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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is STARS the answer to No Child Left Behind?

Nebraska thinks so.


Oxycontin sends Actress Lindsey Lohan to ANOTHER rehab?

According to E!News, the Actress Lindsey Lohan is rehabbing AGAIN, this time her dad reveals that the problem is NOT just alcohol, but the POWERFUL and ADDICTIVE pain KILLER drug, Oxycontin. So SAD. I wonder how pervasive and utterly DESTRUCTIVE this drug has been for many families, both Holly-wierd and normal. Any thoughts?

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Does this photo look REAL to you or is it a CLEAR hoax?

By now you should have seen the above picture of "Monster Hog", a hog larger than "Hogzilla" which another hunter supposedly killed in Georgia in 2004. "Monster Hog" was allegedly killed by 11 year old Jamison Stone from Delta, Alabama on May 3, 2007. The Wild Hog is claimed to weigh a staggering 1,051 pounds and measured 9-feet-4 from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail!

Aside from the mass hysteria surrounding the fact that all of a sudden we have all these suspicious wild hogs that are larger than life roaming around undetected for decades -- would it not take that long for something to grow this BIG? -- does "Monster Hog's" picture not look "doctored" to you? Tell us what you think. Weird!

Update: Hog may have been a real domesticated one after all, and NOT wild as claimed.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shock your neighbor -- especially if your neighbor is an Illegal Alien!

Feel free to shock your neighbors -- especially if they are ILLEGAL Aliens -- and wear this U. S. Border Patrol cap. Ask me how!

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If you demand LEGAL immigration, then you are a BIGOT ...

... so says South Carolina U. S. Senator, Lindsey Graham, and I GREATLY RESENT it. How about you? I guess Republicans like Lindsey Graham are for law and order UNTIL it's election time and they start pandering for votes!

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REAL Conservatives cheer as a Fred Thompson candidacy is expected.

To those of us REAL Conservatives, who have been full of anticipation and nail biting expectation of a Fred Thompson presidential run, we can be of good cheer. The weekend of celebrating our nation's independence with fireworks and merry making, July 4th, will CERTAINLY herald our celebration of our independence from FAKE Conservatives. The merry making and fireworks will surround former Tennessee U. S. Senator, Fred Thompson's announcement that he is a candidate for the presidency. Read the breaking news story.

FYI Update: For those of you who are interested in Sen. Fred Thompson's voting record in the U. S. Senate, view key votes and discussion, including the American Conservative Union's approval ratings for all those in Congress vying for the presidency (86% lifetime approval for Thompson; Clinton 9% and Obama 8%)!

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Anti-war activist, Cindy Sheehan, calls it quits, Mitt Romney offers to donate Prez. paycheck , as Obama teases with universal health care.

You can read Sheehan's statement here, as "she ran" --pun intended -- home to California.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney says he will donate his Presidential paycheck to charity -- if he's elected, and Barack Obama offers his universal health care plans.

Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

President Bush BELATEDLY tags DAFUR a "GENOCIDE".

President Bush has BELATEDLY tagged the slaughter in the DAFUR region of Sudan a "genocide" -- AFTER more than 200,000 people had been massacred, women indiscriminately gang raped, and more than 2 million people displaced from their homes and banished. I guess it's NEVER too late to do what's right and right wrongs!

The Bush administration has also set up sanctions against the Sudanese government, in order to get the government to see reason.

Though the sanctions are a first start, they have obviously gotten the attention of the Sudanese because I heard that government's special envoy to the U. S. complain that his government needs incentives -- yep, you heard that right, INCENTIVES, rather than punishment by way of sanctions.

INCENTIVES? In order to STOP killing INNOCENT men, women and children? That "takes the cake", folks!

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Monday, May 28, 2007

On this our Memorial Day: Remember.

On this our Memorial Day, please remember those of us who gave "the last measure of devotion" to the cause of which our country has been engaged in. May their souls Rest In Peace!


Bill wanted to divorce Hillary for the other woman ...

... no NOT Monica or any of the other MANY women in his life, but marketing executive Marilyn Jo Jenkins. This and how Hillary talked him out of it, and many other Clinton stories, are the subjects of NOT one -- but two -- books out this week that paint unflattering potraits of the Clintons from their Arkansas days to now. One of the books is "A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton," by Carl Bernstein of the Nixon Watergate fame; and the other is "Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton," by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr.

I can't wait for their releases, can you?

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

What is your opinion of the RPK Unity rally?

Please share with us your opinion of today's RPK Unity rally. Who you saw there and who was CONSPICUOUSLY absent. What you heard that you liked, didn't like or hear. Just ANYTHING you want to discuss about the rally.

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) union seeks to unionize Toyota.

No Foreign auto manufacturer has successfully been unionized by the UAW, but that's NOT stopping attempts to target Toyota Motor Company at its Georgetown Kentucky plant, where an average worker makes $25.00 an hour. Toyota is also building another factory in Mississippi, where Toyota plans to pay workers about $20 an hour in a region where many people earn $12 to $13 an hour.

Is this a WISE move or BAD Karma?


Friday, May 25, 2007

New SURVEYUSA polls are out on Fletcher vs. Beshear, McConnell, Bunning and Fletcher alone.

The latest and New SURVEYUSA poll results are out. This first one pits Ernie Fletcher against Steve Beshear. It was taken after the primary (of course) with data collected between 5/23 and 5/24.

The poll has Fletcher at 34% and Beshear at 62%, with ONLY 4% undecided. View the poll results.

As you can see from the polls, Beshear greatly out paces Fletcher with EVERY group, except for Hispanics. 12% of Democrats and 10% of Liberals plan to vote for Fletcher while 36% of Republicans and 35% of Conservatives will vote for Beshear.

Fletcher doesn't fare well in any of Kentucky's geographic regions, where 2/3rds (or 67%) of the voters do NOT plan to vote for him.

And even more telling is the fact that 20% of those who voted for him in the primary do NOT plan on voting for him in the general election, compared to only 2% of Beshear voters who will not vote for Beshear.

And 40% of those who skipped the primary will vote for Fletcher, while 52% will vote for Beshear.

With gambling as an issue, 64% who want gambling will support Beshear, while 54% of those who do NOT want gambling will STILL vote for him!

Also, so much for party unity, as half of all those who voted for Fletcher's opponents (Anne Northup and Billy Harper) do NOT plan to vote for Fletcher in the general election, unlike roughly 8% of Beshear's opponents' voters who plan NOT to vote for him.

Here are the poll results (date was collected between 5/11 and 5/13 and released on 5/24), for the approval ratings for the Senators, and for Fletcher (whose approval rating poll was released on 5/17):

Senator Mitch McConnell; 54% Approval, 39% Disapprove and 7% are unsure. More SIGNIFICANT for McConnell is that 71% of Republicans and 72% of Conservatives approve of the job he's doing! That should quell any rumors about him drawing a primary opponent.

Senator Jim Bunning; 47% Approval, 43% Disapproval, and 10% are unsure. Despite what you hear out there in the political world, Senator Jim Bunning enjoys a HEALTHY 58% nod from Republicans and 61% from Conservatives. No rumors about any primary challenger(s) any more.

You can view the Senators' poll, if you care for further analysis.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher; 38% Approval, 58% Disapproval and 4% are unsure. Fletcher enjoys a HEALTHY 53% nod from Republicans and 56% from Conservatives, but Democrats (as expected) deny him the nod at 72%. The down side is that Moderates also deny him the nod at 68%. You can view the poll results for further analysis.

With the election about 160 days away, can Fletcher recover?

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Person(s) for the week: Ernie Fletcher.

In 1897, when the author Mark Twain was in London, a rumor reached the Editor of the New York Journal that Mark Twain had died. Reacting to the news, the Editor immediately wired his London correspondent saying: "HEAR MARK TWAIN DIED, SEND 1000 WORDS."

The correspondent, in a bid to confirm or deny the information, met with and subsequently showed the telegram to Twain, who wired back this message to the Editor: "REPORT OF MY DEATH GREATLY EXAGGERATED."

So our Person for the week is someone whose political "death had been greatly exaggerated" -- at least in the Republican Primary.

His name? Gov. Ernie Fletcher.

Honorable mention goes to President Bush, who, yesterday, scored a political victory by co-opting the anti-war Democrats into passing the Iraq war funding bill he demanded, without the nauseating withdrawal time table.


Quote(s) for the week (immigration special).

