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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rudy Giuliani will have some explaining to do.

Another non binding (and meaningless) resolution ...

Pence sees cover-up in Gov.'s pardons, won't resign.

Lt. Governor, Steve Pence, who has endorsed the ticket of Northup/Hoover over Gov. Fletcher, has told Ryan Alessi of H-L in an exclusive interview, that he thought Fletcher decided to issue blanket pardons on Aug. 29, 2005, to keep the probe from incriminating anyone in the governor's office. Pence is "... quite confident that there was a fear about how high it would go up in this administration," and blamed COS Stan Cave for the pardons and cave-in to Stumbo. This prompted Stan Cave to retort: "The description of events is pure fantasy from a scorned self-described former wingman." Pence also questioned the deal between Fletcher and Stumbo -- that "didn't smell right", according to the former Personnel Cabinet Secretary, Erwin Roberts -- and the Gov.'s abdication of some of his powers (with respect to the Personnel Board appointments) to Stumbo as a result of the deal. Pence made it clear he was NOT going to resign his post, as "the people elected me to a four-year term." Read the rest of the story here and make up your mind.

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"Black history is American history".

On this the last day of Black History Month, an elected Representative pens a column in recognition.

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Is Mississippi thanking Kentucky ... again?

Did Kentucky miss out to Mississippi for this move?


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

***** "Pay to play, Fletcher style", according to Liberal Blogger. *****

It is NOT often that I post something from another blog site, but here goes one from Bluegrassreports that you may want to know about -- for whatever it's worth.

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Bush yields to voices of REASON in the Middle East.

The AP is reporting that "[i]n a diplomatic turnabout, the Bush administration will join an Iraq-sponsored "neighbors meeting" with Iran and Syria, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday. It marked a change of approach by the United States, which has resisted calls by members of Congress and by a bipartisan Iraq review group to include Iran and Syria in talks designed to stabilize Iraq."
It's about time, too. Please continue reading here.

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Northup, and now Bunning, say expect more endorsements.

I have been informed, and now Sen. Jim Bunning is confirming as much, that there will be more forthcoming (high ranking Republican and other) endorsements for the Northup/Hoover ticket. I will let everyone know as soon as I know something concrete. Until then, stay tuned to this site.

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Senate expected to "leave our daughters alone".

My good friend, Senator Damon Thayer, is stating that he does NOT expect the MANDATORY-unless-parents-opt-out HPV vaccination bill to make it out of Senate Committee this session. Please make sure you call, email or write your state Senator to ensure that's the case. And thank Senators, like Thayer, who stood up to Merck, the drug pusher!

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Kentucky's role in the Black Civil Rights experience.

Many of you may not have known that many Kentuckians played a role (both positive and negative) in the Civil Rights experience of the Black race. So in a week that gave us the movie Amazing Grace, which chronicled the story of slave abolitionists -- especially the British Commoner, William Wilberforce -- I give you Dyche's ... from Clay to Obama. Love one another, would you. And RESOLVE to judge people by the "contents of their character" and NOT their skin pigmentation.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Lieberman could become a GOPer, McConnell Majority Leader.

Senator Joe Lieberman, (D-CT.), is flirting with the idea of being a GOPer, a move that would caterpault Senator Mitch McConnell to Majority Leader. Lieberman is "very troubled about the direction the [Democratic] party is heading on foreign policy generally." So right now for the Senate Democrats, it's anything Joe wants, just to keep him "caucausing" with them. How long that delicate relationship lasts is anyone's guess. A threatened Senate vote on troop funding should reveal the answer fairly quickly. Stay tuned.

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*** Lt. Governor, Steve Pence, endorses Anne Northup for Governor. ***

Lt. Governor Steve Pence has, as EXPECTED, endorsed the campaign of Anne Northup/Jeff Hoover, over that of Gov. ERnie Fletcher/Robbie Rudolph. This is the MAJOR announcement that has been brewing for a week or so now. The Northup ticket is scheduled to make an announcement at the Bowling Green Airport later this afternoon. It is expected to be the same announcement, so there will be NO updates unless a different announcement is made there. Both sides are likely going to play the announcement to their advantage (the Northup camp making it to be the neck breaker, while the Gov.'s camp will pretend it means nothing), but here is my take on it: The announcement means something and can be significant -- though it would have been much more significant had it been from someone who hadn't been so publicly anti-Fletcher -- like Sen. Mitch McConnell or any of the other Congressional delegates. But it is still a BIG announcement, in the sense that it is not often that one has one's Lt. Governor OPENLY endorsing, and campaigning for, the other guy (or in this case, gal) -- and maybe even appearing in the other guy's (or gal's) commercials, as I suppose Steve Pence will do. And certainly not one that will say the things that Steve Pence can say, and has apparently started to say!

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Senior judge program: a boon for taxpayers? ...

... or a hole in their wallets? Read about it here and decide.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Did Ron Lewis endorse Fletcher?

I was invited to the Bullitt County Lincoln Day Dinner last night, but could not make it. Word is that all three gubernatorial candidates were there and spoke. They all reiterated their positions -- Fletcher his accomplishments, Northup disputing those accomplishments, particularly Fletcher's job creation numbers, and Harper stating the election is between two politicians and a businessman. The highlight: It sounded like Rep. Ron Lewis gave an "unendorsement" endorsement to Fletcher. Anybody else have a take on this? Also, true to the Fletcher form that I know, he walked out and met a wedding party next door. My source tells me he danced with the bride and took pictures with the wedding party. I bet he got those votes -- assuming they are NOT all Democrats. This is the Fletcher that people who supported him liked. Maybe, he's back to form again, with less than ninety days to go.

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Get firefox 2, add this blog to your feed reader, and disclaimer.

You may have noticed on top of this page a "Firefox 2" icon. You can click it to get the revolutionary (and FREE) internet browser, Mozilla Firefox. I no longer use Internet Explorer, or any other browser, since I discovered Firefox last year. I have been using it since. You will love using it, too. So I invite you to click the icon so you can download the FREE program. Also, on the right hand corner (just below the Abraham Lincoln picture) is an icon to add my blog to your feed reader. Please click on the icon and get my blog posts delivered to you via your favorite feed burner. There are many to choose from the supplied list. Lastly, though I have posted the links to two books that might prove to be of interest to you, I want you to know that I am NOT getting paid for suggesting the books to you. The topics (and what the books are all about) should peak the interest of all non-Rinos. That is my disclaimer.


Capitol sex and politics.

Jill Johnson Keeney does a fine job in her piece about sex and politics at the Capitol -- the two combinations, other than campaign money, that can get politicians buzzing. Read it here. Can we expect a do nothing '07 session?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Beshear/Mongiardo tie lead with Henry/True.

Pol watchers is reporting that the first poll by a Democratic ticket has been released by the Beshear/Mongiodo ticket. The poll, conducted by Garin Hart Yang research group in Washington, D.C., said the slate of Beshear and state Sen. Daniel Mongiardo of Hazard is tied with the slate of former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry and Fayette County Property Valuation Administrator Renee True at 21 percent each. Reported at 16 percent was the slate of House Speaker Jody Richards and John Y. Brown III, then Bruce Lunsford and Attorney General Greg Stumbo and then the slate of state Treasurer Jonathan Miller and Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze tied at 8 percent. Lexington attorney Gatewood Galbraith and Harlan County demolition contractor Otis Hensley tickets each received 7 percent, with nineteen percent of the respondents still undecided. Without more details being released, it is hard to read the poll or to further analyze it. Nonetheless, it confirms my opinion that the race is wide open and the undecideds will decide which two slates will end up in a CERTAIN runoff -- unless the runoff repeal is resurrected by the Legislature.

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Buck Wild.

Another good one you can buy here.

About the Book

Buck Wild offers a scathing critique of the Republican Party and explains how its abandonment of limited government principles jeopardize the future of the Grand Old Party and the nation.

Through gripping narrative and trenchant analysis, Stephen Slivinski tells the surprising story of the GOP's unfortunate transformation, revealing how and why Republicans have:
-become the biggest spenders in Washington since Lyndon Johnson.
-abandoned the keystone principles that catapulted them to power in the first place.
-betrayed taxpayers and fiscal conservatives.
-planted the seeds of their own undoing in the coming elections.

Buck Wild tells the story of how the Republican Party lost its head and also explores urgent questions about the fate of limited government, including whether conservatives within the GOP can save the party from itself before it's too late.

A fight for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is brewing. Buck Wild explains how the GOP reached the breaking point and what it means for the future of the party and American government.

