got two daughters up there. Let them know their father's O.K."
- Wesley Autrey, our person for the year, shouting to onlookers on a New York subway platform after he dived onto the tracks to save a man's life as an oncoming train rode over them.

2) "Keith is paying respect not only to the founding fathers' belief in religious freedom but the Constitution itself."
- Rick Jauert, spokesman for Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress and who said he will take his private oath of office on a Koran, the moslem holy book.

3) "I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools [in the US] ... If you ask [inner city U. S.] kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school."
- Oprah Winfrey, responding to criticisms that she neglected the United States and opted instead to build an all girls school in South Africa.

4) "And so, as we open this session, I stake my party to a pledge: when faced with an urgent issue, we will act; when faced with a problem, we will seek solutions, not mere political advantage."
- Kentucky's Senior Senator and Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, displaying Henry Clay-like qualities of statesmanship.

5) "Saddam Hussein was responsible for committing... heinous crimes. The issue of capital punishment is for each and every [U.N.] member state to decide."
- Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the new United Nations chief, dismissing criticisms for not opposing the execution of Saddam Hussein and recognizing -- and respecting -- the sovereignty of UN member nations.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

No matter what people may say about Massachusetts ...

... it can't be too bad; that Commonwealth elected its FIRST Black Governor, Deval Patrick, who was sworn in today -- a feat that many other states, still living in the dark ages in that respect, CANNOT begin to brag about.

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In Kentucky, we can thank God for Mississippi -- again.

A child born in Kentucky is significantly less likely to succeed in life than children in most other states. So states the findings of an analysis released yesterday by the magazine, Education Week as the C-J has reported. The analysis, "Quality Counts 2007: From Cradle to Career: Connecting American Education From Birth Through Childhood", based its findings on 13 factors that highlight whether young children get off to a good start, do well in school and achieve educational and economic success as adults. Hurt by high poverty rates and low parental education and employment, Kentucky ranked 41st among the states, above Alabama, Mississippi and New Mexico. Here we go again thanking God for Mississippi!

Meanwhile in a BOLD and ABITIOUS move, U of L President Jim Ramsey is establishing this fall at the university the Cardinal Covenant -- a program designed to put college within reach of students of low income families who otherwise might not afford to attend college. GREAT move, Dr. Ramsey. Maybe, Kentucky can thank God for something else other than Mississippi.

On the political front, Billy Harper has filed papers to challenge Gov. Fletcher in the May primary. Harper, a Leadership Kentucky Graduate like myself, touted his pro education credentials, while acknowledging that "I’ve been running this campaign like I run a drag race. We’ve been doing so since October of last year". His opponent, the Gov., meanwhile reported raising $.5 million in the last quarter of 2006 for a total of $1.5 million -- an amount that's less than what Billy Harper has spent so far in the campaign. Following Harper to file for office today is Tim Coleman, a Commonwealth Attorney, who filed to run for Attorney General.

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John Negroponte in, Condi Rice on the way out?

The director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, is expected to leave his "Nation's Top Spy" post to take the number two spot as Deputy Secretary to Condi Rice at the State Department. You can read it here. If you ask me, it sounds to me that Condi could be on her way out and John is slowly being moved into her spot, don't you?

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Harriet Miers, White House Counsel, resigns.

Harriet Miers, the White House Counsel who President Bush (mis)nominated for the Supreme Court, has tenderd her resignation "after put[ting] 12 years of service into 6", according to White House spokesman Tony Snow. Meanwhile on another matter, we learn that President Bush quietly issued a "signing statement" -- a tactic Bush uses to assert his right to ignore the very law he is signing -- in which he asserts his right to open our mail without a warrant. Read it here. If Harriet Miers is the author of some of these Presidential statements, we (Conservative Libertarians) are glad to see her go.

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A REAL life hero.

Here is a REAL life hero.

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The macabre scene at Saddam's hanging.

Take advantage of $4.00 prescription drug programs.

I know some of you have already heard about the $4.00 drugs that represent a boon to consumers that are being offered by Wal-Mart/SAM's Club (in fact Wal-Mart began the trend, for all you out there who delight in bashing the organization), Target, Kroger and others. It sounds to me that this is a great program that everyone should check out. in this day and age of obscene costs for prescription drugs, government should probably consider out sourcing to Wal-mart to help bring some needed decency -- and sanity.


Pelosi and company's "100 hour GOP exclusionanary rule".

Today marks the start of Congress and Nancy Pelosi and company's 100 hours of excluding the GOP from debating and voting on bills termed "of priority" for Democrats. "The GOP exclusionary rule", if legal, amounts to a pitiful display of arrogance that is not going to bode well for a hoped for bi-partisan House. Nancy Pelosi ought to be smart enough to know that what comes around is bound to go around!

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Mitt Romney files Presidential exploratory papers ...

... but is he NOT another RINO, and a politician of the John Kerry type to boot?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Will he drive a Ford?

Alan Mulally, Ford Motor Company new CEO, said Wednesday that he canceled his order for a Lexus after taking the position with Ford Motor Co., and he respects Toyota Motor Corp. and its luxury brand, Lexus. Mulally also said he deeply admires the Japanese automaker for its manufacturing processes and product development strategy and called Toyota "the finest machine in the world, the finest production system in the world". Like I said previously in my earlier post, the Toyota Camry is one reason the Japanese are "eating our lunch". For the upper income folks, the Lexus is the reason our "lunch is eaten" by the Japanese. I am glad to see that the Ford CEO recognises that reality. The question now is: Will Mulally bring himself to drive a Ford?

Bush will submit a balanced budget proposal to Congress!

President urges Congress to do away with pork barrel spending as he revealed that he will submit a proposal to balance the federal budget in five, count them, five years. Read it here. Shame it took a Democratic majority in Congress to force Bush to retrace his fiscal conservative roots, but the anticipated emergence of a fnew Bush (and Congress) sound encouraging.

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Bush seeks to be "Uniter" urges bi-partisanship ...

... "without compromising principles", but will the Dems. listen?

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Political marriage ... ?

... Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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Heeeeeee's baaaaaack.

This time Rev. Pat Robertson says God told him there will be a terrorist attack that will cause "mass killings" in the U. S. before September. I do not need to tell you about Pat Robertson and his antics, but one thing he failed to do was answer the question of whether God revealed to him he will be one of the casualties when the time comes.


Ford's pardoning of Nixon: magnamity or sustained friendship?

On the day after eulogies have been said and President Ford has been laid to rest, one of the questions that continue to be asked and discussed is whether President Gerald Ford's Watergate pardon of President Richard Millhouse Nixon was an unselfish act of magnamity by "one of the most capable, courageous and honorable Vice Presidents we have had, as Nixon described Ford, or did Ford "... look[] upon [Nixon} as [a] personal friend ... [and therefore] ... had no hesitancy about granting the pardon, because ... we had this relationship and ... I didn't want to see my real friend have the stigma," as Ford is quoted by Bob Woodward. You be the judge.

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