I decided to make this week's quotes for the week Kentucky special, in honor of our elections this week, but in view of the immigration amnesty debate I can't resist posting these two:

1) "I promised the President today that I wouldn’t say anything bad about... this piece of s**t bill."
- Rep. John Boehner, House Minority Leader, on so called "compromise".

2) "Naturally I hope the new immigration bill fails. It is less a bill than a big dirty ball of mischief, malfeasance and mendacity, with a touch of class malice, and it’s being pushed by a White House that is at once cynical and inept. The bill’s Capitol Hill supporters have a great vain popinjay’s pride in their own higher compassion. They are inclusive and you’re not, you cur, you gun-totin’ truckdriver’s-hat-wearin’ yahoo. It’s all so complex, and you’d understand this if you weren’t sort of dumb."
- Peggy Noonan, who needs NO further introduction.


Quote(s) for the week (Kentucky primary election special edition).

1) "I will tell you I didn't see this coming."
- Jody Richards, on the election results where he place fourth out of six person race.

2) "People now recognize that we're going to be a major player in the Democratic Party."
- Gatewood Galbraith, who came in fifth, with 6% of the total vote cast.

3) "Well, I guess we've answered the electability question,"
- Ernie Fletcher, on his 50% primary win margin in the three way race.

4) "We've got a divided Republican Party and anyone who suggests otherwise is disingenuous and being untruthful."
- Jack Richardson IV, the Jefferson County Republican Party chairman, on the Republican Party primary election.

5) "He's not as great a politician while he governs, but when the campaign starts, he becomes a great political operative. He's just a great candidate. People like him."
- Republican Senate President David Williams of Burkesville.

6) "The combination of a mild primary and four years of not having influence in Frankfort will unite the activist Democrats."
- Former Kentucky Governor, Paul Patton.

7) "It looks like hard-core Democrats took me to the woodshed for supporting Ernie four years ago."
- Bruce Lunsford stating the obvious.

8) "I am a little disappointed with Jefferson County, as much as I've laid my life out for this community."
- Steve Henry, "grousing, immodestly".

9) "We're ready to make sure that tomorrow our party is stronger every day than it was in the past, and we look forward to being a team again."
- Anne Northup, to her supporters while conceding the election.

10) "There's nothing that's wrong with Kentucky politics that can't be fixed by what's right about it."
- Mark Nicholas, Blogger, in a farewell speech announcing his move to Montana.

There they are. I may have missed one or two memorable quotes this week, so let me know what I missed and I may update this post -- with your suggested quotes.


Mark Nicholas, Blogger, announces his relocation to Montana.

I was NOT one of the recipients of Mark Nicholas' emails announcing that he has decided to leave Kentucky and move to Montana, but you can read his farewell post. As a fellow Blogger, I wish him well and his blog site much of what he wants to make of it.

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James Holsinger, new U. S. Surgeon General nominee, makes Kentucky proud.

President Bush has announced the appointment of Dr. James W. Holsinger Jr., a man with exemplary public and private life, and a University of Kentucky medical professor and former university and state administrator of the Cabinet for Health and Human Services, as the country's 18th Surgeon General. His appointment is subject to a certain Senate confirmation.
Dr. Holsinger makes Kentucky proud, and we wish him well in his new position.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Common-sense prevails as Congress approves Iraq war funding w/o a withdrawal timetable.

Though it looked like foolhardiness will continue to prevail in Congress, it was NOT to be, as the Iraq war funding bill is approved without it being "pork-laden" and revealing to our enemies a timetable for us quitting in Iraq. Now that's BETTER, even with Murtha, Clinton and Obama's votes included.

Update: President Bush has signed the new Iraq war funding bill.

Now let's get to funding the troops, instead of playing politics with their welfare!

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What's WRONG with Congress' immigration bill you ask?

Ever wonder what's WRONG with Congress' immigration bill? Find out here.

While I CANNOT speak for anyone else, as a LEGAL immigrant, I RESENT the notion that people like me who oppose amnesty are anti-immigrant. I am simply anti-ILLEGAL immigration. If we are NOT going to enforce our immigration laws, then let's make it fair: let's remove the laws from the books and inform the world that EVERYONE is welcomed -- NOT just those from countries that border the USA, which geographical location make it EASIER for them to swim or trek to here!

Moreover, it's NOT like we haven't heard of immigration reform before. Remember, 1965, 1986? Or, 1997?

Just ask Senator Teddy Kennedy, the Chief Architect of various immigration bills, including this latest one. here are his own words to haunt him:

In 1965: "The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs."

In 1986: "This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this."


In 2007: "Now it is time for action. 2007 is the year we must fix our broken system."

You can sit there and believe him; I won't. Enough already.

It's your turn.

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ADVANTAGES to Fletcher: Five reasons why Fletcher won and others didn't.

Here are my thoughts on why Fletcher won and the others didn't:

1) Power of incumbency (and the perks of the office -- like the power to make appointments, deliver money, represent the commonwealth and appear (FREE publicity) at events and generate news -- that come with it. Fletcher is just a beneficiary of this and is NOT to be blamed for taking due advantage thereof. Others before him have and others after him will. ADVANTAGE Fletcher.

2) Effective campaign. Fletcher ran a VERY effective campaign. He sent mail-outs touting his accomplishments (his opponents didn't send any, not even one contesting his stated accomplishments. For those who prefer personal contact and who had no other means of gathering candidate information, this proved BIG); and, his TV commercials, which suggested that Anne Northup was both against guns (which gave the impression that she was soft on crime, though in reality she received an A rating from the National Rifle Association) and school prayer (which gave the impression that she was a "Godless" Liberal, though she voted for school prayer 12 other times and had an A rating from the Christian Coalition) were NEVER EFFECTIVELY rebutted. Instead the ads had Northup going on the defensive, rather than point out these POSITIVES! Both of these issues are VERY STRONG CONSERVATIVE Republican Primary issues that Fletcher masterfully exploited against Northup. ADVANTAGE Fletcher.

3) The anti-Greg Stumbo FEVERISH resentment amongst the GOP. Unbeknown to many Republicans, count some of our federal delegation here, there was a HUGE anti-Stumbo sentiment out there that reached a feverish pitch. Many people confessed to me that they did NOT want to give Stumbo the satisfaction of knowing that he helped defeat Fletcher, and they prevailed. So Fletcher can thank Stumbo on this issue. Ironically, Tuesday's election left Greg Stumbo "out in the cold", politically speaking. ADVANTAGE Fletcher.

4) Liberal newspaper endorsement. Continuing their track record, the Liberal newspapers, the Louisville Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader, are viewed with suspicion by the hard core GOP Conservatives who are primary voters. Once a Conservative is endorsed by those two newspapers, as Anne Northup was, Conservatives vote AGAINST that candidate. So Anne Northup (and Tim Coleman, for Attorney General (who was also endorsed by the Herald-Leader) lost. ADVANTAGE FLETCHER.

5) Name recognition. Fletcher CLEARLY had the advantage here. As Governor and former candidate, he had SOLID STATEWIDE name recognition. Though some of it wasn't so good, thanks to the news media, as Northup tried to exploit to urge for a change in administration, it was there. Some advantage to Northup resulted from this name disadvantage, but Northup's recognition was SOLID in Louisville, but very LIMITED elsewhere. She succeeded in building some name recognition, but it was not enough to overcome Fletcher's. Harper, on the other hand, fared even WORSE and attempts to "buy" name recognition proved WOEFUL, primarily because he started spending FREELY before anyone paid attention to the race. When voters finally payed attention, all they heard was about his race car. ADVANTAGE Fletcher.

What do you think?

Update: As I was writing this piece, I went to check my mail and you would NOT guess what I found. Two mail-outs from the Northup campaingn that came to me a FULL day AFTER the polls had closed. I wonder how many others received theirs BELATEDLY too!!

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Events lined up in his favor: Five reasons why Beshear won and others didn't.