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Leviathan on the right.

A good book. Order it here.
About the Book

For conservatives generally and the Republican Party in particular, now is a time of intense soul-searching. For the first time in a dozen years, Republicans have lost control of Congress. As a result, they are being forced to reexamine who they are and what they stand for.

It’s about time. After all, more than a decade has passed since President Bill Clinton announced in his State of the Union address that “the era of big gov-ernment is over.” Yet, since then, government has grown far bigger and far more intrusive. It spends more, regulates us more, and reaches far more into our daily lives than it did before the Republican Revolution. Behind this alarming trend stands the rise of a new brand of conservatism—one that believes big government can be used for conservative ends. It is a conservatism that ridicules F. A. Hayek and Barry Goldwater while embracing Teddy and even Franklin Roosevelt. It has more in common with Ted Kennedy than with Ronald Reagan.

Leviathan on the Right provides an incisive analysis of the roots and core beliefs of big-government conservatism and the major currents that fueled its growth—neoconservatism, the Religious Right, supply-side economics, national greatness conservatism, and Newt Gingrich–style technophilia—and offers a detailed critique of its policies on a wide range of issues.

Leviathan on the Right is a clear warning that, unless conservatives return to their small-government roots, the electoral defeat of 2006 is just the beginning.

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A new "mandate" for our KY Democratic House.

After the Democratic House in Kentucky voted to mandate the HPV vaccine, a political payback for Merck (the drug manufacturer) disguised as a public health issue, we unearthed this news suggesting that male circumcision prevents AIDS. We suggest that if the House members, who were so quick to "Merck" parents with the HPV vaccine really cared about public health, they would mandate that all males entering 6th grade be circumcised. Can we expect a bill this session? Hello. Can we? We can always tell parents they can "opt out"!

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Miller makes big deal of filing finance report early.

Johnathan Miller has filed his finance report (about 80 days early) and makes a big deal of it. He reported raising over $.5 million. But other than making the news media happy -- because presumably, most of the money will be spent with them -- does the money necessarily mean it's "Miller time" in '08? If money is the answer, Big money Bruce Lunsford would have been our Gov. in '03 (and the Democratic ticket would now be his, since he's already loaned his campaign $2 million! Likewise, Harper would be the presumptive Republican nominee based on his campaign expenditures so far).
Caveat: My wife and I voted for Miller when he first ran for Treasurer, after he came to Bowling Green and personally spoke to us and asked us. But I opposed his KAPT and wrote a letter published in the Courier-journal against it. So there.

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Is Bush "surging" to war with Iran? ...

... as suggested by all the saber rattling? And if it is, is it in our national security's best interest(s)? Would such a war NOT "escalate" the Middle East crises?

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"Goldilocks" may come calling.

As the bitter defeat of the Democratic anti "surge" resolution at the hands of the Republican minority was sinking in, there's a renewed attempt on the part of the Democratic majority to alter the existing war authorization. The "Goldilocks" amendment -- "hot enough for the radical left wing, but cool enough for party leaders to claim that they are for the troops" -- would have the effect of further restricting the President's power to conduct the war as Commander in Chief, and begs the question of whether such a resolution would NOT be constitutionally invalid and not binding on the President. Goldilocks may come calling alright, but so what?

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Person(s) for the week: HPV vaccine edict opponents.

The persons for the week are the COURAGEOUS AND NATURAL RIGHTS CIVIC MINDED men and women Legislators, who resisted Merck -- the maker of the HPV vaccine (see Merck in the cartoon above) -- and voted against the recently passed Kentucky House edict MANDATING the vaccination of our daughters (unless we "opt out"), in order to ensure parents their NATURAL RIGHTS to decide what is in their daughters' best interests. To you ALL listed below, WE SALUTE YOU! IF YOUR lEGISLATOR ISN'T ON THE LIST, YOU KNOW WHY:


Ballard, Rasche, Riner, A. Smith, (Hall).


Baugh, Bratcher, Brinkman, Butler, Comer, Couch, Crimm, DeCesare, DeWeese, Dossett, Draud, Embry, Fischer, Floyd, Ford, Harmon, Henley, Higdon, Hoover, T. Kerr, Koenig, S. Lee, Mobley, Montell, Moore, Napier, Osborne, Rader, Rudy, Santoro, B. Smith, Stewart, Upchurch, Vincent, Wuchner, (Farmer).


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "Other than my opinion that it shouldn't be changed during an election year, I don't think it'll affect me. There's no question I'll get over 40 percent of the vote."
- Republican gubernatorial candidate, Anne Northup, on whether the runoff provision should be repealed.

2) "Gubernatorial elections are not decided by name ID. If they were, Britney Spears would be governor."
- Carol Andrews, a spokeswoman for Miller, reacting to Miller's low name recognition in the recently released Bluegrass poll.

3) "I think that Donald Rumsfeld will go down in history as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history."
- Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, belatedly doing the "Rummy Shuffle".

4) "My grandson did not overdose. Howard was there when he died. And Howard was there when my daughter died. And he has my granddaughter now."
- Anna Nicole Smith's mom, raising suspicions about her daughter's hanger-on, Howard K. Stern, during a Florida court hearing on what to do with her remains.

5) "... I sure don't want Democrats or supporters of Democrats to be engaging in the politics of personal destruction."
- Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, having a "political meltdown" while speaking (not of the "right wing conspiracy" this time, but her fellow Democrats) over the endorsement of her opponent, Barack Obama, by Hollywood media moguls who previously supported her and her husband, Bill.

6) "It's great, isn't it?"
- Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, on the "Rumble in the Hollywood jungle" spat between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponents.

7) "I've had enough of 'non-binding.'"
- Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), on a new Democratic proposal to repeal the 2002 resolution authorizing the war in Iraq.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

*** KY Senate should display WISDOM and tell House Democrats to "opt out"! ***

The Kentucky House DEMOCRATS just REFUSE to get it. They just passed (all Republican members voted against it -- thanks, guys and gals. Keep up the GREAT work) the HPV vaccination bill (HB 345) with the "big-brother-government-knows-best" "opt out" provision. The Senate, being the assumed wiser body (and where Republicans are in control), should display wisdom and statesmanship by amending the House (Democratic) bill to delete the "opt out" provision. Anything less would be a natural rights travesty, indeed. So call your State Senator NOW. Merck, the maker of the HPV vaccine, may have the lobbying dollars to push its legislative (and money making) agenda through the Democratically controlled House; We, the people, still have the votes (and a Republican majority in the Senate) to decide who gets to consider what the people's legislative agenda ought to be!

UPDATE #1: To Kentucky Democratic House members: Here's a willing group I'm sure will welcome your mandate for your HPV vaccine.

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Panel funds "Boni" bill, "socialist" wage increase passes, and "fire safe" smokes!

The House Health and Welfare Committee added $2.5 million to the needed "Boni" bill. The money will be used to: create secure parent/child visitation centers around the state in abuse/neglect cases; upgrade safety at social service locations, as well buy emergency communications equipment for social workers. The bill now makes its way through the Legislature where it needs to be passed. The House also passed a "socialist" bill, according to my Legislator, Rep. Jim Decesare, that will increase the minimum wage by about $.50 an hour over the next two years. Its fate in the Senate is unclear, though the idea that the issue is federal in nature, seems to me controlling and supported. And the House debates requiring "fire safe" cigarettes, but not how to curb its use. Go figure.

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The Rumble in the Hollywood jungle.

There is a rumble brewing in the Hollywood jungle between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Here's a CNN video to help you understand the feud. Is Clinton too thin-skinned and dictatorial for the big job?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

*** Northup ticket to make MAJOR announcement in Bowling Green on Monday. ***

The ticket of Northup/Hoover has scheduled a news conference at the Bowling Green airport for Monday, at 3:15 p. m. central time, to make a MAJOR announcement. You wouldn't want to miss it.

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SURVEYUSA poll is out. So how did Fletcher fare?