Here are my observations on why Beshear won and his opponents didn't:

1) "Squeaky clean" image, as compared to many of the others, except (Miller, who "lost" because he was viewed as too young), (Jody, who was bogged down in the Legislature and started late with his campaign, and is viewed (rightfully or wrongfully) as being too "wishy-washy"), (Gatewood, who cannot overcome the "hemp" stamp), and (Hemsley, who cannot leave the bull.... alone);

2) Senator Dan Mongiardo;

3) Gambling -- people may not admit it OPENLY, but gambling appears to be a REAL sell;

4) Newspaper endorsements: Unlike in the Republican Primary (another post), Democrats appreciate -- and vote according to -- the Louisville Courier-Journal's and Lexington Herald-Leader's endorsements. Other newspapers' endorsements (from the Kentucky Post and others in heavily Democratic areas) are like political "gravy" on any candidate's political "fried pork chops", and so they were for Steve Beshear;

5)(a) Johnathan Miller's dropping out and subsequent endorsement, plus Berenton Jones' endorsement, too; and,

5)(b) An overwhelming desire from the Democrats to avoid a runoff with Bruce Lunsford in the race.

Any thoughts?

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So you think the HPV vaccine is SAFE? Well think AGAIN!

During the protracted legislative fight to prevent the use of our daughters as guinea pigs for the medical experiment been conducted by drug pusher/manufacturer of the HPV Gardasil vaccine, Merck, we, the opposition, were called all kinds of names and were accused of preventing our daughters from receiving the benefits of the so-called "wonder drug". Now we know that we were right and they were WRONG. It turns out that three deaths are already traced to the "wonder drug", HPV vaccine. Read the report. Aren't you glad I, and others, fought the legislature and Merck's lobbying power on this issue, for our daughters' health and safety?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anne Coulter decries immigration, "the left's new form of slavery".

Anne Coulter, the smart blond and pretty fire brand Conservative Columnist, -- did you know she has a PH.D? -- has a new take on the immigration debate, particularly its amnesty provisions. You should read it here. But let me provide you with this excerpt:
Something tells me the immigration debate would be different if we were importing millions of politicians or Hollywood agents. You lose your job, while I keep my job at the Endeavor agency, my Senate seat, my professorship, my editorial position or my presidency. (And I get a maid!)
The only beneficiaries of these famed hardworking immigrants -- unlike you lazy Americans -- are the wealthy, who want the cheap labor while making the rest of us chip in for the immigrants' schooling, food and health care.
Liberals love to strike generous, humanitarian poses with other people's lives.
We fought a civil war to force Democrats to give up on slavery 150 years ago. They've become so desperate for servants that now they're importing an underclass to wash their clothes and pick their vegetables. This vast class of unskilled immigrants is the left's new form of slavery.

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Steve Beshear makes first decision of race: shoo-shoos off Lundergan for Miller as KDP head.

Word is that Steve Beshear has made his first move at the Democratic headquarters and shoved out Jerry Lundergan and replaced him with Jonathan Miller. An announcement is scheduled to follow soon. Unlike the RPK, the KDP's head is selected by the nominee for the party, who is considered the party's leader. There is NO word yet regarding the permanent head for the RPK. Gail Russell, the National committee woman, is temporary head now. So stay tuned.

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As anticipated, Napier asks for recanvass in Treasurer's race, as voter turn-out is higher than projected.

With less than 1/2%, or about 1100 votes, separating the unofficial top vote getter, Melinda Wheeler, and next runner-up, Rep. Lonnie Napier, in the statewide race for State Treasurer, it was anticipated that a re-canvass would be requested. That is now the case as a re-canvass has been requested by Lonnie Napier, who's understandably "not ready to throw in the towel yet." So we await.

But we do NOT have to wait to proclaim that the voter turn out, though abysmal, still beat expectations. I had joined many in guessing that statewide voter turn-out was going to be less than 15%. Turns out it was more like 21%, though it was still NOTHING to brag about.

The voting percentage compares more to the voter turn out in 1995, when 21.3% of the voting population selected Paul Patton to face Larry Forgy, was slightly more than the 2003 17% that chose Ernie Fletcher to face Ben Chandler, and, a welcome improvement over the shameful 6.4% voter turn-out that pitted Paul Patton and Peppy Martin -- remember her?

Share your thoughts.

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SURVEYUSA poll lives up to its reputation for ACCURACY!

The SURVEYUSA poll has, once again, lived up to its EARNED reputation for polling accuracy, in my HUMBLE opinion. How? Well compare the latest poll's predictions with what ACTUALLY took place in the voting booth:

For Republicans:

predicted actual undecideds Margin of error

Fletcher 44% 50% 5% 4.6%

Northup 34% 37% 5% 4.6%

Harper 17% 13% 5% 4.6

So what happened in the Republican Primary election? I believe that Fletcher, "the Comeback Kid" according to KY Senate President David Williams, picked up ALL the undecideds (who gave him the benefit of the doubt regarding any questionable conduct). As I had predicted, the key to victory depended on those "undecided" votes. Northup managed, though, to pluck 4% of Billy Harper's votes, I suspect because his supporters were persuaded to conclude that he couldn't win!


Beshear 32% 40% 6% 4%

Lunsford 21% 23% 6% 4%

Henry 17% 17% 6% 4%

Richards 13% 12% 6% 4%

Galbraith 7% 6% 6% 4%

Hemsley 1% 1% 6% 4%

It is CLEAR also, as was the case for the Republican Primary, that Beshear was able to pick up ALL of the undecided votes, once it became obvious to the voters that he was going to win. In addition, some of Lunsford's supporters (2% of them) and Richard's supporters (about 1% of them) decided either that they wanted to join a winning ticket or to help avoid a Democratic runoff and switched their support to Beshear to give him the 40% he needed.

Moreover, the poll's predictions were WITHIN the margin's of error for ALL the candidates, with the exceptions of Fletcher's and Beshear's late surges, fueled by the undecided voters.

ALL in ALL, the SURVEYUSA poll is VERY ACCURATE as I have been touting on this blog (yes, you can call what I'm doing here a blog -- I won't be offended, I promise).

GREAT job, guys at SURVEYUSA!

Your opinions are welcomed.

Note: I will be posting my thoughts on why the winners won, and the others lost. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Fletcher time, as he beats back "formidable" Anne Northup and "racer" Billy Harper!

Congratulations to Gov. Ernie Fletcher for winning the Republican gubernatorial primary election, and to the other candidates for running, too. Here's the final county by county breakdown by raw numbers and by map for the election. As you can see from the numbers and map, Fletcher bested both Northup and Harper combined, by 300 votes -- 101,256 for vs. 100,875 against!

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It's Beshear time, as he beats back six challengers and avoids a runoff!

Congratulations to Steve Beshear for winning the Democratic gubernatorial primary, and to the other candidates for running, too. Here's the final county by county breakdown by raw numbers and by map for the election.

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It's Lee vs. Conway for AG; Hollenback vs. Wheeler for Tres.; Farmer vs. Williams for Ag Commish; and, Hendrickson vs. Grayson for SOS.

The results of the elections are in and the fall matches are known. They are:

Republican State Representative, Stan Lee, facing off Democratic Louisville Lawyer, Jack Conway, for Attorney General.

For State Treasurer, it's Democrat Todd Hollenback against Republican Melinda Wheeler -- whose campaign to eliminate the Treasurer's office proved to have been a good gamble. Now she has to show the voters that she means it, with a vow to fulfill her promise.

For Secretary of Agriculture, Democrat David Williams will meet Republican Richie Farmer, in the fall.

And Democrat, Bruce Hendrickson, will tackle incumbent Republican Secretary of State, Trey Grayson.

I will update with the candidates' pictures later.

Any thoughts?

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****** MEDICAL ALERT: FDA issues WARNING as Avandia could be the new Vioxx! *****

If you, or someone you know, is taking the diabetes drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), a drug made by GlaxoSmithKline, please tell them to IMMEDIATELY seek medical advise with a view to possibly stopping the use of the medication. The drug, like Vioxx before it, which was voluntarily withdrawn from the market by its manufacturer, Merck, after the drug was implicated in increased risks of heart attacks and strokes in users, has been linked to HUGELY increased risk of heart attacks in users and the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration) has just issued a SAFETY ALERT on it.

Here is an excerpt from the ALERT:

Avandia was approved in 1999 for treatment of type 2 diabetes ... . Since the drug was approved, FDA has been monitoring several heart-related adverse events (e.g., fluid retention, edema and congestive heart failure) based on signals seen in previous controlled clinical trials of Avandia alone and in combination with other drugs, and from postmarketing reports. FDA has updated the product's labeling on several occasions to reflect these new data, most recently in 2006.
Recently, ... analysis suggested that patients receiving short-term (most studies were 6-months duration) treatment with Avandia may have a 30-40 percent greater risk of heart attack and other heart-related adverse events than patients treated with placebo or other anti-diabetic therapy. These data, if confirmed, would be of significant concern since patients with diabetes are already at an increased risk of heart disease.

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Photo Finish: Voters, please Get Out The Vote & Candidates, you are wished good luck!

To ALL voters out there, p-l-e-a-s-e Get Out The Vote, and to ALL Candidates: You are wished good luck today!

I plan on voting today, as I ALWAYS do -- I have NEVER missed a vote and I have a 100% voting participation rate.

With my predicted "anemic" voter turn out of about 15%, EVERY vote will DEFINITELY count!!

So if you have voted, or do not plan to vote, would you mind sharing with us who you voted for and why, or why you did NOT care to vote, if you didn't vote. Thanks.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Last SURVEYUSA poll out, Fletcher and Beshear still lead.

The new SURVEYUSA poll is out. It has the poll numbers largely unchanged (except that Harper's "squabbling candidates" ad -- EASILY the BEST ad of the political season -- gained him a few positive BUMP in percentage points). For the Republicans, it's Fletcher in the lead at 44%, Northup at 34% and Harper at 17%, with 5% still undecided -- who are these undecided folks, anyway?

For the Democrats, it's Beshear at 32% (his internal poll shows 35%) trying to get a few more points in other to avoid a runoff with Lunsford (23%), or Henry (17%) or Richard (12%) or Galbraith and Hemsley (7% and 1%, respectively), with 6% undecideds -- ditto.

It looks like my continual predictions discounting the possibility of Republicans having a runoff, while Democrats will, is going to stand.

With Fletcher surpassing the 40% threshold, the Republicans will ASSUREDEDLY avoid a runoff, though the eventual winner will be decided by a combination of how the undecideds vote tomorrow (or decide to stay home) and how this weekend's GOTV efforts by the candidates sway their opponent's supporters to switch votes. Ditto on undecideds and GOTV efforts for Democrats as well, as Beshear strains to avoid a runoff.

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With "slugfest" disintegrating into "blitzkrieg", expect Dr. Lee with Unity day.

The Republican gubernatorial election has resembling less and less like a "slugfest" or family "squabble" and more and more like a disintegrating political "blitzkrieg". Blitzkrieg, the German war tactic, was used to carpet bomb London during world war 11. The "lightning war" or "flash war" (which is what the word "blitzkrieg" means) attacks by the German Luftwaffe killed over 43,000 civilians and more than a million houses were destroyed or damaged in a span of a couple of months.

In this the Republican primary "blitzkrieg", the opposing political camps have let loose their Luftwaffe, prompting one of them, Billy Harper, to take to the air waves to poke fun at the "squabbling candidates". The end result, I suspect, will be the loss of political lives and fortunes (maybe not homes or property damage as in world war 11), but the aftermath will leave similar results.

Whether the political "blitzkrieg" is warranted or not -- I believe both camps will say it is -- is beside the point, for the Republicans will need the services of Dr. Lee, of the O. J. Simpson trial fame, for a political post postmortem.

Yes, I know. There'll be talk of an anticipated reconciliation come Wednesday, but I suspect any illusions of a Republican Unity Rally on Saturday may prompt a response like thus: Forget about it already! This one will hurt for a while.

Am I missing something here? Give us your thoughts.

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Words to live by.

1) "Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing: I desire so to conduct the affairs of this administration that if at the end, when I come to lay down the reins of power, I have lost every other friend on earth, I shall at least have one friend left, and that friend shall be down inside me."

- Founding Father of the Nation's Re-birth, Abraham Lincoln

2) "The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men."

- Founding Father of the Nation, Alexander Hamilton


Sunday, May 20, 2007

U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' s-l-o-w political "death match".

It has gotten this BAD for an AG who refuses to be "nudged" into a new post. Watch here, then read here, here and here.

SAD, indeed, isn't it!?

I am NOW forced to add a "Gonzo shuffle" label to this blog, just like I had the "Rummy shuffle" for Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, in order to help "nudge" Alberto Gonzales on his way out.

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Fred Thompson "smokes" Michael Moore.

Fred Thompson, former Tennessee U. S. Senator and "presumptive" Republican Presidential candidate, and "who is one sock away from dipping his toe into the race for the White House" has responded appropriately to film maker, Michael Moore's, challenge to a debate and suggestion that Thompson's penchant for Cuban cigars might be illegal -- though Michael Moore is probably the one in trouble for his "Sicko" Cuban trip!

I guess Michael Moore lacks sense enough to pick his "fights" WISELY. Then again, he may be itching for some publicity that has eluded him since his Fahrenheit 911 documentary fizzled out.

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Stars sans make-up and ageless wonders.

Something entertaining. Warning: watch Hollywood stars sans make-up, and then watch ageless wonders (no warnings required).

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Lindsy Wilson College does the unthinkable ...

... REDUCES, not increases, tuition by 45%! WOW. Can other Kentucky colleges and universities dream of doing the same?

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Jones buys Baker property, settles long running Beech Bend road dispute.

The long running Beech Bend road dispute in Bowling Green has been thankfully settled. Beech Bend Amusement Park and Raceway owner, Dallas Jones, has bought the property of Matt Baker, his feuding neighbor, for $535,000, in a deal both sides deemed satisfactory. "Agreements were made that both parties would quit suing each other and both parties would try to get along," Jones said. I think it's a deal that's going to be good for the community, and good for Matt, good for Dallas Jones and good for Beech Bend." "I think its been settled to the satisfaction of the parties," Baker said.
Let the getting along begin.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Northup and Beshear make campaign stops in Bowling Green.

Anne Northup and Steve Beshear made separate campaign stops in Bowling Green today. Northup was at the airport this afternoon on one of her many scheduled campaign stops were she has been greeting supporters, touting why she is preferable to Fletcher and expressing encouragement of positive election news come Tuesday.

Steve Beshear was also here today driving through this part of the state. With Western Kentucky connections (he was born in Dawson Springs and his lovely wife Jane actually lived in Bowling Green), Beshear promised to keep our interests at heart without diluting the influence of Kentucky's "golden triangle" of Louisville, Lexington and Northern Kentucky. Beshear also revealed that his internal polling showed him at 35%, and he is working to surpass the 40% magic number -- which he foresees -- in order to avoid a runoff.

Ryan Alessi, Ronnie Ellis, WBKO news and others will have reports on the visits, and I may be able to update with links to their reports.

In other political news, Steve Beshear will be at the Holiday Inn Convention Center, in Frankfort for his victory party and Bruce Lunsford will be at the Kentucky International Convention Center, 221 Fourth Street, Dockside Building, Room 105, (Third Street between Market & Jefferson), Louisville, KY, for his celebration.

CORRECTION: I received this email from Robert Keller, Steve Beshear's Communications Director:

You posted on your blog that the Beshear/Mongiardo campaign would be holding its election night party at the "Holiday Inn Convention Center" in Frankfort. That is not the case! It will be held at the Capital Plaza Hotel ballroom in downtown Frankfort.

Thank you for seeing that this is corrected.


Stay tuned.

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N. Y. Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, flirts with Independent Presidential run w/ Senator Chuck Hagel ...

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg (on your left) and Nebraska United States Senator, Chuck Hagel (on your right).

... (read it here) will you bite on the ticket, consider an invitation to vote the ticket or take a cue from Billy Harper's campaign and say to the ticket: "I'm just gonna have to say NO" -- no singing, please!?

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Harper recieves an endorsement, his first.

The Hancock County newspaper has endorsed Billy Harper's campaign. Here are excerpts from the first few paragraphs:

Republicans need to replace Fletcher with Billy Harper

In deciding which Republican gubernatorial candidate to endorse, the first part was easy for us: Ernie Fletcher does not deserve a second term.
The second took more thought. Anne Northup and Billy Harper each has promise in specific areas. But it’s become clear to us through the campaign that Paducah businessman Billy Harper has the experience, the vision and the leadership ability to steer this state on a direct path to improved opportunities for its citizens.

We won’t dwell on our disappointment with Fletcher. Anyone who’s followed his legal troubles and his response to them can see clearly that his credibility as a leader has crumbled. Regardless of the validity of the complaints against him, his response was one of arrogance, particularly when he pardoned several staff members before their cases could go through the justice system.

When Anne Northup began her campaign, we were hopeful that she would bring fresh ideas for change and specific descriptions of what she’ll do to effect those changes. However, her continuous harping on Fletcher’s problems and lack of stances on specific issues have dampened our hopes in her ability to make positive changes.