A few days ago, I posted the results of the Bluegrass poll on Gov. Fletcher's approval rating and I questioned its reliability. I suggested we wait for the more reliable and accurate SURVEYUSA poll to tell us better what we need to know. Here's a link to that post. Well, today the long awaited poll came out and here's the Gov.'s approval rating, graphically and raw data. So what does it all mean. Well, the Gov. improved in his rating; he went from 31% to 36%, a 5% POSITIVE jump -- the first in a long time. He did so by having 1% of those who previously disapproved of his job performance to now approve it, and by having 3% of previously undecideds now giving their approvals. His approval ratings also improved significantly in Western Kentucky (from 28% to 40%), Eastern (39% to 44%), Louisville (26% to 32%) and stayed nearly the same in North Central (34% to 33%). His popularity ratings were mixed amongst various groups, though significantly Blacks disapprove of him more than any other group (18%). The more POSITIVE news for the Gov. is how he fared amongst those who are Republicans and Conservatives. This IMPORTANT group of possible Primary voters gave him a 50% approval rating -- up from 44% and 46% respectively. The moderates and the Independents (even if one discounts the Liberals), who a Republican candidate will need to win in November are, for now, still highly disapproving. Stay tuned, as I will continue to analyze SURVEYUSA poll results as they come out every month between now and the primary election in May.

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Stan Lee garners AG endorsements.

The campaign for Rep. Stan Lee for Attorney General sent me this email press release:
For Immediate Release:
State Sen. Tom Buford, State Sen. Vernie McGaha, State Sen. Gary Tapp, State Rep. Marie Rader, State Sen. Jack Westwood, and State Sen. Damon Thayer endorse Stan Lee's candidacy for Attorney General.

A note from me: These endorsements are by 5 of the state's 21 Senators, representing the districts that cover the following counties: Buford (Boyle, Fayette, Garrard, Jessamine); McGaha (Adair, Casey, Pulaski, Russell); Tapp (Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer); Westwood (Kenton); Thayer (Grant, Kenton, Owen, Scott) and, Rep. Rader (Jackson, Laurel, Owsley).

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Obama will be in Louisville on Sunday at 5:30 p. m. ...

... go and see him. He continues to rake in Hollywood money to forcefully challenge Clinton.

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Britain set to announce troop withdrawals from Iraq ...

... Is this "a sign of success" as Bush hailed it, or is the proposed action by American's (and Bush's) staunchest ally a sign of a fracture of the international coalition? And was this the REAL reason for Bush's "surge"? Read it here and be the judge.

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Merck abandons hype to make HPV vaccine MANDATORY ...

... will Kentucky Legislators do the right thing and follow? Or will they do the wrong thing and misuse their power to force parents, instead of themselves, to "opt out"?

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Sen. McConnell named Leader of 2007.

The Tri-Counties of Knox, Laurel and Whitley have named Sen. Mitch McConnell their Leader of the year 2007. Read the story here. Congratulations are in order.

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Anne Northup needs to keep talking and to say something ...

... other than that "Fletcher is un-electable", so says John Nelson. Meanwhile, David Adams at Kentucky Progress is reporting that the Northup/Hoover ticket will announce a major endorsement on Monday. Any idea who it is?

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Runoff elections are here to stay ...

... as the House will cease taking steps to repeal the law in the middle of the political game, so reports the C-J. Great move, guys, particularly Rep. Rob Wilkey, who yanked it from further consideration.

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Bush marks President's day and compares terror war to revolutionary war, as McCain BELATEDLY does the "Rummy Shuffle".

President Bush marked President's day today by comparing the war on terror to the revolutionary war fought by President George Washington. Watch the video clip here. Do you agree?
Meanwhile, our greatest American President, according to Gallup poll is Abraham Lincoln, followed by Ronald Reagan. No wonder many Presidential contenders from both parties are casting themselves in the images of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.
Speaking of presidential contenders, Sen. John McCain, has uttered the very words that many people have been uttering for many years: that Donald Rumsfeld, the former Defense Secretary for Bush, "will be remembered as one of the worst in history." Read it here. First of all, we welcome Sen. McCain as he BELATEDLY does his "Rummy Shuffle". Secondly, his latest action begs the question of whether polls like this and others are making him desperate? I invite your comments.

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Unions disown Lunsford, Beshear banks on gambling and Legislators deal with "run-off".

Democrats running for office always rely on labor union vote to win. One rarely happens without the other. So it is bad news that spells trouble for the Lunsford/Stumbo ticket that Kentucky's largest labor union federation, change to win, with an estimated membership of 100,000 active and retired members, will work to oppose the ticket. Read it here. On another point, Polwatchers is reporting that Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Steve Beshear, is banking on $500 million (he estimates will be derived from gambling) to fund education and other economic development goals. Meanwhile, two very important bills have been introduced in the House. One of the bills will provide $5 million in state funding for an anticipated run-off election after this May primary; the other will allow future gubernatorial candidates to be able to pick their running mates after the primary, without the need to form a primary election slate.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

C-J/Bluegrass poll on Gov.'s race is out, but how reliable is it?

The results of the C-J/Bluegrass poll on the Governor's race is out. Here is Joe Gerth's analysis, of it, the name recognition/favorability poll results and the Gov.'s approval rating, for what it's worth. In my view, the SurveyUSA poll is much more accurate and will most likely be out sometime this month.

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We need to slow down and take care of one another ...

... so that this will not happen.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dems. surge to stop Bush's "surge", measure passes in House but fails in Senate.

Democrats in the Congressional House, in a 246 to 182 vote of all but 2 Democrats plus 17 Republican defectors, succeeded in their surge to embarrass President Bush on his Iraq "surge". The House's NON BINDING (toothless and largely irrelevant) resolution , which merely states that "Congress disapproves of the decision of President George W. Bush announced on Jan. 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to Iraq," doesn't even ask Bush to do anything!

Democrats in the Senate, in a RARE Saturday session and with Senator John McCain Missing In Action on the vote, attempted to pass the same measure. In a debate whether to start a debate, the measure failed to garner the 60 votes needed to end a Republican filibuster and allow debate (the vote was 56 to 44, with 7 Republicans joining Democrats to allow debate). I don't know about you, but unlike Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) who stated that "[t]he American people can see what is happening here,... . They know that some want to prevent a vote at all costs", I join Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a man who I admire and who has dared -- I guess dared is the proper word to use here -- "surge" opponents to cut off funding for our troops in Iraq. At least that way the "surge" opponents can stop trying to "have their political cake and eat it, too", while putting a welcome end to all of these meaningless exercises in political posturing, pandering, gamesmanship and futility.

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Did Obama scare Clinton into buying support?

Click here so you can be the judge.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Rep. Addia Wuchner gets it on HPV vaccination, Legislators should approve her amendment.

At last somebody is listening to us. State Representative Addia Wuchner (R-Boone) has amended the HPV vaccination bill to make it voluntary. Her bill (HB 345) needs to be supported by all of us. So get those phone calls and emails going. And while you are at it, call Rep. Wuchner and thank her for putting government in its place and giving our parental rights back to us, in order for us to be the ones to decide what is in our daughters' best interests with regards to the vaccination issue! As soon as the House passes her amendment, we will take to contacting our Senators for their support in passing the bill.

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Rudy Giuliani gets it, will appoint "strict constructionist" Judges/Justices ...

... and so he's already in the lead in my book and he has gone a long way towards winning my vote! Read it here. The rest of his social (if conservative) agenda will help decide it, together with a non-isolationist foreign policy agenda -- though I caution it is way too early still!! Go, Rudy!!!

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Person for the week: Anna Nicole Smith.

The person of the week (for the right or wrong reasons) is Anna Nicole Smith, whose unexpected (?) death last week still has the news media in a feeding frenzy (enough already, guys and gals!) and EVERY man claiming to be the father of her baby (which may prompt the more appropriate question of: is there any man out there who will agree he is not the baby's father?)!!

Honorable mention goes to Larry Dale Heeling, a Lexington Herald Leader columnist, whose column touched off a firestorm (of sorts) between gubernatorial candidates former U. S. Rep. Anne Northup and Gov. Ernie Fletcher (and bloggers).


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "Ernie made a very compelling argument for how he would clean up the mess in Frankfort. I didn't know he was going to go create his own mess."
- Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Lunsford, on why he supported Gov. Fletcher's 2003 campaign and is now running against him.

2) "I have to say, the governor delivering chili brings a new meaning to giving out pork."
- Billy Harper, Republican challenger to Gov. Fletcher, reacting to the chili Fletcher brought to the Jessamine County GOP chili event.

3) "I did something very conservative. If the General Assembly does what I ask ... we will have the highest rainy day fund ever."
- Gov. Fletcher on his request for $150 million be put in the state's "rainy day fund."

4) "Jeff Hoover and I have stepped forward after hearing a call from Republicans across the state who wanted an electable alternative."
- Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Anne Northup, reacting to Larry Dale Keeling's piece as published in the Lexington Herald Leader, which the campaign used as a basis for a campaign mail piece.

5) "I know what Gingrich tells people privately, I know what DeLay tells people privately, I know what Karl Rove tells people privately ... . I'm the one person they are most afraid of. Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again."
- Braggadocio from Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential candidate.