As we’ve listened to Billy Harper, we’ve been impressed by one idea that he appears to hold dear, and that is that the issues affecting education and economic development are weaved together.

... we heartily endorse Billy Harper for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Yes, I know. Before you ask, only about 270 votes were cast in the county in the 2003 Republican primary election! But the endorsement merits mention, for whatever it's worth.

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Finding oneself on a "hit list" cannot be comforting.

David L. Huber is the United States Attorney for the Western District of Kentucky. It is reported that his name appeared on Alberto Gonzales' (the U. S. Attorney General) "hit list" of 26 U. S. Attorneys sought to be replaced in the "Prosecutorgate" fiasco that has many calling for Gonzales to be the one "nudged" out of his post.

Mr. Huber's treatment at the hands of his bosses brings "Prosecutorgate" home, especially since he states that "I do not know why I was on the list. I really don't have a clue". Mystified or not, Mr. Huber cannot feel comforted by this revelation that his name has been dragged into this sordid affair and his future, unless already assured, remains uncertain.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Person(s) for the week: Rev. Jerry Falwell.

The person(s) for the week, is one of the most polarizing (and controversial) public figures in America. A devoutly Christian Man and unapologetic crusader for Christ, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, founded the Moral Majority and was instrumental in the formation of the Christian Coalition, animating many and angering others. No doubt his choice as our person for the week may generate much controversy too. Be that as it may, he is our choice for the person for the week.

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Quote(s) for the week (U. S. special edition).

1) "Nostalgia for Ronald Reagan has become for many conservatives a substitute for thinking. This mental paralysis—gratitude decaying into idolatry—is sterile: Neither the man nor his moment will recur. Conservatives should face the fact that Reaganism cannot define conservatism."
- George Will, Syndicated Columnist and Political Pundit.

2) "They stood earnestly in a row, combed, primped and prepped, as Nancy Reagan gazed up at them with courteous interest. But behind the hopeful candidates, a dwarfing shadow loomed, a shadow almost palpable in its power to remind Republicans of the days when men were men and the party was united. His power is only increased by his absence. But enough about Fred Thompson."
- Peggy Noonan, Former Speech Writer for Former President Ronald Reagan.

3) "It is not amnesty. This will restore the rule of law."
- Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), as the Senate and White House reached a deal Thursday on a (VERY BAD) immigration overhaul bill that would grant quick legal status to millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and to fortify the border.

4) "Bloomberg is H. Ross Perot on steroids."
- Michael Toner, the former FEC chairman, referring to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is said to be prepared to spend $1 billion on a 2008 White House run.

5) "This recreational traffic impacts our official DoD network and bandwidth ability, while posing a significant operational security challenge."
- U.S. Dept. of Defense, announcing in a memo that it is blocking YouTube, MySpace and 11 other web sites on its networks.

6) "The day that this President steps down, the entire world will breathe a sigh of relief."
- Senator Barack Obama, taking shots at President Bush, while speaking to a crowd of in Kansas City, Missouri.

7) "[Their] ideological promise has proven false."
- Pope Benedict XVI, condemning capitalism and Marxism as "systems that marginalize God" during a speech in Aparecida, Brazil.

8) "We've had a Congress that's spent money like John Edwards at a beauty shop."
- Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, during the last Republican Presidential candidates'debate.


Louisville State Senator, Dan Seum, and others endorse Fletcher.

Louisville State Senator, Senator Dan Seum, who himself flirted with the idea of running for Governor has endorsed Fletcher for Governor. This brings the number of State Senators endorsing Fletcher to 16!
Joining Dan Seum in the endorsement are Louisville Metro Councilmen, Stuart Benson and Hal Heiner.

"It has been an honor to serve with Governor Fletcher for the past four years, and I strongly endorse his re-election," said Sen. Seum. "I have always found the Governor to be very accessible, easy to work with and informed on the issues. He has been a strong advocate for the Louisville community during his tenure as Governor, and I look forward to working with him for four more years."

These endorsements are obviously very good endorsements for Fletcher. Share your thoughts with us.

Fletcher has also announced that his election victory party will be at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington. Here's the release:

Come and celebrate with Governor Ernie Fletcher and Robbie Rudolph on Election Night. ... at the Mariott Griffin Gate, located at 1800 Newtown Pike in Lexington, ... in Salons F, G, and H. Doors will open at 5:30pm.

Anne Northup will celebrate at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne/I-64 East, 1325 S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Louisville, Kentucky, 502.426.2600, Doors open at 5pm, in the Alice Turfway Keeneland Room.

Billy Harper, will be in Paducah to cast his vote in the primary election and will spend the evening at his home at 7470 Old Hinkleville Road watching election results with family, friends and campaign staff.

Steve Henry will celebrate at the The Galt House Suites, 140 North Fourth Ave., Louisville, KY 40202, Phone: (502) 589 – 5200, Fax: (502) 568 – 3470

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Fletcher w/ Dems. Whorley & Moberly, as Henry targets Lunsford & Beshear in new ads.

Mark Nicholas is showing these two "campaign" photos on his site that are said to be authentic. They show Fletcher on the left with Sen. Ed Whorley, and on the right with House Budget Committee Chair, Harry Moberly, both Democrats. Any thoughts on what's going on?

Above are Steve Henry's "hard hitting" ads against Lunsford and Beshear, though one wonders how he can expect to escape a political "bloodbath" in retaliation. So watch for the sparks to start flying, as the "bull's eye" on Steve Henry chest starts receiving political shrapnel hits.


Update, 9:29 P. M.: Steve Henry wises up, decides to pull ads in order, I suspect, to avoid the "bloodbath" I predicted this morning. Watch the story by Mark Hebert below:

Update #2, 5/19: Lo and behold, sitting on the computer here at noon CDT and on comes Steve Henry's ad on TV. So much for pulling it off the air yesterday!

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More legal trouble for former Williamsburg police officer.

Brad Nighbert, the 29 year old son of Bill Nighbert, Fletcher's Transportation Cabinet Secretary, and a former Williamsburg police officer, who resigned his posts after crashing into a woman's car last year while on duty and whose tests showed he had oxycodone, the ingredient in OxyContin, and a low level of cocaine in his system at the time of the crash, is in trouble again. While he awaits a September trial for "second-degree assault, possession of drugs, wanton endangerment, criminal mischief and DUI" charges related to that accident, he faces new "trafficking in a controlled substance, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, tampering with evidence, carrying a concealed deadly weapon and impersonating a police officer" charges after Laurel County Sheriff's deputies found him with 14 OxyContin pills, $32,000 in cash and a pistol, according to a news account.

This helps illustrate the devastation that Oxycontin has unleashed on our communities, even as the drug manufacturer is fined nearly $700 million for it's deception about the drug. We hope the young Nighbert gets the HELP he truly needs to fight this scourge on him (and our society).

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Answer to the Anne Northup/Will Smith puzzle revealed!

I was late coming in last night, so I was unable to post the answer to the puzzle earlier. Here it is: The answer to the puzzle is that both Anne Northup and the Actor, Will Smith, had to chase down a runaway Robot intent on doing harm.

As for the The Actor, Will Smith, he played a Chicago Police Officer Del Spooner in the 2004 movie, I, Robot, where a runaway Robot named Sonny, defied the three laws integrated into the "Robot's operating systems as a part of their creation (the three laws were: One, they cannot harm a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Two, they must do whatever they're told by a human being as long as such orders don't conflict with law one. Three, they have to defend themselves as long as such defense doesn't conflict with laws one or two), and harmed humans -- the creator of these laws was the Robot's first casualty.

In Northup's case, her campaign caught flack for a runaway Computer (Robot's) "Robo calls" to voters late in the night, some repeatedly. Mrs. Northup has since apologized for the "errant" calls, which were possibly made in defiance of one of the above laws, causing some possible political harm. Unlike in the movie version, however, NO human death occurred and Dick Gresham, a partner at Conquest Communications, the outfit responsible for the "Robo calls" is still alive -- at least as of the time of this reporting.

So Micah Sheldon, Right in Kentucky Blogger, comes closest to getting the answer correct. He gets the special recognition for thinking of a movie with aliens and saving mankind, though he chose the WRONG movie. Honorable mentions go to others who observed that both Northup and Will Smith have Black children and both were second children.

Thanks to ALL of you who participated.

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Visit the candidates' websites to learn more about them.