6) "The intelligence has gone cold on Osama bin Laden."
- Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, the former commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, in a remember him? remark to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

7) "On abortion, I was not always a Ronald Reagan conservative. Neither was Ronald Reagan, by the way. But like him, I learned with experience."
- Former Massachusetts Governor Mitch Romney, announcing his bid for the White House, while attempting to "Reaganize" himself in order to stifle criticism that he is not conservative enough to win the Republican Presidential nomination.

8) "Lunsford put his own personal interests ahead of the best interests of Kentucky, and that’s something no Kentucky working family should forget. UMWA members and their families certainly haven’t."
- The United Mine Workers of America International President, Cecil E. Roberts, on the groups lack of endorsement for Lunsford/Stumbo ticket, a day or so after the United Steelworkers Local 14851, with about 3,000 members statewide endorsed the same ticket.

9) "We know that they have good judgment because if they didn't we wouldn't be here."
- Rep. Derrick Graham, D-Frankfort, on the wisdom of allowing Kentucky voters to vote on a constitutional amendment to limit the Governor's pardoning power in 2008.

10) "Steve's a person with extraordinary possibility and promise, but he's a person who has a problem with the truth."
- Leslie Holland, former staff member for Steve Henry, describing the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.


Does Steve Henry "have a problem with the truth"?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

This time Mississippi thanks Kentucky!

It is a saying that Kentucky has to thank Mississippi for almost any conceivable national ranking because Kentucky can, at least, rely on Mississippi to fare worse than our state. Well ... not this time. Mississippi is actually having to thank Kentucky regarding this statistic.

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House passes bill to limit Governor's pardon powers.

The House today passed a bill, by a 71-26 vote, that would limit the Governor's pardoning power. As passed, the bill would:

* require any person seeking a pardon to apply to the governor;
* require that the person act to accept the pardon; and,
* limits pardons only to those who had been indicted and convicted of a crime.

It now moves to the Senate, where its chances for passage are unknown, but where it needs 23 votes -- or more than 60 percent -- to pass before being placed on the 2008 constitutional ballot.

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Senate should show leadership and vote to tighten abortion law.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has shown leadership by passing a Senate Bill (179), which would require pre-abortion counseling by an abortion doctor (or his proxy) about the medical risks of abortion, the approximate gestational age of the fetus and risks associated with carrying the child to term to be done in person (not over the phone). The bill also requires the woman to sign a statement acknowledging the counseling took place (which statement must be kept by the doctor for 20 years), to be informed of available state published abortion materials and alternatives to abortion, as well as medical assistance benefits she could receive if she decided against the abortion and that the father of the fetus must help her support the child if it is born.
These requirements do not unfairly burden a woman's Roe v. Wade right to an abortion and are REASONABLE. The full Senate should act and the House should follow.

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It is time, again, to contact your Legislator.

This time it is for the HPV vaccination of our young daughters. We have succeeded, after our letter writing and other campaign, in making the legislature drop the MANDATORY vaccination requirement. Now the legislator wants parents to fill out forms in order to "opt out". Tell your Legislator that government should be the one "opting out" and leaving us alone to decide what is in our daughters' best interests. I have called my Legislator, won't you call or email yours?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

HAPPY Valentine's day (& my 16th wedding anniversary).

Today is Valentine's day as we all know. This day also happens to be my 16th wedding anniversary. As such, and for obvious LEGITIMATE reasons, I will take the day off and NOT do any postings. I will speak to you all starting tomorrow.

To my wife and BETTER half, I wish you a VERY happy anniversary and heartfelt thanks for putting up with me all these years. Here's to wishing us many, many more future HAPPY anniversaries.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mass. Gov., Mitt Romney, explores bid ...

... but which one? This one or this one? Watch his announcement , read about him and decide for yourself if his political support , including some here in Kentucky, and financial backing are because he is being sincere about his beliefs now, and is not, as many detractors may see him, a Flip-flopper and a Political Opportunist? You decide. One thing is certain, though, the man has been ADMIRABLY consistent on the concept of equality of opportunities for all. That, my friends, appeals GREATLY to me.

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Larry Dale Keeling of H-L sets off firestorm.

Larry Dale Keeling, a Columnist with the Lexington Herald Leader, has set off a firestorm of sorts between Northup and Fletcher. Over the weekend, LDH published his take suggesting that Dan Druen's anticipated testimony during the impending trial of Sam Beverage for merit system will spell doom for the Gov.'s re-election efforts, prompting the Northup/Hoover campaign to send out this campaign email:

Over the weekend, the Lexington Herald Leader ran a story outlining the problems confronting the Fletcher Administration. Governor Fletcher seems to be facing yet another crisis flash-point.
Special prosecutor Larry Cleveland says he will bring a former Transportation Cabinet official to trial on perjury charges stemming from the Fletcher abuses of the state merit system. That likely will put the governor in the untenable position of facing three choices, any one of which, according to Herald-Leader columnist Larry Dale Keeling, would doom whatever slim chances he retains to be re-elected in November.
Fletcher faces the unenviable prospect of having to: 1) Pardon an official who he as already pardoned once2) Testify under oath in open court3) Or take the Fifth Amendment. In any case, his decision will dredge up the entire scandal once again, remind voters of why the governor’s poll ratings are at an all-time low and why he is so unelectable in a General Election.
It is imperative that Republican voters understand that Governor Fletcher’s hiring scandal is not going to go away. If he is the nominee this issue will paralyze him in the General Election. Keep in mind that in 2003, the most optimal time for a Republican to run, over 100,000 Democrats voted for Ernie Fletcher. Kentucky is still a Democratic state and without this amount of crossover no Republican can win. Like it or not, these Democratic votes are gone for Ernie Fletcher.
Jeff Hoover and I have stepped forward after hearing a call from Republicans across the state who wanted an electable alternative. We look forward to continuing our discourse and sharing our vision of where we plan to lead Kentucky over the next four years!

A few minutes ago, the Fletcher/Rudolph campaign took the email seriously enough to send out its own email:

You may have recently received an e-mail from Anne Northup attacking Governor Fletcher yet again. It is unfortunate that her entire campaign is based on repeating arguments championed by the Democrats and attempting to use them for her personal ambitions.
As the first Republican Governor in 32 years, Governor Fletcher has begun to turn state government around. After inheriting a $1 billion deficit, we now have an over $700 million surplus. He has reduced the size of government by 2,000 employees and gone from 14 cabinets to nine. He has increased education funding by 25%. He has undertaken the most expansive road building program in our state’s history. And he did all this without increasing taxes. In fact, Governor Fletcher cut taxes for 78% of working Kentuckians, and removed 500,000 family members from the tax rolls altogether.
But we don’t hear Mrs. Northup talking about those issues that are important to Republicans. Instead, she is taking the arguments presented by the most liberal columnist in Kentucky and presenting them as reasons to vote for her.
The columnist of the Lexington Herald Leader, Larry Dale Keeling, makes his living by trying to run conservatives out of government. It is his opinion that she has chosen to parrot, and we do not agree. Here are some of his other opinions that we do not share:
Gay Marriage Will Triumph Eventually, August 29, 2004
Research Would Make Embryos Death Useful, July 23, 2006
Get Cash-Sniffing Hounds to Find Mitch (McConnell), October 18, 2006
Most Republicans don’t put much credence in Mr. Keeling’s opinions, but apparently Mrs. Northup does.
Republican primary voters deserve more. Tell Anne Northup that giving lip service to the liberal Democrats' attacks on Governor Fletcher should end. She should either tell us how she would better lead our state, or get out of the way. Governor Fletcher is providing true conservative leadership that we call all be proud of.
Stay tuned as the gubernatorial election could start getting ugly.

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Registered sex offenders to provide Web ID.

There is a VERY good bill that is moving through the Kentucky Legislature. The bill (SB 65), which would make it a felony for a convicted sex offender -- Kentucky currently has over 61,000 registered sex offender -- to fail to register Internet user information, "is [intended] to protect children from online sexual predators" said Sen Ray Jones, a sponsor. To all you computer experts out there, how hard will it be to enforce the law, considering how "fluid and elusive" internet identification can be? Are there ways to have GREAT success and ENSURE STRICT enforcement of the URGENTLY needed law?

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C-J Blogger accuses Fletcher of dishonesty.

I found this post at a C-J blog and wondered if the C-J was reporting the facts correctly or playing politics. Any thoughts?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dishonesty at dinner honoring Honest Abe

"Last night, at the Lincoln Day dinner in Murray, Gov. Fletcher claimed Kentucky had added 125,000 new jobs since he became governor.

My, how the number is growing: Just five days ago, in his State of the Commonwealth address, the Governor had put the number at 100,000.

And that was already a huge exaggeration: The Bureau of Labor Statistics says between 54,000 and 57,000 new jobs have been added since Dr. Fletcher took office."

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Update: Senate unanimously ok's I-65 KING rename.

In an update to my previous post, Ky Senate has voted UNANIMOUSLY (36-0) to ok the renaming of the stretch of I-65 through Jefferson County for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Thanks for all your efforts to get this to happen. Now, let's direct our efforts to the House, so the members there will do the same as the Senate.

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Fletcher appears on News Makers, too.

A few posts ago, I reported on gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Anne Northup's appearance on Bill Bryant's News Makers. Well, Gov. Fletcher just followed with his own guest appearance on the show. You can watch it here and continue here. Tell us what you think.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

A VERY, VERY Happy Birthday to ABRAHAM LINCLOLN, America's GREATEST President.

America's GREATEST (and 16th) President, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, born: on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, (Hardin, now a part of Larue, County) Kentucky; died: Washington, D. C. (Ford's Theater at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, a Southern sympathizer) on April 15, 1865, is wished a VERY, VERY Happy Birthday. In honor of Lincoln's birthday, I will NOT be posting to the blog today (February 12th).

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lincolnism vs. Reaganism: Sobering truths or comforting flattery?

George Will in this column presents a great discussion distinguishing Lincolnism from Reaganism and helping explain (and blame Reaganism -- remember REAGANOMICS -- for) the advent of big government conservatism. Here are excerpts: "An unmentionable irony is that big-government conservatism is an inevitable result of Reaganism," writes Will, quoting author John Patrick Diggins' new book, Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History. "Conservatives should face the fact that Reaganism['s] unique, and perhaps oxymoronic, doctrine -- conservatism without anxieties [--] cannot [and I add: SHOULD NOT] define conservatism", advises Will. Diggins, a historian at the City University of New York, points out that Reagan's religion, Unitarianism, is the culprit. Reagan's religion "enables us to forget religion" because it banishes the idea of "a God of judgment and punishment." This logic allows us no reason to discipline our desires, but invites us to instead blame government for any shortcomings. Contrast that with Lincoln's religion and "... belief (see his Second Inaugural) that the failings of the people on both sides of the Civil War were the reasons why 'the war came'" and you get the picture. On the question of which of the two men has the correct theory of government, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, it is apparent that Reagan's "theory of government has little reference to the principles of the American founding", according to Diggins. The Founders, especially the wise James Madison, saw government's primary function as "resist[ing], modulat[ing] and even frustrat[ing] the public's unruly passions, which arise from desires". The Founders, the true Conservatives, constructed a government of admirable checks and balances "to check [and balance] the demands of the people." Madison's Constitution, which Lincoln was martyred fighting to uphold, is an attempt to solve the big problem of unruly human nature. "Reagan let human nature off the hook", observes Diggins, as Will rightly concludes that "Reaganism tells people comforting and flattering things that they want to hear [while] the Madisonian [and Lincolnian] persuasion tells them sobering truths that they need to know."
To me, this dichotomy explains why some may prefer Reagan to Lincoln: One tells them "comforting words" that they want to hear, such as that they are not responsible for their desires and actions, which are inherently good; the other tells them "sobering truths" about man's evil nature and sets up government -- with checks and balances -- to curtail, and even frustrate, their unruly passions and desires. No comforting flattery for this guy. ABRAHAM LINCOLN's sobering truths are what I need to know.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Anne Northup appears on Kentucky News Makers.

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Anne Northup, was a guest on Bill Bryant's Kentucky News Makers. Watch and listen to her here and continue here. Share with us what you think.

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Leave our daughters alone.

Here is a link to my letter to the Louisville Courier-Journal Editor regarding the proposed bill in the Kentucky Legislature MANDATING the HPV vaccination of our young daughters. It is reprinted below. Tell me what you think: > Opinion >

Saturday, February 10, 2007
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The vaccine debate

'Leave daughters alone'

Much has been written about the need for girls to get the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

HPV is linked to cervical cancer and is transmitted through sexual contact.

Texas, where an executive order made it the first and only state mandating HPV vaccination for girls entering fifth grade, is now attempting to legislatively reverse the order.

Legislators cite the governor's incestuous relationship with Merck, the drug maker, which is bankrolling efforts nationwide to mandate the vaccinations, as well as costs, safety concerns and the governor's lack of authority.

Those concerns are very legitimate. Add to that my concern whether our government needs to act as "Superparent"to our children. I suggest our government leave our daughters alone.

HPV, like HIV, which causes AIDS, is a bad virus. But no good can come from an edict denying parents their natural right to decide what is in their children's best interests -- especially for such a lifestyle-choice virus, which is not a true public threat.

An obviously true public threat, tuberculosis, which is airborne and doesn't need direct contact to spread, demands mandatory vaccination. HPV, which isn't airborne, doesn't.

We invite our government to resist the pressure of Merck's lobbying power, as well as the urge to play our Big Brother.


Bowling Green, Ky. 42102

Click here to see where the C_J stands on this issue.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

*** GOP Chair, Darrell Brock, calls it quits ... ***

... at the GOP helm for, life in the private sector. He declined to endorse anyone, apparently until after March 1st -- his last day in office!

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Person for the week: The Family Foundation of Kentucky.

The person of the week is no person at all, but a foundation -- unless you count its employees. That foundation is the Family Foundation Of Kentucky. You can visit the foundation's website here. The Foundation is being chosen because it is the only entity or person that I am aware of that testified against the HPV vaccine bill. By making the vaccine MANDATORY, the bill intends to take away our parental rights on this personal issue, while suggesting to to us that "Big Brother knows best". The the human papilloma virus (HPV), which has been linked to cervical cancer, is contracted by sexual contact alone and is not contagious (except between the sexual partners). There are NO public safety concerns that should invite any governmental interest(s) that should give rise to this MANDATORY vaccination. So for standing up for all of our liberty interests, and recognizing that government ISN'T our "Big Brother" who ALWAYS "knows what is best for us", I present to you the Family Foundation of Kentucky as the person of the week.


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "The intelligence community judges that the term 'civil war' does not adequately capture the complexity of the conflict in Iraq."
- A National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) Report, in an unclassified summary.

2) "I wish they would attack us with a nuclear bomb and kill us all so we will rest and anybody who wants the oil — which is the core of the problem — can come and get it."
- Haydar Abdul Jabbar, a witness to last Saturday's truck bombing in Baghdad, which killed 135.

3) "This budget is plunging us toward a cliff that will take us right into a chasm of debt."
- Senate Budget Committee Chair, Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), alarmed at President Bush's proposed $2.9 trillion budget.

4) "It's very humbling to think that running for President of the United States is for a kid from Brooklyn. It's quite a step."
- Rudy Giuliani, who filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC on Monday in preparation for his presidential bid.

5) "He is completely heterosexual. That is something he discovered. It was the acting-out situations where things took place. It wasn't a constant thing."
- Rev. Tim Ralph, in a jaw dropping comment about disgraced pastor Ted Haggard's completed intensive counseling since his "homosexual" outing by a male prostitute.

6) "The Western world loves liberalization, provided it doesn't affect them. But that's the case with all countries all over the world — liberalization is a great word if it doesn't affect you."
- Entrepreneur Azim Premji, India's richest man pointing out hypocrisy in the face of First World opposition to outsourcing.

7) "Providing the HPV vaccine doesn't promote sexual promiscuity any more than providing the hepatitis B vaccine promotes drug use."
- Texas Governor, Rick Perry, forgetting the concept of liberty, which our Founding Fathers fought a costly battle for, while attempting to defend his executive order MANDATING sixth-grade girls be inoculated with the HPV vaccine.

8) "Let us listen more carefully to do justice to those that our creator called the least of these my brethren."
- Magnanimous words spoken at the State of the state address. I just wish ALL will abide by them."

9) "If people didn’t think it’s an election year before the speech, they certainly do now."
- Jeff Hoover, House Minority Leader and Rep. Anne Northup's running mate, reacting to the State of the state address.

10) "The legislature is about to re-assert itself as the primary policy-making entity in state government, whether it is a Republican governor or a Democratic governor."
- Kentucky Senate President, David Williams, reacting to Gov. Fletcher's State of the state address while signaling the Legislature's intended toughness in response."