With the elections only a few days away, I thought it IMPORTANT to post some information about the candidates by linking to their websites so you can find out more information about them. Click on the office below, then the candidate's name and then look on the bottom of the page for a link to "website" (if they have one). For Governor/Lt. Governor candidates, click here. For Secretary of State, click here. Click Attorney General; Treasurer; and Commissioner of Agriculture.

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Kentucky Attorney General's race.

I promised earlier in my post for the "down ticket" candidates that I would have a seperate post for the Attorney General's race (based on the importance I attach to the office), and I am here to fulfill my promise.

So have you been paying attention to the Attorney General candidates for Democrats and Republicans? Have you watched the KET debates for Democrats (Robert V. Bullock and Jack Conway), and Republicans (Tim Coleman, Philip C. Kimball, Jon Larson, and Stan Lee)?

Who impressed you the most, got your vote or disappointed you?

Meanwhile, the Tim Coleman campaign released the following post debate assessment:


LEXINGTON – In a rare occurrence on a live debate, the Republicans running for Attorney General found themselves agreeing with one candidate throughout the night, Tim Coleman.

“Tonight you saw the real difference between Tim Coleman and his three opponents who felt more inclined to agree with him, then debate him,” Coleman’s campaign manager Scott Broschart stated.

“To see the other candidates agreeing with him only exemplifies the fact that Tim Coleman is the only candidate with the experience needed for the position of Attorney General. While other candidates simply spewed rhetoric, Tim Coleman showed us how he would lead the office of Attorney General, and not be just another politician with a law degree,” Broschart stated.

Tim Coleman is the only candidate running who has experience as a prosecutor, having served as a County Attorney, and is currently serving as a Commonwealth’s Attorney in Butler, Edmonson, Hancock and Ohio Counties and on the Governor’s Prosecutors Advisory Council.


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Campaign tours, news, happenings, etc. .

Here are schedules for candidates' campaign tours:

Steve Beshear's ticket sent me an email linking their campaign events which is posted on their website.

Anne Northup's ticket has emailed the following schedule for this Saturday:

* 12:00 – 12:45 PM EST, NKY Airport – COMAIR FBO, 2042 Tower Drive Hebron, KY

* 1:30 – 2:15 PM EST, Lexington Airport – FBO, 4000 Terminal Drive, Back Parking Lot

* 3:00 – 3:45 PM EST, Somerset-Pulaski County Airport, 222 Airport Road, Main Lobby

* 3:30 – 4:15 PM CST, Bowling Green Airport – FBO Lobby, 1000 Woodhurst Drive

Fletcher has emailed the following schedule for Saturday:

Laurel County Rally, 10:15 a.m. EST, Flealand Flea Market, HWY 229 @ 192 Bypass
London, KY

Clay County Rally, 11:45 a.m. EST, Phillips Manufacturing, Fox Hollow Rd.
Manchester, KY

Knox County Rally, 1:30 p.m. EST, Knox County Courthouse, District Court Rm., 401 Court Square, Barbourville, KY

Whitley County Rally, 3:15 p.m. EST, Williamsburg Convention Center, 650 S 10th St
Williamsburg, KY

Pulaski County Rally, 5:30 p.m. EST, County Courthouse – Fountain Square, 100 Main St., Somerset, KY

Lexington Rally, 8:00 p.m. EST, Friends of Governor Fletcher Lexington Campaign Headquarters, 3735 Palomar Center Drive, Lexington, KY

Update: Here's Lunsford's schedule, emailed to me and available on his website.

Update: Fletcher will be at the Bowling Green Airport on Monday at 3:45 P.M.

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Woman "problem" brings down Paul Wolfowitz.

World Bank President and former Iraq war "Manager", Paul Wolfowitz, has resigned over ethical allegations, including charges that he bent the rules to grant favors to his girlfriend. Former President, Bill Clinton, must be laughing his head off while calling Mr. Wolfowitz an "armature."

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Get ready for the "great" compromise on Immigration ...

... as Congress presses for the passage of a compromise bill that would grant LEGAL STATUS to the nation's more than 12 million ILLEGAL immigrants, while tightening border control.

Are you feeling SICK, yet? If so, you better call your federal representatives NOW.

FYI: The 2008 presidential candidates also reveal where they stand on immigration and we have some questions and answers, too.


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What does Anne Northup have in common with Actor Will Smith?

Guesses are welcomed as answer will be revealed at day's end. The person who guesses right will receive due recognition and bragging rights. Thanks for participating.

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Do millionaire candidates bother you or not?

Are you bothered by millionaire candidates, like Billy Harper and Bruce Lunsford in the Kentucky Primary and so many running in the '08 Presidential Primary, in the sense that they may buy their way into office or not understand how "ordinary folks" live and therefore cannot effectively "serve the people"?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Candidates' bus tour schedules..

Fletcher's bus tour schedule for Thursday:

Madison County Rally, 9:00 a.m. EST, Irvine McDowell Park, 345 Lancaster Ave., Richmond, KY

Garrard County Rally, 10:45 a.m. EST, First Southern National Bank – Community Room
27 Public Square, Lancaster, KY

Jessamine County Rally, 1:30 p.m. EST, Central Bank Bldg., 301 N. Main St.
Nicholasville, KY

Scott County Rally, 3:15 p.m. EST, Georgetown College - Thomas and King Conference Center, 100 Stadium Dr., Georgetown, KY

Northern Kentucky Rally, 5:30 p.m. EST, Friends of Governor Fletcher Northern Kentucky Campaign Headquarters, 6895 Burlington Pike, Florence, KY

Billy Harper's bus tour:

Thursday, May 17

Paducah: 8 am CDT – Race for Education, Benton, 9:30 am – Race for Education, Lone Oak, 12:45 pm – Race for Education, Cumberland Ave.

Hopkinsville: 3 pm, Campaign stops, 3:30 pm Kentucky New Era interview

Bowling Green: 5-7:30 pm, Beech Bend Raceway, Campaign barbecue - Billy to make exhibition runs in race car

Covington: Drive to Covington for overnight

Friday, May 17, NKY radio/TV 7-9 am

Erlanger: 9:30-10:30 am, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Small Business Expo

Independence: 11 am-12:30 pm, Target Shooting with NKU/Thomas Moore College Republicans

Bellevue: 1-3:30 pm, Lunch / campaign stops in Campbell County

Covington: 4-6 pm, Meet and greet at Maifest – MainStrasse Village

6:30-8 pm, "Fiscal Conservatives" Dinner at The Courthouse Restaurant

Louisville: Drive to Louisville for overnight

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Robert Novak says Kentucky leans Fletcher and Beshear.

Robert Novak, the Syndicated Columnist and Political Pundit, has renewed his opinion that Kentucky leans Fletcher. This time he also says Kentucky leans Beshear. Here's his opinion:

Governor 2007

Although the No. 3 candidate claims his internal polls show former Rep. Anne Northup (R-Ky.) pulling ahead, it appears more likely that she can, at best, force a runoff against troubled incumbent Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R). Even that appears unlikely at this point. One poll shows Fletcher 10 points ahead and well above the 40 percent threshold at which he avoids a runoff.

The incumbent governor has blown Northup away in fundraising. She must tear him down in order to have a second crack at him. Her late attack on his ethics in a recent debate is a sign of her recognition that he would finish the race with more than 40 percent if the election were held today. Leaning Fletcher.

On the Democratic side, former Lt. Gov. Steve Beshear is clearly the man to beat at this point. The most likely outcome of next Tuesday's primary is a runoff between him and Bruce Lunsford. Beshear has benefited from the departure of state Treasurer Jonathan Miller (D) from the race -- Miller endorsed Beshear as he exited. In debates, Beshear was everyone's target, a sign that all of the campaigns recognize his late frontrunner status. Leaning Beshear.

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Harper's ad lampoons opponents, Fletcher asks for votes, the candidates moralize and Northup's late night "Robo calls" infuriate voters.

Watch Billy Harper's "two squabbling politicians" video above. A VERY CUTE ad, I must admit!

Watch Fletcher's video above.

Meanwhile, the candidates moralize the primary, looking at school prayer and alcohol. Read it here.

Also, the story is brewing about Northup camp's "Robo calls" that woke people up late last night. This is NOT good at all for those roused from sleep will remember to vote the other way -- voters are that finicky!

For the record, I would not have minded the call at all -- but that is because I was unable to sleep last night and I would not have minded the company of several "Robo calls". Had I received one which interrupted my dream, I would have been "steamed" (but it would have been OK to interrupt my nightmare, though).