11) "Separating children from their biological families is not in the best interest of the child."
- State Rep. Tom Burch, D-Louisville, commenting on a bill he co-introduced in the Legislation, which could afford more WELCOMED protections to Kentucky parents whose children have been UNFAIRLY removed by state social workers.

12) "The forced vaccination of 9 to 12 year-old girls takes away parental rights ... [The HPV vaccination decision] should be in the hands of physicians, parents and the daughters who are having this shot."
- David Edmunds, a policy analyst with the Family Foundation, admirably objecting to the HPV vaccination bill, because it interfered with parental rights.

13) "I think they sought this kind of intelligence. They made it clear they wanted any kind of possible connections, no matter how skimpy, and they got it."
Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), reacting to a Defense Department report that says the Pentagon intentionally manipulated intelligence linking Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda.


Was pre-war Iraqi intelligence "cooked"?

yes, says a Pentagon official -- but it was legal. Read the story and/or watch the video.

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Northup to focus on "clear priorities", Laurel County GOP gives Fletcher nod.

Republican Governor candidate, Anne Northup, has promised to focus on "clear priorities" as Governor. Her first priority will be "to get control of the budget, including taking a look at the pension plan." Others include the state pension plans, math and science education deficiencies, economic development and transportation.
Meanwhile, PolWatchers is reporting that "the Laurel County Republican Party's executive committee "unanimously and enthusiastically" endorsed Gov. Ernie Fletcher's re-election bid." The press release dispatched by Warren Scoville, the county's GOP chairman, is quoted as stating: "Gov. Fletcher has brought more money into Laurel, Whitley, Knox and the surrounding counties than any governor in Kentucky's history."

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Kudos to Senators Dan Seum, Gerald Neal and The Louisville Metro Council.

Kudos to Senator Dan Seum, R-Fairdale, for filing a resolution (SJR 93) to rename the Kentucky portion of I-65 for President Abraham Lincoln. This IS a well deserved honor for the Kentucky born GREAT Emancipator. Mind you, this action will not compete, but will rather complement, the proposed actions of the Louisville Metro Council's latest UNANIMOUS vote to rename the Louisville stretch of the same Interstate for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Senator Gerald Neal's measure (SJR 16) in the Legislature to sanction the Council's actions. So call, or email to voice your support. Don't know who your Legislator is? Find him or her here.

Update: 7:27 p. m.: Thanks to all of you who have called or emailed your Legislator -- and more thanks to Senate President David Williams and Speaker Jody Richards -- the Senate has put the MLK, Jr., bill on a fast track and the House promises to do the same next week. Keep those communications coming, including urging for a similar fast track action for the Abraham Lincoln bill.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

How much is your vote worth?

No more than $50 bucks, if you live in Bath County, Kentucky!

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And on the home front ...

... AG and Democratic candidate for Governor, Greg Stumbo, reminded law enforcement they could arrest protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., who plan to protest at the funeral of 10 fire victims in Bardstown. A Federal Judge previously struck down Kentucky's funeral protest law. So while Stumbo's actions and statements that "[i]t is critical that the rights of grieving families and communities are protected," are laudable -- funeral protesting is terribly misguided and patently offensive -- one wonders if the AG is enforcing the law, unwittingly inciting civil disobedience of a Federal Judge's order or is a candidate posturing for political pander?

Update: 2/09/07, 11:43 a. m.: Here is Stumbo's opinion.

Update #2: 2:27 p. m.: Protesters drop idea of visiting Bardstown.

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And On the world stage ...

... as we learn the good news that rival Palestinian factions have signed a deal to form a unity government. This could be the deal that seals the Middle East fate and diffuses the crises that has been brewing there threatening the entire region. Could the Iraqis be the next to do the same? One can only hope!

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On the popular culture entertainment front ...

... Anna Nicole Smith, 39, whose bizarre life careened from marrying an octogenarian billionaire (she was still fighting for her share of his estate) to the untimely death of her son from drug abuse (she recently gave birth to a baby girl 5 months ago of unknown paternity), collapsed at a Florida hotel and died. The cause of death is yet undetermined, but I suspect drug abuse. And so it goes.

Update: 2/09, 1:46 p. m.: The saga of the Marilyn Monroe wanna-be, Anna Nicole, whose life and death imitated the legendary movie star's -- except for John and Bob Kennedy and the Mafia and Elton John's song, candle in the wind -- is getting a lot more bizzare. Expect more of the same, by the way!

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Billy Harper signs "no tax" pledge, vows fiscal conservatism. Will the others follow? And, can the pledge once made be kept?

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Billy Harper, today became the first candidate of either party to sign a pledge to NOT raise taxes during his tenure. Here's the press release from his campaign:

– Kentucky businessman touts credentials as fiscal conservative –

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Republican Billy Harper announced today that he has signed a pledge not to raise taxes if elected governor and said he would veto any tax increases approved by the state Legislature during his tenure. Harper also said his support for repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax and cutting unnecessary government spending as well as his real-world experience as an entrepreneur and business owner position him as the true fiscal conservative in the GOP primary. "As a Kentucky businessman, I’ve created hundreds of jobs, met multi-million dollar payrolls and balanced multi-million dollar budgets time and again," Harper said. "Others in this race have only talked about these things." To read more, visit the Harper website.
The questions now are: will the other candidates follow Harper on this now blazed pathway to victory and more importantly, will they KEEP the "no tax" pledge once elected?

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anne Northup hires new campaign manager.

The Anne Northup/Jeff Hoover gubernatorial campaign has hired a new manager. He is Michael Clingaman, the former executive director of the state GOP. He replaces Cam Savage who resigned this week citing personal reasons.

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Black History Month: Resolve to fight REAL racism in Kentucky and EVERYWHERE.

I am not one to get overly excited about Black History Month (but here are some unsung heroes). Don't get me wrong, I think it is important to celebrate and teach others about the achievement of Blacks. However, I just don't believe that the history of one race and the contributions made by that race of people to the "formation of a more perfect union where justice is established and all men are created equal" should be compressed in, and relegated to, one month (the shortest one of them at that!). One does not have to be Einstein to observe the bee-hive like activities to celebrate the month of February as Black History Month. Then afterwards, Blacks are back to being relegated to obscurity for the next 11 months -- until February rolls around again for another "celebration". So enough with the charade already. Let's resolve now to celebrate Black (and other race's) history EVERY day of EVERY month of EVERY year. Then we can reserve the energy spent for Black History Month to fight the REAL reason Blacks face a lot of obstacles in our society: REAL racism that has continued to maintain a life threatening stranglehold on many of us, both here in Kentucky (as in EVERYWHERE), such as is described here by Karen Smith.

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With all that has gone wrong in Iraq ...

... nothing will boggle the mind more than the fraud that seems to run rampant in the way American taxpayer money has been misused and unaccounted for in Iraq. I am not just referring to no-bid harliburton contracts. I am talking about money having the amazing genetic ability to walk. The dam is about to burst, so to speak, as the Democratic Congress is threatening to hold hearings into what happened to about $12 billion that's been alleged to be missing. And today we learn of the indictments of five Army officers and civilians for taking Iraq reconstruction kickbacks. I believe more of the same to come as these events could easily portend another Jack Abramoff headache for many. Stay tuned.

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News release: Gatewood for Governor.

I forgot to post this news release from Gatewood Galbraith for Governor campaign. My apologies:

Step Up, Kentucky!


[February 6, 2007 - Lexington, Kentucky] – Gatewood Galbraith and Mark Wireman, candidates for the Democratic nomination for Governor in this May’s Primary, announced their Eastern Kentucky media tour today and issued a challenge to their opponents to reveal how they would seek to cure Kentucky’s problems without an increase in tax revenue and with the repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax. "All our opponents are talking about gambling and what they would do with the new money. That is pure conjecture at this point and we must construct programs that will address Kentucky’s problems without being dependent on passing gambling legislation or the continuation of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Our proposals for lifting Kentucky from poverty and illiteracy have been endorsed by former Governor Brereton Jones, who said that every Kentuckian should read Gatewood’s autobiography The Last Free Man In America before they vote in this election. "Gatewood’s book is one of the finest statements on behalf of the Democratic Party and whether he wins the Primary or not, whoever wins, would serve the state well by advancing his solutions,’" said Governor Jones. Galbraith said his solutions such as the "Commonwealth Incentive", whereby each high school graduate in Kentucky would receive a $5,000 for books, tuition and fees at any institution of higher learning in Kentucky, would not cost one penny of additional taxes. "In 1991, we spent 68% of the state’s budget on education. Today it is 60%. We are de-funding education at the very time we should be increasing it by restoring funding that has been stripped away for other projects." "And as to the gaming issue, let me be clear," said Galbraith. "We believe the issue of gaming should be presented to the citizens by referendum. If they do not want it, fine. If they do want gaming and it produces new revenues, we believe that money should go to bolster education, remove the automobile property tax and improve the environment. If it passes, we want to center such enterprises at the race tracks to preserve their existence. We do not want slot machines at the 7-11s. "Finally," said Galbraith, "we believe we will have the vote of every Democrat who voted for Ben Chandler in the ’03 Primary. Ben was seen as the reform element in the Democrat’s Party and garnered 53% of the vote. The majority of Democrats in Kentucky want the party to reform and we are the candidates of reform in this election. Our opponents are the face of the old Democrats who were defeated by the Republicans in ’03. We cannot afford to resurrect the Party in its old image. It needs a new face and the Galbraith/Wireman ticket is a winner."