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SURVEYUSA poll: Fletcher & Beshear lead, but election outcomes depend on "undecideds"!

Sorry, I am just posting now as I was VERY busy all day yesterday, but here we go.

The long awaited SURVEYUSA poll, which asks voters who they'll vote for if they were standing in the voting booth today, is out. Though it shows Fletcher (and as I predicted) Beshear leading in both the Republican and Democratic primaries, I am of the opinion that the key to ANYONE winning depends on whose side the UNDECIDEDS swing towards. This is because, when the margins of error (of 4.4% for the Republicans in a pool of 511 primary likely voters and 3.8% in a pool of 676 primary likely voters for the Democrats) are factored in with the polls "natural deviation" tendency of 2 to 3% (my observation), plus the UNDECIDED voters (who comprise 8% for the Republicans and 9% for the Democrats), you get an election on both political sides that WILL be decided by -- the UNDECIDEDS! So the candidates need to CONCENTRATE on converting the UNDECIDEDS and getting their supporters out (as less than 15% will be voting)!!

Here are the poll's RAW number percentages:

For Republicans: Fletcher (44%); Northup (34%); and Harper (14%).

For Democrats: Beshear (32%); Lunsford (23%); Henry (18%); Richards (12%); Galbraith (5%); and Hemsley (1%).

Another SURVEYUSA poll is expected next Monday, and if there are still UNDECIDEDS we need to find out who they are and ship them off to SIBERIA!!! Just kidding, folks!!!!

A new wrinkle has crept into the poll method, which has some people, including Steve Henry, questioning the poll's validity because it is automated. I don't believe the automation affects the poll's validity but I'm willing to hear your thoughts on this and my analysis of the results.

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GOP prsidential hopefuls debate and spar.

The GOP presidential candidates debated last night. I just caught a glimpse, including the sparing.

Did you watch it? If so what did you think -- who won, lost, disappoint or changed your mind?

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H-L endorses Tim Coleman for Attorney General, and letters.

The Lexington Herald-Leader has endorsed the campaign of Tim Coleman for Attorney General. You can read the endorsement piece. Congratulations to Tim and his election crew for the endorsement.

Also, in today's H-L were letters to Editor for Harper, Gilbraith, including this one:

Choose Northup

I join Sen. Jim Bunning, Lt. Gov. Steve Pence and many others to proudly endorse Anne Northup for the Republican nomination for governor. Over the last several years I have watched the current administration bumble, stumble and fall.

I watched the governor make numerous puzzling decisions in politics, taxes and policy. I have observed this governor go after the teachers' health care. In a commonwealth that proclaims education pays, I couldn't help but wonder why.

I was dumbfounded that the first Republican governor in 30 years, would raise taxes on small business. This tax was a millstone around the necks of small businesses in Kentucky. It strangles the entrepreunerial spirit, which is the backbone of the Republican Party.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher announces continually that over 61 percent of his political appointees are registered Democrats. Kentucky deserves better. And Northup is Kentucky's best choice.

Derek L. Combs
Former Chaiman,

Montgomery County Republican Party

Any Comments?

Update: I forgot that the H-L also endorsed Democrat Jack Conway for Attorney General. Congratulations to Jack, and sorry for the forgetfulness.

Comments on Jack are also welcomed.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The "slugfest" continues, as ads fly and bus tour continues.

New Anne Northup's ad by Lt. Governor, Steve Pence.

Anne Northup's "Truffles" ad.

Ernie Fletcher's "bully" ad.

Anne Northup's speech/ad in Owensboro.

Fletcher and Harper are expected to release new ads and those will be posted as they become available.

Fletcher continues on his bus tour. Here's Wednesday's schedule:

Campaign stop in Clark County, 10:00 a.m. EST, 120 N. Main St., Winchester, KY
Boyd County Rally, 12:45 p.m. EST, Judd Plaza, 16th St. and Winchester Ave., Ashland
Johnson County Rally, 3:15 p.m. EST, Country Music Highway Museum – Great Rm., 100 Staves Branch Rd., Paintsville, KY
Pike County Rally, 5:15 p.m. EST, Pikeville College – Booth Auditorium Lobby, 5th floor – Record Memorial Bldg., 144 Sycamore St., Pikeville, KY

And here's Bruce Lunsford's "blueprint for change" ad,

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Jerry Falwell passes away.

Jerry Falwell has passed away. May his soul rest in peace.


On the campaign trail: "Robo" calls, etc. .

I was a recipient of a "Robo" call late last week from former Conservative firebrand turned Liberal, Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, reminding me (on behalf of the Fletcher campaign) that Mrs. Northup voted against a U. S. House resolution to allow school prayer. The implication was that Mrs. Northup is against children praying. The next day, I received another call from Mrs. Northup decrying the "untruthfulness" of the ad. Yesterday, the Northup campaign released the following infomation, entitled " Fletcher and Bob Barr: Two peas in a pod":

Fletcher continues outlandish attacks on Northup

Northup voted 14 times to support school prayer!

Ernie Fletcher has spent thousands of dollars blanketing Kentucky with a mailer claiming that Anne Northup voted against school prayer. It is another desperate attempt by Fletcher to salvage a campaign built on falsehoods and passing out ceremonial checks.

"I’ve supported school prayer on numerous occasions and Ernie Fletcher knows that," Northup said. "I am disappointed that he would resort to such a personal attack. As a Christian, I am astonished that he has chosen to deceive the voters into thinking I am against school prayer."

Anne has consistently supported school prayer and continues to support allowing young people to pray in school. In fact she has voted to support it 14 times.

Now Ernie Fletcher has former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr making recorded phone calls to Kentucky’s Republicans attacking Anne on school prayer.

And who is Bob Barr?

Former Congressman Bob Barr lobbied to legalize marijuana, left the Republican Party, announced that he voted against George Bush in 2004 and appeared at events with Al Gore. He joined with Democrats to weaken the Patriot Act, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has called him a "friend," (FOX News April 18, 2007).

It seems the only friend Ernie Fletcher can find these days is one who has completely deviated from the Republican Party.

I will have a post on the candidates' "attack" ads, starting with the "truffles" ad put out by Mrs. Northup against Fletcher, and then Fletcher's ad suggesting that Northup is against school prayer and Harper's accusing Fletcher of raising taxes and Northup of agreeing to let localities raise taxes.


Talking about "Robo" calls, yesterday I also received one from Larry Forgy, who called on behalf of Melinda Wheeler for Treasurer. In the call, Larry Forgy touted Ms. Wheeler's interest in abolishing the office she is running for!
My question is this: Is Ms. Wheeler's call for abolishing the Treasurer's office an attempt to get voters to vote for her or is there any substance to her stance?

And talking about Fletcher, here's his released schedule for his bus tour for today:

Barren County Rally, 9:00 a.m. CST, Old Wal-Mart, Glasgow By-pass, Glasgow, KY
Adair County Rally, Noon CST, Adair County Fairgrounds – Pavilion, Fairgrounds St.
Columbia, KY
Taylor County Rally, 2:15 p.m. EST, Miller Park, HWY 289, Lebanon Ave., Campbellsville, KY
Casey County Rally, 4:15 p.m. EST, Agriculture Center, 675 W. Wallace Wilkinson Blvd.
Liberty, KY
Speak at the Rockcastle County Relay-for-Life, 6:30 p.m. EST (event begins at 6:00pm)
Renfro Valley - Country Music Hall of Fame, U.S. 25, Mt. Vernon, KY.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Top Justice official resigns, begging the question: ...

... Is Alberto Gonzales next? Here's the resignation letter, though I'm NOT buying the "college age children" excuse.

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As predicted, Danville's Advocate-Messenger, endorses Northup & Beshear.

As I predicted earlier, Danville's Advocate-Messenger has joined the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Lexington Herald-Leader and the Northern Kentucky Enquirer in endorsing the gubernatorial tickets of Anne Northup for Republicans and Steve Beshear for Democrats.

Excerpted here is what the paper had to say about both candidates:

Northup best choice for Republicans

This newspaper has consistently endorsed Ernie Fletcher, both in his bids for Congress and for governor. But not today.

Unfortunately, Fletcher, despite his credentials and his understanding of the issues facing Kentucky, has made bad political decisions, and people in both parties have paid unnecessarily.

... A lot of good people, and his party, could have been spared months of legal wrangling and a divisive primary.