Eastern Kentucky Media Tour, Thursday, February 8th,, Schedule:
9:00 AM – Old Country Inn, Jetts Shopping Center, Hwy 15, Jackson, Kentucky
11:30 AM – Ponderosa, 308 Morton Boulevard, Hazard, Kentucky
1:30 PM – Jenny Wiley State Park, 75 Theatre Court, Prestonsburg, Kentucky
5:30 PM – Ponderosa, 711 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Ashland, Kentucky

For information contact:
Reply to:
On the WEB @:
Office Phone: 859-259-1522 or 859-433-3567 Fax: 859-281-1386
Paid for by Gatewood for Governor

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Merit system investigations persist ...

... as Dan Druen, the former Transportation Cabinet's personnel official and the alleged author and keeper of the "hit list" is ordered to appear as a witness in Sam Beverage, State Highway Engineer's perjury trial.

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Fletcher's State of Our State Address.

Yesterday Gov. Fletcher gave his State of the State address. In the address (watch it here), the Gov. requested the Legislature to fund projects he previously vetoed and made many suggestions as to how the projected "surplus" is to be spent. Some of the proposed expenditures can be found here. You can also read the .pdf text of the speech, listen to it on your player, or read the H-L, the C-J, the AP wire, the NKY Enquirer, and others. The speech was met with mixed reviews, particularly from legislative leaders. House Speaker Jody Richards, Fletcher's Democratic opponent, said the speech had "political overtones", though he found nothing unreasonable about it, while restating a need for $200 million for teacher pay and questioning the wisdom of going down the "slippery slope" of opening up a budget in a non budget session. Senate President, David Williams, meanwhile wants to "establish in the Senate, [with House support], the discipline to ... stay on the biennial budget", promising that the legislature "is about to re-assert itself as the primary policy-making entity in state government, whether it is a Republican governor or a Democratic governor."
As for me, I am particularly supportive of some of the proposed funding, assuming the "surplus" will be there when we need it, like putting a lot of the money in the 'rainy day fund" (since we can't return it to taxpayers in some form), exempting the military from taxes, student financial aid, teacher incentive pay, shoring up the retirement system and paying for the HPV vaccines for some. I am also very happy to hear the Gov. urge making the HPV vaccination voluntary. That's a good idea, indeed. House Judiciary Committee Chair, Kathy Stein, has introduced a bad bill (HB 143) to make it mandatory. So call or email your state Representative and demand the Gov.'s good idea instead. Don't know who your legislator is? Click here.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy birthday to "the Gipper" ...

... undoubtedly, one of our greatest Presidents (Abraham Lincoln is the greatest) and one who found out, according to him, that "politics is the second oldest profession [which] bears a striking resemblance to the first"!

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Astronaut puts training to use, wears diapers to "attempt murder".

Navy captain Lisa Marie Nowak, who flew her first shuttle mission as a mission specialist aboard Discovery in July, is charged with attempted murder for trying to kill Collen Shipman, another Engineer involved "in a love triangle" with her and another Astronaut and Navy commander, Bill Oefelein. Nowak is said to have driven almost 1,000 miles (for 14 hours) from Houston, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, to confront Shipman while wearing a diaper -- Astronauts wear what NASA calls maximum-absorbency garments to collect their waste during space travel -- so that she wouldn't have to stop for bathroom breaks. Talk about putting one's training to some (bad) use.

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Rudy Guiliani files papers: Is he the Republican Presidential frontrunner?

All indications are that he is, even before he announces that he is running for President. And if he chooses Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas as his Vice Presidential running mate, then he'll have a very strong ticket going into the Presidential primary next spring -- unless something really bad (politically) happens.

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In an update to my earlier post ...

... the State of "Virginia finally shows contrition for slavery." Will the other offending states follow?

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Legislature convenes, state of the state address tonight, etc.

The state Legislature reconvenes today for a 90 day session. Many bills have been pre-filled including several good ones dealing with adoption reform, repealing the Alternative minimum calculation, military tax break, teacher pay bonuses, voyeurism, etc., and one particularly bad one mandating HPV vaccine for girls (I shall have more on this later). The State of the State address is tonight, 7 p. m. (EST). Click here to watch the address live from your computer. It will also be carried live on KET and satellite, with the following coordinates via satellite: Satellite - AMC 02, Transponder - 02 (KU Analog), Orbital Slot - 850 West Longitude, Down Link Freq. - 11740 (H), 6:45 - 7:00 (ET) Test, 7:00 - 8:00 (ET) Program. The Gov. is expected to ask the Legislature to use $50 million of the anticipated "surplus" to shore up the public retirement account. His opponent, Billy Harper, plans Education Day activities tomorrow, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at an event at 2 p.m. at Thorn Hill Learning Center.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

"It is not too late to right these wrongs."

It is not too late to right these wrongs.

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Shuffling" Bears take on "Galloping" Colts in historic Superbowl.

Like millions of you out there, I, too, will be watching (and enjoying) history been made as two African Americans (Blacks, if you will) coach their respective teams at today's Super bowl. Coach Lovie Smith will pit his "shuffling" Bears, with their tenacious defense, against Coach Tony Lundy and his "galloping", offense minded, Colts. It is not quite as important to me who wins or which team emerges victorious, as it is for me (and many others) to witness the event itself. My prediction, anyway? If the Bears can get to the Colts QB, Peyton "Place" Manning, and give him enough "Bear hugs" to throw him off his rhythm, the Bears will win. If not, it's "lights out" for the Bears and "hello, champs" for the Colts. There you have it.

Update, 9:25 p. m.: Just as I surmised. With QB Peyton Manning suffering ONLY one "Bear hug", it was "lights out" for the Bears as I say "hello, champs" to the Colts. Congratulations to both teams and their coaches for making history in 2007! On a related point, Prince did not make me "party like it's 1999," but his "purple rain" proved appropriate for the rainy event. What a . Of course, you can't have a Super Bowl without having Super Bowl commercials. My favorites are: Tied for first place is the Coke commercial (recognizing several African American (Black) milestones, with a coke bottle showing on the side. Class act.) and the Doritos commercial (showing African Americans (Blacks) enjoying the game and the voice over saying that "it matters we're here", or something like that. Another class act). Third place is the Kevin Federline (Brittany Spears' husband) commercial for Nationwide's "life comes at you fast... ." Honorable mention goes to the "is this your daddy?" sports commercial. I'll try to post the commercials later.

Update #2: Here are the Super Bowl ads.

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Mittt Romney: Sincere, Flip Flopper or Political Opportunist?

Ellen Goodman of the Washington Post Writers Group pens an interesting column that expresses my concerns (and the concerns of many non-RINO conservatives) about the new darling of the Republican Party, presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who was the Keynote Speaker at the state Lincoln Day dinner last night. The question that needs to be answered, I think, is whether Gov. Mitt Romney is now sincere about his conservative beliefs, is a flip flopper in the mold of John Kerry and others or is worse and his epiphany on conservative issues is a direct result of political opportunism?

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bush extends "olive branch" to Democrats.

President Bush yesterday addressed Democrats at their winter convention for the first time since 2001. In extending an "olive branch" to them, Bush tells Democrats that he believes in their patriotism (including those who oppose the war?) Bush also stated that "the Maliki government [in Iraq] is going to have to show strong leadership ... [and that] ... there's benchmarks that they have got to achieve." "I look forward to working with you," he said to the Democrats. "I know you've probably heard that and doubt whether it's true. It's true." Bush has also promised a plan to balance the budget by 2012 -- after presiding over record deficits and tax cuts -- and tentatively agreed to increasing the federal minimum wage. Whether or not the Democrats accept Bush's "olive branch" or how long the peace overture lasts remains to be seen. What ought to be accepted by both sides and seen by the public is a bipartisanship that advances a moderately conservative people's agenda in Congress.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

More J. E.'s back Fletcher, Northup "peels" one away & Harper says he's "change agent".

The political news today on the Republican side, according to Polwatchers, is that more County Judge Executives endorsed Fletcher's campaign. They are: Estill County Judge Wallace Taylor, Bell County Judge Albey Brock, Fleming County Judge Larry Foxworthy, Johnson County Judge Tucker Daniel, Lee County Judge Steve Mays, Morgan County Judge Tim Conley, Knox County Judge J. M. Hall and Knott County Judge Randy Thompson. Also Northup reiterated her comments that Fletcher cannot be re-elected while she "Peel"ed a Barry from WKYT-TV in Lexington. And Harper's "Groundhog day" finds him claim "I'm the agent of change".
On the national level, we learn that Congressmen Hal Rogers of Somerset, Ron Lewis of Cecilia, and Ed Whitfield of Hopkinsville, have endorsed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential bid.

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Richards "Lapp"s it up, Miller worries about retirement accounts & Beshear wants minimum wage raise.

The political news from the Democrats, according to PolWatchers, is that the Richards/Brown ticket appears likely to hire a veteran as their media guy. His name is John Peel. He has a good track record and is currently also working with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's presidential campaign. Johnathan Miller's ticket is worried about retirement accounts' insolvency, while Steve Beshear's ticket wants Kentucky to pre-empt the Federal Govt. and raise the minimum wage -- a moot issue since it is a Congressional issue and the Senate has just acted to do just that yesterday.

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Person(s) for the week: Candidates for elections.

The person(s) for the week are all candidates who have volunteered their time, energy and whatever else it takes to run for offices this year in Kentucky. The ENTIRE field of candidates is represented here by the Governor candidates represented above.


Quote(s) for the week.

1) "They've got everyone in the race except a ball juggler and an elephant trainer."
- Lt. Governor, Steve Pence, who declined to run for public office this year, describing the crowded Democratic field for Governor.

2) "It's almost too easy to be a terrorist these days. You stick a box on a corner and you can shut down a city".
- Jennifer Mason, 26, a fan of the show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", whose promoters shut down parts of Boston on Wednesday after placing 38 blinking signs throughout the city.

3) "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man."
- Senator Joe Biden (D-De), publicly exposing his ignorance, while describing fellow Senator Barack Obama (D-Il.).

4) "I told him I take a bath every day."
- Rev. Al Sharpton, on his conversation with Senator Joe Biden (D-Del.) after Biden's description of Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

5) "We said all along if there was a situation where it would become more difficult for him, then it would be time."
- Roy Jackson, the owner of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro, on the decision to euthanize the horse eight months after it was injured in competition.

6) "I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sisters' private personal belongings for commercial gain."
- Paris Hilton, the shameless heiress, taking issue with others (and filing suit against the owners of the website, for doing what she does so shamefully well: exploiting the media for her commercial gain.

7) "I would suggest respectfully to the President that he is not the sole decider."
- Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), responding to President Bush's remark that he is the "Sole decider" on Iraq, during a Tuesday hearing on Congress's war powers.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Northup commissioned poll has her and Fletcher tied, Harper a distant third.

The Anne Northup/Jeff Hoover ticket has commissioned a poll to gauge the ticket's matchup against Gov. Fletcher in the primary election and against two potential Democratic ticket winners in the fall general election. Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies, who conducted the statewide poll of 500 likely primary voters on Jan. 28-29, 2007 (with an error rate of +_4.38% of 95 out of 100 cases), has both Anne Northup and Gov. Fletcher tied at 39%, Billy Harper at 10%, and 12% of voters undecided. In a similar poll conducted on Jan. 29-30 for the general election, according to Bolger, the following margins appeared (with Northup within the margin of error):

(The first column is the GOP, Dem is next, then Margin).

Northup-Hoover vs. Richards-Brown 39% 45% -6%
Fletcher-Rudolph vs. Richards-Brown 32% 53% -21%
Northup-Hoover vs. Lunsford-Stumbo 40% 45% -5%
Fletcher-Rudolph vs. Lunsford-Stumbo 36% 50% -14%

I consider the absence of other Democratic tickets in the poll results to mean that the Richards/Brown is shown by the poll results to be the Democrat's STRONGEST ticket now -- as I predicted here in my blog post: Richards follows Henry and Galbraith into race. Jody Richards is the only candidate I described as "strong" in the Democratic field -- (and to my surprise the Lunsford/Stumbo ticket the second). Or could the released information be hiding some strengths of the other tickets, though it is highly unlikely? I shall post the results of any other candidate's (for Governor only) polls as soon as those become available. Stay tuned.

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Fletcher announces anti-drug initiatives.

As a person who decries the devastation that drug use and abuse wrecks on families, I am happy to see the Gov. unveil these anti-drug abuse initiatives. Here's the release which I am posting in its entirety:


Drug Interdiction Initiative, Asset Forfeiture, Secret Compartment, Electronic Pseudoephedrine Log Monitoring, Enhanced Internet Pharmacy Legislation and Pre-Trial Drug Diversion highlight the drug abuse plan

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Governor Ernie Fletcher today announced an aggressive substance-abuse initiative involving a balance of law enforcement, treatment and prevention-education. The Governor has proposed a broad range of legislation and substance-abuse plans which will continue to tackle the drug problem in Kentucky. "Removing drugs from our communities is one of the top priorities of our administration," said Governor Fletcher. "Drug trafficking is one of the greatest concerns of our citizens. I will continue to support and exhaust all efforts to make considerable strides to become a model for other states in this effort. We will not tolerate illegal use of drugs in the Commonwealth." "In the past, people in drug prevention, treatment and law enforcement did not communicate and work together. Now, Kentucky has a balanced attack which has begun to reduce the drug trafficking and substance abuse," said Sen. Robert Stivers (R-Manchester). "These important initiatives will allow us to continue the cooperation and coordination between federal, state and local agencies and share drug and national security intelligence to make a larger impact on violent crime and the availability of illegal drugs in Kentucky." "I want to implement a more aggressive and effective response to the drug problem in Kentucky, and one way to do this is by allowing nonviolent drug offenders to receive treatment before they hit the prison door," said Sen. Dan Kelly (R-Springfield), the Senate majority floor leader. "Senate Bill 34 will provide an emphasis on treatment and diversion instead of incarceration, which is part of the overall movement and attitude this administration has taken. We owe it to our citizens." "With additional resources, the Drug Interdiction plan can make a difference in intercepting drugs, apprehending those who traffic, and keeping a significant volume of drugs from reaching our citizens and being transported through our state," said Gen. Norman E. Arflack, secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. "Expanded financial support, additional staffing, training and equipment will make an even bigger impact on removing drugs on highways and from common carriers." The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the Office of Attorney General also have worked together to enhance Internet pharmacy legislation. The practice of distributing dangerous narcotics over the Internet has become a nationwide problem. Kentucky was one of the first states to address the issue with the passage of Senate Bill 63 in 2005. This legislation was an excellent start at dealing with the problem, however improvements are needed. "The Internet has a dark side,” said Attorney General Greg Stumbo. "We have learned this lesson well as we develop rapid responses to emerging criminal threats. This enhanced Internet Pharmacy legislation advances our shared goal to protect Kentuckians from these threats and the ravages of drug abuse." The substance abuse initiative will include: drug interdiction plan, asset forfeiture revisions (sponsored by Senator Stivers), secret compartment legislation (sponsored by Senator Stivers), pre-trial drug diversion bill (sponsored by Senator Kelly), enhanced Internet pharmacy legislation (sponsored by Senator Stivers), electronic monitoring of pseudoephedrine purchases (sponsored by Senator Stivers).

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A welcome first step in the recovery process.

In EVERY recovery process, be it for alcohol, drugs or whatever, I am told the first step is an admission of guilt and an acceptance of responsibility for one's actions. So this is a welcome first step.

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Exxon Mobil continues lead in fleecing consumers.

The Oil behemoth, Exxon Mobil Corp., continues to lead the pack in fleecing hapless consumers. On Thursday the company posted (again) the largest annual profit by a U.S. company - $39.5 billion for 2006! Read it here. This 2006 profit topped its previous record of $36.13 billion set in 2005. The company has also set records in the past previous years. Makes you feel warm all over doesn't it?