... Fortunately, the Republican Party has an opportunity to clean up its own mess in Frankfort. Her name is Anne Northup. On her team is an effective and respected legislator in Jeff Hoover, who will make an equally effective lieutenant governor.

Northup is a proven leader, having served several terms in the state legislature and in Congress, facing important issues at all levels - state, national and international - and dealing successfully with lawmakers from both parties.

... we believe Northup's experience makes her the better choice. She has a greater chance of guiding the Republican Party to its recovery from this stumble, restoring the momentum it had gained in Kentucky, maintaining the legitimate two-party system we have only recently come to enjoy.

The mother of six children and herself one of 11, Northup can lay extraordinary claim to an appreciation of family values, an important ideal to her conservative base.

... Her straightforward approach, willingness to take on a challenge, and her relentless campaign style prove she has the toughness necessary to deal with the political climate in Frankfort.

We urge Republicans to go to the polls May 22 and vote for Northup/Hoover.

Beshear stands out for Democrats

It looked for a while like no candidate would emerge as a clear choice for the Democratic Party.

Like Northup on the Republican ticket, Beshear brings vast experience to the table, having served as a state representative, lieutenant governor and attorney general. Mongiardo has gained respect as a physician and state senator, and he is proven as an attractive statewide candidate, having run a solid race in 2004 in an attempt to unseat U.S. Sen. Jim Bunning.

The remaining Democrats - fall well short in either their qualifications, their experience, their choice of running mates or their reputations when compared to Beshear.

Beshear would give Democrats the best opportunity to retake the governor's mansion.

A faceoff between him and Northup has the potential to be the kind of campaign Kentucky needs - one that is about Kentucky's needs instead of the opponent's deeds.

We urge Democrats to pick Beshear/Mongiardo on May 22.


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Words to live by.

In view of the upcoming elections next week, I found last week's "words to live by" particularly apt. So I am going to re-post it, albeit a shorter version, for this week:

"Politics and morality are inseparable."
— Former President, Ronald Reagan.


Is Rudy Giuliani a hero of 9-11?

Read the Washington Post and the New York Times and share your thoughts with us.

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FBI probes Governor: substance or political witchhunt?

Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

HAPPY Mothers' Day to ALL.

To my dearly departed Mother, to my wife, sisters, and ALL mothers out there, I wish you ALL a HAPPY Mothers' Day. While Mothers everywhere are pampered today with food, flowers and flowing (but usually broken) promises of helping with house work, I remind everyone of the REAL reason Mothers' day was proclaimed:

In the name of womanhood and humanity, I earnestly ask
That a general congress of women without limit of nationality,
May be appointed and held at someplace deemed most convenient
And the earliest period consistent with its objects,
To promote the alliance of the different nationalities,
The amicable settlement of international questions,
The great and general interests of peace.

- Julia Ward Howe, Mother's Day Proclamation, 1870


As I predicted, Herald-Leader endorses Northup & Beshear for Governor.

As I earlier predicted here, the Lexington Herald-Leader has endorsed the candidacy of Anne Northup for the Republican primary and Steve Beshear for the Democratic primary.

On Northup, the newspaper found that "Northup's skills make her best pick" and concluded that "Fletcher's lackluster record, though, would be overwhelmed in a fall campaign by his ethical vulnerability. Questions about indictments, blanket pardons and his practice of handing out tax dollars with one hand while collecting campaign contributions with the other would dominate the airwaves. [It is] [h]ard to believe the Democratic and independent voters who elected Fletcher in 2003 would be attracted to him this time around."

The newspaper also called Fletcher's ad, which took Northup to task for voting for "the biggest tax increase" (according to Fletcher's ad) to fund KERA, a "reprehensible ad".

On Beshear, the newspaper found that "Beshear knows how to do the job, ... knows how to work with the legislature. He understands government. He is eager to use the governor's power to get things done. Kentuckians are hungry for that kind of leadership after four years of bumbling and ethical travesties by the Fletcher crew. ... [and he] embodies his opponents' best qualities: House Speaker Jody Richards' long public service and Democratic Party ideals; Bruce Lunsford's experience in the private sector; Gatewood Galbraith's directness. And Beshear's running mate, state Sen. Dan Mongiardo, would bring a physician's perspective, like former Lt. Gov. Steve Henry, to Kentucky's health problems."

I expect many other big city newspapers (like Owensboro, Elizabethtown, Ashland, Danville, Henderson, Hopkinsville, some Eastern Kentucky papers and Paducah(?) to do the same). I also expect Bowling Green's paper to endorse Fletcher or remain neutral and other smaller newspapers, like Grayson County 's, to also endorse Fletcher. If you have a newspaper in mind let me know and I'll venture a guess, too.

Any thoughts?

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C-J's candidate profile: Ernie Fletcher.

C-J continues its candidate profile, this time it's on Ernie Fletcher and Robbie Rudolph, "a registered Democrat [who] switched [parties] because he admired the policies and leadership of Ronald Reagan."


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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Breaking news: Northern Kentucky Enquirer endorses Northup and Beshear for Governor.

The Norther Kentucky newspaper, the Enquirer, has joined the Courier-Journal (and SOON, the Herald-Leader) in endorsing Anne Northup for the Republican primary, and Steve Beshear, for the Democratic primary.

The newspaper found Northup "a solid alternative to Fletcher ... [who] has excelled, in distributing the state's largess throughout the Commonwealth, ... [that] many in the party must suspect that the weight of all his baggage likely will sink the GOP in the fall election."

The paper continued: "All Kentuckians would benefit from a healthier, more constructive debate this fall if Republicans make Anne Northup their standard-bearer May 22."

The paper also found that "the main concern with Beshear is that he attaches too much importance to paying for his programs with legalized gaming," but that he is a "candidate who has the potential to be great without bringing fresh baggage and more controversy to the office represents the best bet for Kentucky."

Congratulations to both Anne and Steve.

Oh and, if you haven't seen Billy Harper's new ad, you can see it here.


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Harper reveals that Northup is leading in latest poll.

Republican gubernatorial candidate, Billy Harper, has released the results of internal pollings showing that Anne Northup has ERASED a deficit in her poll numbers and has overtaken Fletcher to take the lead in the race. You can read the Paducah Sun's Bill Bartlesman's column (NOTE: Subscription ONLY).

In the column, Harper said voters are getting tired of seeing Fletcher traveling around the state handing out cardboard checks for state-funded projects.

"I think people see right through that" Harper said.

Billy Harper has NO reason to release a poll showing his opponent leading, so there is ABSOLUTELY NO reason to believe that his poll is other than true. However, because I am NOT privy to other poll facts -- like sample, margin of error or methodology -- I cannot vouch for its accuracy, though the fact that Harper is relying on it for his own campaign gives the poll credibility.

Meanwhile, the SURVEYUSA polls will be out on Tuesday and we'll see what the results are.

Also, I received one of those automated calls and email about Fletcher's "Kentucky wins" tour, though this time no checks are expected to be handed out. Here are stops on the trail:

Daviess County Rally, 9:30 a.m. CST, Owensboro City Hall
Ohio County Rally, 12:00 p.m. CST, Ohio County Community Center – Auditorium
Grayson County Rally, 1:30 p.m. CST, Leitchfield City Park – Pavilion
Butler County Rally, 3:15 p.m. CST, Rose Family Building
Warren County Rally, 4:45 p.m. CST, Holiday Inn – University Plaza

Any thoughts?

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I told you so!

Back when the Hearing Officer in the Mike Duncan merit hiring case issued his ruling, I opined that "one CANNOT escape the conclusion that the opinion rendered by the hearing officer is correct." Now the State Personnel Board has issued its ruling on appeal agreeing with me.

Yes, I told you so -- again.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Person(s) for the week: Anne Northup, Ernie Fletcher & Billy Harper.

The Kentucky Republican primary was deemed a {yawn} until the candidates, Anne Northup, Ernie Fletcher (and Billy Harper) started running so called "attack" ads against one another this week, which in turn roused the voters from their DEEP slumber. So the person(s) for the week are the three Republican candidates for Kentucky Governor represented above. We thank the cartoonist, Mr. Joel Pett, for his UNBRIDLED humor.

Honorable mention goes to British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, President George Bush's best ally, who is resigning his post after a 10 year stint and newly elected Conservative French Premier, Nicolas Sarkozy, who proclaimed his friendship with America.
Yes, one CANNOT forget Jonathan Miller, whose exit from the Democratic primary race, changes the Democratic political landscape. He joins the two honorable mentionees.